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Re: Sofia Shapatava Cheering Thread

I still don't get why you think i hate sofia or something. I appologize if i am not as privileged as you to know her in person, but that doesn't mean my oppinion on her cannot be valid. I am glad to hear she has added a lot of variety to her game (Which wasn't really noticeable in her match in Minsk earlier this year which i had the chance to watch.
I may seem a bit too pessimistic but for me you are way too sure about her future. The world of tennis is really unpredictable - you cannot tell anything for sure.

And please do not laugh cause i play national tournaments. Not everyone has the talent/will/funds to go travelling abroad. My dream from the very childhood was to be a tennis player but it didn't work out. For that reason, I play the local tournaments only and you cannot know whether i take the losses seriously or they dont mean much to me. Please keep the immature comments and "LOL"-ing for yourself.
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