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Re: Sofia Shapatava Cheering Thread

Originally Posted by Stiles. View Post
First of all, I am Georgian also so nothing would make me happier than a Georgian having success on tour, but I don't really get biased and have the highest expectations from them. I even speak to Sofia online and I find her a really good and down-to-earth person and even though this is a cheering thread, we have to face the reality which is that she is in bad form / struggling mentally and these problems are solved by training / visiting a psychologist, not playing ITF tourneys where she will probably lose easily. In these three weeks in France, she win 1 match and lost the others 06 16, 16 26 and 26 16 if I am not mistaken. I know what happened to her in the beginning of the year, and are you sure these one-sided losses do any good at all to her already low confidence? Definitely not.

Edit: And I do play tennis and participate in local tourneys here in Tbilisi and I am really open to what may be called "Low confidence".
Ok. you feel so self confident Come on
Definitely these losses are nothing more than losses. Do not exaggerate please. When it comes to Sofia, who trained and trains in Georgia and who has NO sponsorship (had) and up to present has not, who travels and plays matches alone, everyone expects her to be the Goddess of the tennis and shows by finger to her "losses" giggling. When she wins- it is expected and habitual.
Be fair. Loss gives the strenght to the strong person. If someone feels low if he loses- it's his business. It is not about Sofia, believe me.
She has lost previously, before she got into top 250 and this gave her strenght and will to go forward.
I know this girsl, she is NOT the kind you describe her. It is just funny the way you talk about person you don't know. Internet contact is nothign in comparison with live. I told you- go see her matches. You wil lchange your opinion.
She is VERY self-confident and these losses are very temporary. She is not an idiot to tell that she is the best- for right now. But she looks like and plays like being one of the best and it is obvious. You tell that she just hits- NOPE! she heats the place where she WANTS to put the ball. She is creating crazy combinations. She slices recently quite well, she increased her service speed.Though in oen thing you're right- she has really strong forehand. So If she hits strong, she makes clever combination,s she moves well on the court, she is smart, she is ambitious- what more do you need to be one of the best
She estimates quite well her potential- see, NOT USED YET- which will make her a good sportsman in future. And she is quite young- she is not the Bolletieri breed. She will open up, and it will be very good period for her. She will go forward slowly but for sure.
I know what I tell. There was a time she was behind everyone in Georgia. She could not play as she had No money at all to travel. Then she earned her tournaments herself, she risked all the time to do the most favourite job in her life- TENNIS- and did everything by her own hands. She is workaholic. The scores did not come to her by easy matches on far far tournaments with lucky drawsheets. Sofia earned them. And she wil lreturn all she lost. So it was last year, when she lost scores and played Tashkent main draw. One game pushed her forwards.
The main thing about her it is that Sofia is unpredictable. She is just wonderful. you can predict others but even those who know ehr very closely can not predict what she does. Big part of those she played/won last year tough matches are today in top 100. It is very high showing. If you do not see it, you are unfair and you are not professional. This year losses- last year she would eat up every match she lost this year. But this is tennis. They say- no oen is sure about how the ball falls. so don't be sure Sofia has a problem. I even suppose she is making it intendedly to come up all at once.
Who knows?
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