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Re: Sofia Shapatava Cheering Thread

First of all, I am Georgian also so nothing would make me happier than a Georgian having success on tour, but I don't really get biased and have the highest expectations from them. I even speak to Sofia online and I find her a really good and down-to-earth person and even though this is a cheering thread, we have to face the reality which is that she is in bad form / struggling mentally and these problems are solved by training / visiting a psychologist, not playing ITF tourneys where she will probably lose easily. In these three weeks in France, she win 1 match and lost the others 06 16, 16 26 and 26 16 if I am not mistaken. I know what happened to her in the beginning of the year, and are you sure these one-sided losses do any good at all to her already low confidence? Definitely not.

Edit: And I do play tennis and participate in local tourneys here in Tbilisi and I am really open to what may be called "Low confidence".
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