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Re: Sofia Shapatava Cheering Thread

Nice to see you here, Number 1.

Well, instead of practicing with the new coach, she's in France playing tough tourneys where she is losing helplessly week after week. I know the AO disaster really set her back for some time, but it's time she bounced back. I really wouldn't like to see her have a career like Salome Devidze & Sofia Melikishvili had. They both peaked around 250 at early ages and then due to injuries/lack of devotion and stuff dropped out of top 500 or so, never got back and retired at a very young age.

Aswell, even though I haven't seen Sofia play since 2007, she was really limited game-wise then. Sure, she does hit really hard and serve some bombs every now and then, but that kind of play is enough for just the lower ranked players or the post-USSR itfs probably. She will need to develop some more variety if she intends to go further than where she is now and be a threat of going far in tourneys not only in the weak ITFs but WTAs also.

That was long btw
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