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PAW (Pick-A-Winner) BUDAPEST 2009 - Welcome to my home!!! Congrats No Mercy!!!

Welcome to Pick-A-Winner (PAW), the Predictions game!

After Wimbledon we come back to red clay and we start for Gaz De France Gran Prix here in the marvellous Budapest.

Playing PAW is simple. Over the course of the tournament choose any 13 matches in the main draw and post who you think will win them. After this time, there will be a maximum of 5 Wildcards available for late entries.

Some basic guidelines:
Never edit or delete your posts. If you want to change or cancel a pick, use a new post to state your new pick .
Please try to check if a match has started before picking it. If a pick is late it is invalid and you may replace it.
If a player withdraws before the match, the pick does not count and may be replaced.
If a player retires during the match, the pick is valid.
Try to number your picks. It makes my job a lot easier.
Posts should be in a format in which it is clear who you think will be the winner. For example: Player A OVER Player B or Player A DEF Player B and not Player A vs Player B or Player B loses to Player A.
Finally, please try to use the players’ real names and not their nicknames.

SEED	NAME________________	RANK
..1.	DarkchildSwiss_________	
..2.	SVK____________________	
..3.	Marco-Nicole___________	
..4.	santhuruu______________	
..5.	Hantu__________________	
..6.	In the Zone____________	
..7.	Dementieva_Dude________	
..8.	Hot Spot_______________	
..9.	LUXXXAS________________	
.10.	hotel__________________withdrawn	
.11.	smokovec_______________	
.12.	No mercy!!!____________	
.13.	shuai.P________________	
.14.    Ameliemomo_____________
.15.    D_s____________________
.16.    Elisse_________________
.17.    Fencer_________________
.18.    Forza Sucketta_________
.19.    Frozon_________________
.20.    Ganymedeyu_____________
.21.    Gorecki________________
.22.    Heart__________________
.23.    Jpa____________________
.24.    Jrm____________________
.25.    Louis Cyphre___________
.26.    Sd3300123______________
.27.    Vamos Israel___________
.28.    Yarden_________________
.29.    Barlos(WC)_____________

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