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Re: irish tennis

A relative of mine is involved in the IABA and it seems like they don't mollycoddle their boxers, like to make teams etc. is tough and not easy. Also you really have to fight for funding but if you cause enough trouble and shout enough at Sport's Council meetings then you should get some, that's the impression I got.

Nobody cares if Bowtell beat Mladenovic back whenever that was, it doesn't get her anything now does it.

From some people I know who played tennis I was given the impression it can be kinda South Dublin cliquey (sp.), I dunno if thats true but that is a problem with most sports in Ireland, you have to be in the know to get on teams and get coaching, this is where boxing is different to other sports.

In boxing they only get funding cause they get results before that. To get high preformance grants you must achieve something first, most countries base funding how preformance, why should the tax payer fund Amy Bowtell??? Sinead Lohan is the main hope now for WTA, not Bowtell.
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