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I've just got goosebumps reading that US semi Rollo. I knew Nancye came close to slam glory outside of the Aussie but that story unbeliveable My resources only say she lost 7-5 in the 3rd!...

ooppps no I've found something...... Game, Set, Glory by Bruce Matthews.

...... with the controversy in which she and John Bromwich became unwittingly and unwiilingly entangled at the US nationals later in the year. Bolton on a private tour led American star Louise Brough 5-2 40-0 in the deciding set of their US semi. On the 3rd match point she blocked a shot from Brough which, according to spectators, was well over the baseline. No call came and Bolton double faulted to lose the game at which time play was halted due to bad light. The players agreed before the match that if a third set was not completed by 7.10 the entire set would be replayed the next day. Brough won the replayed set 7-5 and after lunch defeated Margaret Osbourne for the title.
Bromwich lost another tight 5 setter this time to American Frank Parker after the injured Australian led 6-5 in the decider at Forest Hills. Bromwich went into the match with pulled ligaments in his leg and he was reprimanded for sitting down at the end of the 4th set. The USLTA offcials insisted after the match that Bromwich had been offered a masseur after the 4th set. Questioned after the 63 46 63 68 86 loss Bromwich said diplomatically 'I guess I had sunstroke, I do not remember anything'. The United Press of America tennis writer hollered 'American sportsmanship had a gaudy black eye' from the manner in which Bolton and Bromwich were eliminated. He went on: Mrs. Bolton a splendid sportswoman made no outcry over what approached a grand larceny but she will go home knowing that she was robbed without the benefit of a mask'. Bolton confirmed that she and Brough had come to the 3rd set replay agreement but she wouldn't discuss the controversial baseline call. Bromwich well, he must have had a touch of sunstroke again 37 years later. He couldn't remember anything! Certainly Bolton was glad to get home to Melbourne. On her flight to Sydney the plain lost an engine out of Noumea and limped to Brisbane for an emergency landing'.

It seemed controversery seemed to follow Bolton, judging by the stories I posted at the start of this thread.

Yes Rollo the Australian administrators were cheap pigs, and no wonder Rev Mags defied them after her first year travelling under their regime. Bolton is another one that falls into the 'what if' category.

Admittedly Nancye made that agreement so basically had to follow thru with it. And she still had the final to play against Osbourne, but I can't help thinking what if.....

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