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Re: 1929 results

Hey Rollo, here are some additional Aussie results for the year.

AUSTRALIAN RANKINGS (released January 1929)
01 Daphne Akhurst NSW
02 Esna Boyd VIC
03 Louie Bickerton NSW
04 Meryl O'Hara Wood VIC
05 Marjorie Cox NSW
06 Sylvia Harper VIC
07 Kath Le Messurier SA
08 Mal Molesworth QLD
09 Gladys Toyne VIC
10 Pattie Meaney NSW

AUSTRALIAN RANKINGS (released May 1930)

01 Daphne Akhurst NSW
02= Louie Bickerton NSW
02= Sylvia Harper VIC
04 Mal Molesworth QLD
05 Emily Hood QLD
06 Marjorie Crawford NSW
07 Kath Le Messurier SA
08 Gladys Toyne VIC
09= Ula Valkenburg NSW
09= Dot Dingle NSW

1 Akhurst NSW
2 Bickerton NSW
3 Cox NSW
4 Harper VIC
5 O'Hara Wood VIC
6 Molesworth QLD
7 Le Messurier SA
8 Bond TAS

1 Akhurst/Bickerton
2 Harper/Wood
3 Le Messurier/Weston
4 Molesworth/Hood

1 Crawford/Cox
2 O'Hara Wood/O'Hara Wood
3 JC Gregory/Molesworth
4 Moon/Akhurst

2 Feb Launceston Southern Tasmanian Championships
WS Brenda Piggott d E Gorringe 36 64 60
WD Piggott/Jillett d Wilkins/Fuller 61 46 64
XD RH Berriman/Mrs Wilkins d JL McGough/Mrs McGough 62 64

Feb Sydney NSW Championships
SF Daphne Akhurst d Gladys Toyne 62 61
SF Kath LeMessurier d Marjorie Cox 75 62

SF AKhurst/Cox d Valkenburg/Dingle 64 62
SF Bickerton/Le Messurier d Toyne/Hoddle Wrigley 64 61

FI Nell Hall d D Bickerton 60 97

FI Flo Francisco d Vaughan 60 61

Feb-Mar Hobart Grass Court Championships
FI Birdie Bond d Brenda Piggott 64 61

WD Mrs R Wilkins/Brenda Piggott d Mrs JL McGough/E Gorringe 62 63

March Adelaide South Australian Championships
SF Kath Le Messurier d Frances Hoddle Wrigley 64 65
SF Gladys Toyne d Dot Weston 46 62 62

FI Toyne d Le Messurier 63 36 63

WD Le Messurier/Weston d Toyne/Hoddle Wrigley 64 64

30 Mar-Apr Launceston Tasmanian Championships

SF Birdie Bond d D Wyly 62 63
SF Brenda Piggott d B Thyne 61 64

FI Birdie Bond d Brenda Piggott 62 64

XD VE Page/Bond d EW Huxley/Nell Thyne 62 62

Miss Piggott made a good effort in the first set but after could not stand up against the pace and severity of Mrs Bond's shots.

The tournament was interrupted by rain, which eventually caused severe flooding in Launceston. As a result the ladies doubles championship was later played at New Town on Saturday 20 April.

WD Bond/McGough d Piggott/Jillett 62 46 97

Mar-1Apr Perth Western Australian Championships
SF Myrtle Herbert d Mrs Preston 64 26 64
SF Peter Smith d Miss Barker 62 64

WD Peter Smith/Mollie McGrath d Katherine Wemys/Mrs Harold Rischbieth (nee Eileen Beresford) 1311 64

Mar-1Apr Toowoomba Darling Downs Championships
WS Mal Molesworth d Miss Coleman 61 61
WD Mal Molesworth/Sadie Moon d Mollie Pratten/Coleman 46 02 unf

22 Jun Brisbane Metropolitan Championships
WS Mal Molesworth d Emily Hood 62 61
XD Moon/Sadie Moon d Grimstead/Mollie Pratten 61 60

13 Jul Nambour Queensland Hardcourt Championships
WS Emily Hood d Mrs Bridgford
WD Hood/Bridgford d ??
XD HN Wilson/Hood d L Thurlow/Bridgford

24 Aug Brisbane Queensland Championships
JUNIOR Emily Hood d Sadie Moon 61 62

12 Oct Strathfield Sydney Metropolitan Championships
SF Louie Bickerton d Dot Dingle
SF Daphne Akhurst d Ula Valkenburg 62 26 61

FI Louie Bickerton d Daphne Akhurst 61 62

SF Coral Buttsworth/Edna Gardyne d Cassidy/D Bickerton 62 75
SF Akhurst/Mrs Edgar d Dingle/Valkenburg 75 26 64

WD Akhurst/Mrs Edgar d Buttsworth/Mrs Gardyne 62 63

XD Jack Crawford/Marjorie Cox d Norman Peach/Daphne Akhurst 62 26 63

6-12 Oct Adelaide City of Adelaide Championships
SF Dot Weston d S Hocking 46 62 63
SF Kath LeMessurier d Katherine Wemyss 61 60

FI Kath LeMessurier d Dot Weston 57 60 61

WD LeMessurier/Mrs E Day d S Hocking/Joyce Lillecrapp 61 63
XD Hone/Le Messurier d ET Rowe/Weston 86 64

Nov Perth Suburban Championships
WS Mollie McGrath d Peter Smith 61 46 64
WD ??
XD Jacoby/Peter Smith d Ford/MollieMcGrath 62 16 64

Dec Melbourne Victorian Championships

Dec Melbourne Interstate Matches

VIC v NSW (1 December)
Sylvia Harper VIC d Louie Bickerton NSW 63 62
Meryl O'Hara Wood VIC d Marjorie Cox NSW 62 63
Gladys Toyne VIC d Dot Dingle NSW 61 64
Ula Valkenburg NSW d Ruth Stephens VIC 62 62

Dingle/Valkenburg NSW d Harper/Wood 60 60
Bickerton/Cox NSW d Toyne/Stephens 75 63

VIC vs SA (1 December)
Florence Hoddle Wrigley VIC d Kath Le Messurier SA 46 64 108
Youtha Anthony VIC d Dot Weston SA 75 36 61
Joan Pett VIC d Gwen Griffiths SA 75 62
K Murdoch VIC d S Hocking SA 68 62 64

Le Messurier/Weston SA d Pett/Murdoch VIC 36 64 61
Hoddle Wrigley/Anthony VIC d Hocking/Griffiths SA 61 63

O'Hara Wood came into the net frequently and outclassed her opponent with crisp volleys and severe smashes.
Weston found that on the Melbourne courts the ball comes faster and the slow ball slower than is the case in Adelaide.
Le Messurier appeared to have the match in hand in the third set, but one or two drives just missed the line.

Dec Melbourne Victorian Championships

R2 Sylvia Harper VIC d M Muirhead VIC 60 62
R2 S Hocking SA d Ruth Stephens VIC 16 63 60
R2 Kath Le Messurier SA d Floris Conway NSW 63 63
R2 Ula Valkenburg NSW d Dot Weston SA 75 63
R2 Gladys Toyne VIC d E Murdoch VIC 97 97
R2 Dot Dingle NSW d Ursula Price VIC 61 60
R2 Florence Hoddle Wrigley VIC d Gwen Griffiths SA 63 63
R2 Marjorie Cox NSW d Mavis McKay VIC 64 62

QF Harper d Hocking 63 62
QF Le Messurier d Valkenburg 75 64
QF Dingle d Toyne 86 57 63
QF Cox d Hoddle wrigley 36 61 61

SF Le Messurier d Harper 06 63 62
SF Cox d Dingle 64 63

FI Cox d Le Messurier 75 64

In play there was little between the two and many of the rallies were very long, a number consisting of more than 20 strokes. Le Messurier saved two match points before losing a long final game.


QF Sylvia Harper/Meryl O'Hara Wood d Helen Gray/Youtha Anthony 64 60
QF Ula Valkenburg/Dot Dingle d Marjorie Todd/Murdoch 61 74
QF Gladys Toyne/Florence Hoddle Wrigley d Floris Conway/Marjorie Cox 64 61
QF Mavis McKay/Ruth Stephens d Kath Le Messurier/Dot Weston 64 57 61

SF Harper/Wood d Valkenburg/Dingle 63 61
SF McKay/Stephens d Toyne Hoddle Wrigley 61 68 75

FI McKay/Stephens d Harper/Wood def


QF Pat O'Hara Wood/Meryl O'Hara Wood d Ern Rowe/Dot Weston 64 46 64
QF Jim Willard/Marjorie Cox d Robinson/Mavis Mckay 86 64
QF Harry Hopman/Ruth Stephens d Ray Hone/Kath Le Messurier 63 64
QF Cliff Sproule/Ula Valkenburg d Jack Crawford/Floris Conway 63 64

SF Willard/Cox d Wood/Wood def
SF Hopman/Stephens d Sproule/Valkenburg

FI Hopman/Stephens d Willard/Cox def

Mrs O'Hara Wood broke a small bone in her foot while playing on Saturday 7 December and had to default to McKay/Stephens in the ladies doubles. She and her husband also defaulted to Willard/Cox in the mixed but due to a bruised thigh, Willard himself had to default to Hopman/Stephens.

And some names that might help here or in AO singles thread:

J Lillecrappe = Joyce Lillecrappe
Griffiths = Gwen Griffiths
B Kay = Bertha Kay
J Hone = Joyce Hone
N Hamilton = Nellie Hamilton (later Mrs P. Raymond Begg)
Peter Smith (later Mrs Jim Nathan)
Mollie McGrath (later Mrs Boyd King)

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Re: 1929 results

to Gee Tee. This will be next on my list for 1929.

Gee Tee-You might also want to take a gander at the Slam section. I'm reorganizing the section so singles, doubles, and mixed are listed together and am adding many first names based your research (with abow to the other "Aussie" experts as well).
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Re: 1929 results

I Am Continued To Complete This Thread With The Results Of
London Covered Courts Championships February 25 -march 5

2 Round
Mrs Dorothy Hill D Lady Pleydell Bouverie W.0
Y Allnatt D Mrs Craddock W.0
Vera Montgomery D B Pemberton 6/4-6/2
Joan Strawson D Essayan 6/0-6/0
Courtauld D Lady Roundway W.0
Aurea Edgington D E Mogg 6/1-6/4
Evelyn Colyer D Mrs Lowe 6/4-6/2
Betty Dix D W Wood 6/3-3/6-6/3
Brumwell D M Case 8/6-6/3
Peggy Michell D J Stevens 6/2-6/2
M Goff D Bendix 6/2-6/1
Effie Hemmant D M Folingsby 6/3-6/3
Joan Ridley D Cristobel Hardie W.0
Mrs Alston D Hatton Hall 6/1-6/3
Elizabeth Macready D T Cazalet W.0
Dorothy Holman D E Dreyfus 6/4-6/2
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Re: 1929 results

3 Round ???

Joan Strawson D Mrs Dorothy Hill 5/7-6/2-6/1
Aurea Edgington D Evelyn Colyer 6/4-6/8-6/3
Peggy Michell D Effie Hemmant 6/2-6/4
Joan Ridley D Elizabeth Macready 6/4-6/2

Joan Strawson D Aurea Edgington 2/6-6/1-7/5
Peggy Michell D Joan Ridley 6/2-6/2

Peggy Michell D Joan Strawson 9/7-4/6-6/4

Peggy Michel-ridley J D Macready E -dix 6/4-6/4
Mrs Hill -colyer E D Brumwell -wood W 6/2-6/3
Tomblin G -phillip D Strawson -hemmant E 6/2-6/8-7/5
Edgington -hardie C D Logan Bell -bendix 6/3-6/4

Michell P -ridley D Edgington -hardie 6/0-6/3
Mrs Hill -colyer E D Tomblin -phillip L 5/7-6/0-6/1

Michell P -ridley D Mrs Hill -colyer E 9/11-6/3-7/5
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Re: 1929 results

The Riviera Championships Menton March 4-10 Clay Red

1 Round
Lucia Valerio D Hillyard 6/0-6/0

2 Round
Phyllis Covell D Hunyady 6/0-6/0
Phyllis Satterthwaite D Colt 6/0-6/0
Cilly Aussem D Kendall 6/0-6/1
Paula Von Reznicek D D Furnivall 6/1-6/3

3 Round
Phyllis Covell D G Leblanc 6/0-6/0
Phyllis Satterthwaite D Edith Belliard 6/0-6/2
Cilly Aussem D Em Green 6/2-6/0
Lucia Valerio D Macfarland L 6/3-7/5

Phyllis Covell D Anne Peitz 6/2-6/0
Paula Von Reznicek D Lucia Valerio 7/5-6/2
Lolette Payot D Phyllis Satterthwaite 7/5-1/6-3/0 Ab
Cilly Aussem D Marjorie Morrill 6/3-7/5

Cilly Aussem D Lolette Payot 2/6-6/2-6/3
Phyllis Covell D Paula Von Reznicek 3/6-6/2-7/5

Phyllis Covell D Cilly Aussem 6/4-9/7
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Re: 1929 results

Thomas Muriel -von Reznicek D Suren A -peitz A 6/3-6/1
Aussem -speranza Wins D Belliard E -korotvickova 6/4-7/5
Morrill M -valerio D Mrs Pitman -cederschiold 6/2-6/1

Covell P-satterthwaite D Thomas M -von Reznicek 6/1-6/1
Morrill -valerio D Aussem -speranza Wins 6/1-4/6-6/3
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Re: 1929 results

The Surrey Covered Court Championships Dulwich March 11-16

1 Round
J Stevens D Brumwell 6/4-6/3
Naomi Trentham D T Watanabe 6/1-5/7-6/1

2 Round
Elsie Goldsack D T Barnes 6/3-6/2
Phyllis Mudford D J Marshall 6/1-6/2
Vera Montgomery D Irene Maltby 3/6-6/3-6/4
J Stevens D Aurea Edgington 2/6-6/0-6/3
G Tomblin D Naomi Trentham 3/6-6/3-6/3
Mrs Howard D Betty Dix 6/3-6/4

Vera Montgomery D Elsie Goldsack 8/6-4/6-6/4
Phyllis Mudford D J Stevens 6/0-6/1
G Thompson D G Tomblin 6/4-4/6-6/3
Mrs Howard D W Wood 8/6-7/5

Phyllis Mudford D Vera Montgomery 6/1-6/2
Mrs Howard D G Thompson 1/6-6/4-6/0

Mrs Howard D Phyllis Mudford 2/6-6/4-6/2

Mrs Hill -colyer E D Goldsack -trentham N 5/7-6/0-6/2
Howard -thompson G D Edgington -mudford P 6/0-1/6-6/3

Mrs Hill -colyer E D Howard -thompson G 8/6-6/3
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Re: 1929 results

Newmark Have In Finale
Ermyntrude Harvey D Phyllis Mudford 2/6-6/4-6/2
And In Doubles
Mrs Hill -colyer E D Harvey E -thompson 8/6-6/3
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Re: 1929 results

Hampstead Hard Court Championships Belzise Park March 18-23

1 Round
Mrs Reckitt D Hatton Hall 6/1-6/3
Gabbertas D V Mendel 6/1-6/1
Jeanette Morfey D E Dreyfus 6/1-4/6-6/2
G Tomblin D M Goff 7/5-6/3
B Filmer D Lissack 6/1-6/4
Dudley Cox D G Rawes 6/2-6/2
Cristobel Hardie D T Barnes 6/1-6/2
Peggy Michell D N Edes 7/5-6/2

2 Round
G Tomblin D J Cunningham 6/1-6/2
G Thompson D Reckitt 6/3-8/6
Cristobel Hardie D B Filmer 6/0-6/1
Peggy Michell D Gabbertas 8/6-3/6-6/2
Sybil Johnson D Dudley Cox 3/6-6/1-6/3
Gwen Sterry D Logan Bell 6/1-6/0
Vera Montgomery D Latey 6/1-6/2
Mrs Osborne D Eileen Bennett W.0
Phoebe Watson D Mrs Alston 6/1-6/1
Burgess Smith D E Mogg 8/6-3/6-7/5
Naomi Trentham D Beevir 6/2-6/2
Mrs King D Davis Leon 6/1-6/2
Ermyntrude Harvey D Abelson 6/4-7/5
Franklin D Hurston 7/9-6/3-6/3
Helen Foster D Mrs Robinson 6/3-6/4
Aurea Edgington D Jeanette Morfey W.0
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Re: 1929 results

3 Round
Phoebe Watson D Burgess Smith 6/1-6/0
Naomi Trentham D Mrs King 6/2-6/2
G Tomblin D Ermyntrude Harvey 6/8-6/4-6/4
Vera Montgomery D Franklin 4/6-6/2-6/3
Helen Foster D Mrs Osborne 6/2-7/5
Cristobel Hardie D G Thompson 5/7-6/4-6/3
Peggy Michell D Aurea Edgington 6/2-6/3
Gwen Sterry D Sybil Johnson 6/2-7/5

Phoebe Watson D Naomi Trentham 6/0-6/2
Cristobel Hardie D G Tomblin 6/4-6/4
Peggy Michell D Gwen Sterry 6/3-5/7-7/5
Vera Montgomery D Helen Foster 6/4-6/2

Phoebe Watson D Cristobel Hardie 6/4-0/6-6/0
Peggy Michell D Vera Montgomery 6/4-6/2

Phoebe Watson D Peggy Michell 6/2-6/1
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Re: 1929 results

Watson P -sterry G D Hurston -dreyfus E 6/2-6/0
Dudley Cox -johnson S D Edgington -hardie C 2/6-6/3-6/2
Harvey E -michell P D Mrs King -mrs Alston 6/2-6/2
Franklin -foster H D Trentham -thompson G 6/4-5/7-6/1

Watson P-sterry G D Dudley Cox -johnson S 6/2-6/2
Harvey -michell P D Franklin -foster 7/5-6/3

Harvey -michell P D Watson P -sterry G 6/3-6/1
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Re: 1929 results

Cannes Cote D Azur Tournament March 18-24 Red Clay

Paula Von Reznicek D Phyllis Covell 6/4-7/5
Lily De Alvarez D Cilly Aussem 6/3-2/6-6/4

Lily De Alvarez D Paula Von Reznicek 6/4-6/1

Sylvia Lafaurie -covell P D Loewenthal -rice V 6/3-6/2
Von Reznicek -thomas Muriel D Petchell E -mme Taunay 6/4-6/4
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Re: 1929 results

Gallery Tournament Dulwich March 25-30

1 Round
Buxton D Mrs Osborne 2/6-7/5-6/2
Madge List D B Mckillop 6/1-6/1
Enid Broadbridge D Gilder 6/3-4/6-6/4
M Goff D J Stevens 6/3-6/0
Aurea Edgington D Brumwell 6/4-6/4
G Turner D Gladys Southwell 6/4-6/1
W Wood D T Barnes 7/5-3/6-7/5
Cristobel Hardie D Jeanette Morfey 2/6-6/2-6/3
M Lettington D Martin 8/6-3/6-6/2

2 Round
Joan Ridley D Buxton 6/2-6/2
M Pearson D Vera Montgomery 9/7-7/5
Madge List D Enid Broadbridge 6/4-7/5
Aurea Edgington D M Goff 6/0-7/5
W Wood D G Turner 7/5-0/6-6/0
Cristobel Hardie D M Chamberlain 2/6-6/3-6/2
Phyllis Mudford D M Lettington 6/2-6/2

Joan Ridley D G Tomblin 6/3-6/4
Aurea Edgington D Madge List 2/6-6/3-7/5
Cristobel Hardie D W Wood 6/1-6/2
Phyllis Mudford D M Pearson 6/2-6/2

Joan Ridley D Aurea Edgington 5/7-6/0-6/3
Cristobel Hardie D Phyllis Mudford 6/4-6/8-7/5

Joan Ridley D Cristobel Hardie 6/4-7/5
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Re: 1929 results

List -broadbridge D Buxton -turner G 6/1-3/6-6/0
Clarke E -chamberlain M D Lettington -pearson M 6/4-6/2
Edgington -johnson S D Montgomery V -j Stevens 6/1-6/1
Hardie -ridley J D Tomblin G -wood W 6/4-4/6-6/4

Edgington -johnson Sybil D Hardie -ridley J 6/2-6/4
Clarke E -chamberlain D Broadbridge -list 6/1-6/1

Clarke E -chamberlain D Edgington -johnson S 6/4-6/2
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Re: 1929 results

San Remo Tournament Italy March 24-30 Red Clay

Phyllis Satterthwaite D Macfarland 6/1-6/0
Lucia Valerio D Mrs Hunt 6/3-8/6

Lucia Valerio D Phyllis Satterthwaite 0/6-6/3-6/3
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