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Bolton was first class material IMO Louloubelle. If the Aussie LTA hadn't been so cheap she would have gotten the experience she needed to win other slams.

Her 1947 semi at the US Nationals vs. Brough was scandalous. The women were put on late in the afternoon with the understanding that if the match wasn't finished by dark it would start all over again from scratch the next day. This was (and is!) unheard of. Bolton reached match point 3 times as darkness approuched. On one match point Brough's shot landed far long.The match was called with Bolton ahead 5-3.

The next day the third set was started over again from 0-0. Brough won it at 7-5. The controversial call was far long according to most witnesses, and even the partisan American crowd booed.
Rarely has a grand slam champion won on such a doubtful call (*see the 1898 US notes for another example). As ALT wrote, "Only by the Gods of Fate had she gotten by Mrs. Bolton."

Most felt the USTA had given American tennis a black eye.

A highlight of 1947 was the doubles. In the Wimbledon final Hart and Pat Todd beat archrivals Brough-Osborne after saving 3 match points before an excited crowd. Two weeks later the women were again the highlight of the week in Belgium-where Brough and Osborne won 6-2 4-6 19-17! The last set had the crowd leaping out of their seats repeatedly.

Anyhow-on to 1947 Amazon results


Won the US Indoor, La Jolla, Carlton Cannes, Beaulieu. (4 events) Pauline was suspended in April, ending her amateur career.

Won Southern California, California State, Queen's Club, US Nationals.
(4 events)

Won Bay Colonies (San Francisco),Wimbledon, Orange, Pacific Coast
(4 events)

Won Dixie, Bermuda, Miami. (3 events)

Head to heads

Betz d. Hart 6-2 7-5 US Indoor final.
Brough d. Osborne 2-6 6-4 6-3 Cal State final.
Osborne d. Hart 4-6 10-8 7-5 Queen's semi
Brough d. Osborne 6-4 6-0 Queen's final.
Hart d. Brough 2-6 8-6 6-4 Wimbledon semi
Osborne d. Hart 6-2 6-4 Wimbledon final
Hart d. Brough 6-2 6-4 French semi
Osborne d. Brough 6-3 4-7 9-7 Orange final.
Osborne d. Hart 7-5 7-5 US nationals Semi
Brough d. Osborne 8-6 4-6 6-1 US nationals final.


Betz 1-0 vs. Hart (1-1)
Brough 0-2 vs. Hart, 3-1 vs. Osborne (3-3)
Hart 0-1 vs. Betz, 2-0 vs. Brough, 0-3 vs. Osborne (2-4)
Osborne 1-3 vs. Brough, 3-0 vs.Hart (4-3)\

*Note: Some sources list Osborne as #1, based primarily on Wimbledon, while others list Brough as #1, citing her 3-1 record vs. Osborne for the year.
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