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Re: Tennis Tipping #031 - Barcelona You can commit now

TT Final, Double

01:01|*Jean*/StunnaShades (FRA/NED)(1) vs NIKKO84/tennismaster8820 (FRA/CRO)(4)

TT SemiFinal Double

00:00|*Jean*/StunnaShades (FRA/NED)(1) vs Rik./tennis2007 (NED/NED)(3)
00:00|NIKKO84/tennismaster8820 (FRA/CRO)(4) vs diego36arg/Gigi_dulko (ARG)(2)

TT Double Quarter Final:

00:00|*Jean*/StunnaShades (FRA/NED)(1) vs dab2035/Faceyfacem (USA/USA)(Q)
00:00|Joaquin/watchdogfish (CHI/GBR) vs Rik./tennis2007 (NED)(3)

00:00|NIKKO84/tennismaster8820 (FRA/CRO)(4)vs Tales/theklein
00:00|Adrian1992/ViennaCalling (GER/AUT) vs diego36arg/Gigi_dulko (ARG)(2)

Double MainDraw 1st round

00:00| Jean*/StunnaShades (FRA/NED)(1) vs Peter Pan/shuai.P (CHN)
00:00| bhebhe/tennisfan_77 (POL/CRO) vs dab2035/Faceyfacem (USA/USA)(Q)
00:00| Joaquin/watchdogfish (CHI/GBR) vs Extremaduratenis/sdtoot (ESP/GBR)
00:00| Boreas/Chevina (SLO/RUS)(Q) vs Rik./tennis2007 (NED)(3)

00:00| NIKKO84/tennismaster8820 (FRA/CRO)(4) vs ^bibi^/Ballbasher (BEL/MNE)
00:00| Tales/theklein (NOR/USA) vs Danka-Hantuchova/No mercy!!! (MCO/POR)
00:00| Adrian1992/ViennaCalling (GER/AUT) vs ..ikke../Yarden (NED/ISR)
00:00| hellas719/Inger67 (GRE/USA) vs diego36arg/Gigi_dulko (ARG)(2)

Double Q-Draw Round 1

00:00| Boreas/Chevina (SLO/RUS)(1) vs BYE
00:00| Kovalchuk/Michaelz (SMR/ITA) vs Chinatennis/Lunams(CHN/CHN)

00:00| dab2035/Faceyfacem (USA/USA) vs Alex./Slutiana (USA/SLO)
00:00| BYE vs hankqq/young_gunner913 (USA)(2)

Double Q-Draw Final Round

00:00| Boreas/Chevina (SLO/RUS)(1) vs Chinatennis/Lunams(CHN/CHN)
00:00| dab2035/Faceyfacem (USA/USA) vs hankqq/young_gunner913 (USA)(2)

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