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3rd or final day of 14 yo national selection

Alvin P K def. Lenz T 75 46 63

Fendi G def. Christopher R 62 60

Agung B D def. Bani K H 62 62

Agung B D def. Fendi G 63 61

Gilbert S def. Lenz T 76(1) 75

Bani K H def. Alvin P K 75 64

Gilbert S def. Christopher R 36 61 64

Final standing:
1. Agung B D (Semarang)
2. Fendi G (Bandung)
3. Christopher R (Jakarta)
4. Bani K H (Jakarta)
5. Gilbert S (Jakarta)
6. Alvin P K (Jakarta)
7. Lenz T (Jakarta)

So, the top three finishers are to be in the team and they have the opportunity to go to another selection for ITF team for European tour. The selection will be held in Korat, Thailand.

Agung is coached by his own father. Agung is physically strong despite of his slim overall body. His weakness is his serve and his father is now working on that. He really needs sponsor since he comes from mid income family in Magelang, Central Java. The rest of the boys are coming from well-to-do families, so no problem financially!!! I regard Fendi, Christopher, Gilbert and Lenz as talented players beside Agung. Lenz is only 12 yo!


Mia S def. Lutfiana A B 60 60
Komang S M def. Afieta J 63 61
Vivien S def. Wyne P 61 60
Mia S def. Komang S M 63 63
Jessy R def. Alfieta 67(6) 61 62
Lutfiana A B def. Wyne P 75 61
Vivien S def. Jessy R 64 63

Final standing:

1. Mia Sacca (Yogyakarta) - coached by Suharyadi/Basuki's hubby
2. Lutfiana A B (Kudus)
3. Vivien Silfany (Palembang) - coached by her own grandpa!
4. Komang Sri Maryati (Bali)
5. Jessy Rompies (Jakarta)
6. Wyne Pramestiningrum (Kendal)
7. Afieta Januaristi (Jakarta)

Too bad, all these girls need sponsor if they want to play abroad! Prspective players: Mia Sacca, Vivien Silfany, Komang S M, Jessy R and Wyne P! I have doubt about Lutfiana and Afieta...

Same as the boys, the three top finishers are eligible to be in the team and they will go to Korat, Thailand as well.

For Korat, PELTI (Indonesian Tennis Association) will only cover board expenses and free fiscal fee...Each player must pay airfare expenses on each own! So much for junior development by PELTI! Eeek...
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