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Computer translation:

Domachowska: “Not yet I have reached my maximum level and it does when it I hope to arrive very far”

  • Polyglot, Marta speaks Polish, English, Russian and Spanish · His fianc2e, Pawel Korzeniowski, are ex- champion of the swimming world · Their tenísicos idols are Steffi Graf, Kim Clijsters and André Agassi · In the 2006, it gained the match of Canberra in doubles next to Roberta Vinci

Marta Domachowska (Warsaw, 1986) is one of the young values of Polish tennis. After happening through a medical statement of release from duty, it has returned to the tracks with desire to return to high levels in the feminine ranking and hopes to finish the year between the 50 first. Before traveling to Charleston, its next destiny, took care of the call of…
You come to be a month because of an appendicitis, how you are?
Now I feel very well, thanks. In the end I did not need surgery and only I had inflamed the zone during a time, so I hope that it is not repeated in the future. I already was well in Indian Wells and Miami, the next challenge will be Charleston.
“I would like to be able to improve my better ranking than to date he has been the 37”

You are in position 97 of ranking WTA, objective what you have marked yourself from now until end of season?
The first goal is to put to me enters the fifty best ones of the world, although I would like to be able to improve my better ranking than to date he has been the 37. I will try to do all the possible one to obtain it.
To date you have gained a title WTA in the discipline of doubles. For when the first victory in individual?
There am jugago three end there are but them lost. I hope that this year returns to find me a situation similar and manages to win.
Which has been the best one and the worse memory than you have had to date like tennis player?
To reach the fourth round of the Open of Australia the past year was a great moment in my race. I had to play the qualification, was around position 150 and nobody waited for nothing of me. I gained six consecutive parties unfolding the good tennis and I even played against Venus Williams in the Central Track I will never forget it! Bad moments I have had some, perhaps but the worse thing was to lower of position 37 to the 200 in ranking WTA.
Until where you dream to arrive?
I know that not yet I have reached my maximum level, so I would like to do it and to see far all that she could arrive.
“I admire to Steffi Graf reason why it has obtained and by how it has handled his life”

Who has been or is your idol in the world of the racket?
When she was a girl admired much to Steffi Graf. When it was ten years old I trained next to other young Polish tennis players with his ex- trainer, it used to call “Steffi to me”, and that was pleasant, I must say to me. I admire also it by everything what it has obtained and by how has handled its life, always in the correct way.
How defenirías the tennis of nowadays?
I believe that tennis has much of mental physicist and, although is in the psychic aspect where it is the true difference. They are two areas that can be improved, but everybody strikes very well to the ball.
You think that the brothers Williams are a level over the rest?
I believe that they are great players, legend cheers, and I like much how they play except when they play against me (she is ***reflxed mng). When they are concentrated in the game are invincible, but they also are people…
Which is the tenístico level of Poland?
Polish tennis improves every year. When I began in the world of tennis was the unique tennis player of my country, but now we have younger and better tennis players. The Radwanska brothers are very well now; The Urszula, youngest of the two, is raising very fast in the ranking. Tennis every time is made more popular in Poland.
Besides good tennis player, it draws attention by his physicist. It has worked sometimes like model?
Thanks! Sometimes I have marched past by a footbridge during some match, but to be honest, she was very nervous… Also I have made some session of photos for magazines and there yes that I enjoyed more.
Still you are young, but, you have plans for when you retire?
There are many things that I would like to make once she retires to me, for example study and train a family with many children.
“Pawel Korzeniowski is one of the strongpoints of my life”

Your fianc2e is also sport, he facilitates this his relation?
Yes, Pawel Korzeniowski is world-wide champion of swimming. Desafortunadamante the trips and the training do not leave long free time us for us, but he understands to me vice versa and. It is one of my strongpoints.
Besides tennis, what other sports you practice?
When she was a girl made swimming, ballet and gymnastics, but now I do not have long time to practice other sports.
You speak four languages, among them the Spanish. What is what it likes more on Spain?
My Spanish still is not perfect, but work in improving it because he is one of my favorite languages. I lived in Spain eight months and I like much his time, his food, his beaches… He enchants the sincerity and the spontaneity to me of the Spaniards. Spain is one of my favorite destinies… Thank you very much by your support.
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