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Originally Posted by louloubelle View Post
No one wants to post in here?
Di has been showing some good form. Great effort in the Fed Cup and now some impressive wins in the 25k's. 5 wins last week!
Hopefully she presses on..... her counterparts like Barry, Jones, Vano etc.. haven't so far... why?? Money?? Distance from competition??
I think each of the players has different reasons. Sacha Jones has an extremely rich family, and they even own a home in California (or somewhere else in the US) so money is no issue. Her serve is a wee bit too weak, tends to doublefault a bit (not as much as Dianne), she doesn't hit that hard off the ground, although her groundies are solid (but I can tell she has been trying to improve her power) and she isn't as good at putting away easy balls as she could be. But I can still see her rising close to 100 after a while and maybe doing something if the right things happen.

Now Kairangi Vano has money issues, her family is poor, so Kai doesn't get many opportunities to travel and play overseas. She has serious power but is erratic. Recently she has been trying to be more consistent by tempering her power, but I don't think that will suit her, since her defense isn't very good- instead I think she needs to figure out how to make her attacks go in without taking any pace off. She might go places someday, but I wish Tennis NZ would fund her properly otherwise it probably won't happen.

Ellen Barry I don't know so well, but she is injured, so I think once she recovers she will press on and probably rise a fair amount.

Dianne I think is trying to fund herself by winning local money tournaments and then playing fairly close to home (Australia) for a while until other options open up. Being in NZ the distance is also a problem. You get used to playing locally and the competition is not tough enough so you develop bad habits. And everytime you travel it gets expensive. I think Dianne is beginning to figure out the plan though, at least here's hoping.
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