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Re: Alizé surf in USA***

Originally Posted by Charlieflip View Post
Hm ok. Well first off, you said that Alize has no game with hardcourt-smasher, in the very

same game we are discussing I can prove you wrong. And about Alize having a defensive gamestyle, Im not exactly sure. I

mean everything in her game is built to be defensive (top-spin master), but her attack is very strong too when she gains

advantage. I wouldn't call her a defensive player, even though her defense is her strong side.
And her emotions- I personally love cornet so much for her emotions. Its often her downfall, yes, but its also her wining

formula. And trust me when I say that that's the reason she could beat anyone.

Yes, I belive you that there are players that would beat her if they are in form, of course. All I'm saying is that it

could easily be the other way around.
First of all, thanks for the wide response. Now I can undestand your position about her game. I am not determining her

as a defence-only player, no. I was telling you that she is too young and too powerless to beat the monsters like Safine,

even having 3 matchpoins or so.

Actually, I love her for the same reason as you. For the emotions. But I do not agree that emotions will help her to

beat anyone. Watch the top WTA players atm - does they have any kind of emotions on court? No, they doesn't. Watch the ATP's Federer-Nadal pair - yes, one of them likes to cry but after the match. Oh, I mean that when Alize throws her

emotions away from the court, she ll become a star. We felt in love already, so we will survive without her on-court

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