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Dianne Hollands

Well, I thought, shouldn't we have a thread for Di Hollands? Doesn't seem to be one here yet. After all, she has been playing pretty well of late. Dianne has been just about unbeatable in local money tournaments (although that is mostly beating Kairangi Vano, Shona Lee, and a few juniors like Tanya). She just qualified and won a round in the Sydney 25k. Maybe she'll go further. Seems to be playing at a level close to 300 now, beating a lot of people ranked 400 or 500 something and quite solidly for the most part. So far in Sydney she has beaten Miki Miyamura (Japan) (446), 7-5 6-3, Brooke Whitten (unranked) (AUS), 6-2 6-1, then Tyra Calderwood (560)(Aus) 6-2 6-1 in qualifying, then she beat Emelyn Starr (AUS) (413) 6-4 6-0 in the main draw first round. Now she faces Sally Peers, who beat Monique Adamczak. Regardless of what happens in this particular tournament, I'm guessing this will be a good couple of years for Dianne, barring injury. And of course she had that close match with Jelena Dokic in fed cup, but we can't really count that since Jelly is so up and down we have no idea how Jelena was playing in that match even though she played amazingly in the AO.

For those of you who don't know how Dianne plays, she's a kiwi, she's in great shape, she's a righty, mostly an attacking groundstroker who can also defend, she has a good whippy forehand , (not huge but pretty big and she places it quite well), she moves really well, her backhand is okay (but she hits it a bit late and can miss as a result), her serve is... not very good , a lot of doublefaults normally and kind of a weird action with a bit of a low contact, but hopefully she can improve that. Volleys aren't great but alright, smash of course not that great, slice backhand is not that useful. So she normally stays back. Overall she is mentally tough, although the doublefaults do come into play (but I think that is technical rather than mental).
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