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Re: GMT Magazine - January 2009 Edition

About a month of so ago the board came up with some new rules. Unfortunately being the lazy bunch that we are we haven’t got around to writing them into the rule book yet, so Natasa bullied me into taking this opportunity to announce them:

- When you send your graphics you must send them ALL at once.
You may not, for instance, send the avatar before the deadline and follow with the banner and free afterward. All graphics must be sent before the deadline if a penalty is to be avoided. We brought in this rule as some matches were having to be held up due to missing graphics – which is not fair on the opponent.

- You are no longer allowed to share graphics.
Previously it ghas been allowed that contestants are able to ask for advice on their graphics and equally ask for opinions on the graphics they have produced. As helpful as this is it causes problems when it comes to voting as voters tend to be bias, even if not intentionally, when they know which graphic belongs to their friend. If you want advice on a graphic please ask after the match has finished in the ‘rate my graphics thread.

These will be written into the rules asap and will be expected to be followed. Any breaking of these rules will be met with the usual consequences.

That’s the boring bit over and done with. We feel that is a great opportunity to get an idea of opinion on proposed changes to the game. We have a few interesting ones for you to give you feed back on:

- New doubles 3rd set
It was brought to the attention of the board that the current system (that of splitting it into 3 separate matches) was unfair as it is sometimes the case that the 2 best frees end up against each other and that sometimes a team only required one amazing free graphic to take the match. So we are proposing that all 4 graphics will be posted and voters will rather them 1-4 (4 being the best and 1 the one they like the least). The graphic will them be allocated this number of points (4 points for 1st place, 3 for 2nd…) , the 1st team to 25 wins the set.

- Article Writing
One of the players suggested that we each adopt the persona of a WTA player and play as that person. This idea did not go down to well but the board did like the idea of article writing. Personally I loved Medina and Droolv’s predictions at the AO and we would like to encourage this. Articles can be anything, from predictions, match reports, or role plays, be imaginative…. We will be holding an exhibition to try it out after Dubai in which the player who writes the most articles in each round will receive a 3-0 head start in each set. We are debating whether to grade the articles on quality or on quantity alone. What do you think?

We are open to comments

by 5ean

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