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Re: GMT Magazine - January 2009 Edition

Our singles champion Poiree is doing the Tournament Managers interview for the
Australian Open. So our doubles champion agreed to be interviewed instead. As
most of you know Niya is one of the best graphics makers on tour (being the
reigning Wimbledon Champion) and has recorded wins over almost all the top
players. She is also fairly mysterious so her interview was quite revealing.

Do you prefer singles or doubles?
I like doubles because if your graphics suck you still can win thanks to your partner j/k
Actually, I like both doubles and singles because either of them has its own features.

You are in both finals. You only have time to make either your singles or doubles graphics. Which do you make?
I am not If I were, I would make singles. I think singles are more important

In the same situation would you expect your partner to make their doubles graphics instead of their singles?
Well, of course I would want my partner to make his/her doubles graphics but I would completely understand if he/she decided to go for singles

Do you feel doubles is under appreciated on tour?
No, not all. Maybe not all singles participants have time to take part in doubles as well but I feel like when a doubles match is going on voters/spectators are as active as they are during singles.

When you signed up did you thing you had a chance to win?
If I didn't think so, I wouldn't sign up. It was my first time playing doubles with Heart if I'm not mistaken, but I knew she was a great graphics maker so I thought we had a chance.

How far did you expect to get once you saw the draw?
Adal/Nikkie were set to be our opponents before they announced their withdrawal. I did know they're very good but no one is unbeatable here in GMT. I can't say I expected us to win the whole tournament but I was sure we were capable of it.

What made you decide to play with Heart?
She asked me to play with her before the tournament and I had nothing against it. I didn't plan to play doubles at first but then I was like, "why not?". Now I'm looking forward to playing more doubles this year, hopefully Heart will be my partner throughout the year, we surely have winning potential.

What is the best thing about playing with Heart?
She's a great graphics maker and yet still improving. Also she's very loyal and helpful.

What is the worst thing about playing with her?
You asked me to be honest, huh? Be prepared then: there is nothing bad about playing with Heart. OMG, was that mean?

Are you a permanent pair now?
As I said already, I hope so.

As a pair what would you say your strengths are (on and off court)?
I think I am good at blending and Heart is a nice colorer. We complement each other

As a pair what would you say your weaknesses are (on and off court)?
During the AO, we didn't really face anything that made us face our weaknesses. There are some for sure, but I think we don't know about them yet

How do you decide who makes the avi and banner?
I must confess, I usually ask Heart if I can make an avie/a banner for that particular round. She hasn't complained about this so far and I really hope she's fine with it!

The banner task is impossibly hard. Honestly, do you give it to your partner or take it on yourself?
I like doing banners so I might take it. Why not?

Who is your ideal doubles partner?
A good graphics maker, obviously And a person who's easy to communicate with.

Who would you least like to play doubles with?
GMT is at such a high level now, everyone is worthy Seriously.

If your opponent has spent ages on, and absolutely loves, their graphic. But when they ask for your opinion on it you really hate it. Do you lie and say you like it or tell the truth?
I wouldn't say "I hate it!" but I would give some advice on improving it.

Interview by: 5ean

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