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Re: 2009-2010 recruiting - "speculation only"

Originally Posted by Tennis-Chick View Post
What does that mean? Is she transferring or left college all together?
I'm honestly not too surprised. I thought it was quite odd that she didn't play the Cal Winter Invite. As much as she improved since last year, she was never going to break the top No. 1-5 line-up, especially with the year's line-up of Cossou, Juricova, Andersson, Bobusic, and Ilcinkas. Cal is entirely too deep this year, so much so that the line-up is really up in the air. I think the two seniors should play No. 4 and No. 5.

Dillon's only saving grace is her doubles skill but it appears that she isn't strong enough to break into that line-up either. She was the No. 3 doubles player last year but was later replaced.

I think she was originally recruited for her doubles skill but she isn't really paying dividends and with lots of top players in the junior class interested in Cal it's a win win for both Cal and Dillon. I assume she will stay on the West Coast. The last two players to transfer out of California were Wiesener (San Diego where she played No. 1) and Arguelles (Loyola Marymount where she played No. 1 too). Looks like the WCC is a big contender and for some reason I want to lean toward San Francisco.
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