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Re: Game organizers: Introduce your game!


...scissors, paper, or rock?
you decide....
childhood game brought to the tennis world...

Basic and very easy to play!

1.Sign-Up with your player in top 200 or former top 100. (1 or 2 players)

2.Send Points! Make this the best and exciting game by putting effort to send.

In a game game you have 3 sets, and each set will have 13 games; these 13 games will consist of (4) scissors, (4) papers, (4) rocks, and 1 (X).
The (X) will represent an ace.

S beats P
P beats R
R beats S
X beats S, P, & R
In the event of a tie, there will be a cointoss.

The winner is the best of 3 sets.

Arrange your scissors paper rocks for each set.
Your points should look something like this:

Maria Sharapova
Set 1: p-s-s-x-p-r-p-r-r-s-r-p-s
Set 2: s-r-p-r-p-s-p-x-s-r-p-s-r
Set 3: r-x-s-p-p-r-s-r-s-p-p-s-r

Akiko Morigami
Set 1: r-x-p-s-r-s-r-s-p-s-p-r-p
Set 2: r-p-p-s-p-x-s-s-r-s-p-r-r
Set 3: r-s-p-s-r-s-p-x-r-p-r-s-p

3.Send the Points to artur0ace or whoever is running the tourney and they will score the match.

In the case above,
Sharapova def. Morigami 6-1 3-6 6-1

and that's it! hopefully you win the tourney.
so send the best points you can!

Sign-up Now!
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