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Re: Jokes?

3 nuns die in a car crash and go up to heaven. However before they can enter the gates of heaven St Peter says they have to answer a question to prove their faith.

The 1st nun steps forward and St Peter says: 'What was the name of the 1st man?'
She replies: 'Oh that's easy, Adam' and St. peter waves her in

The 2nd nun steps forward and st peter asks. 'What was the name of the garden God made them to live in?'
The nun laughs and says. 'Eden of course' and she goes through the pearly gates

The 3rd woman steps forward and St. Peter says: 'As you're the Mother Superior your question has to be a bit more difficult I'm afraid: 'What did Eve say when she 1st saw Adam?'
The Mother Superor thinks for a minute. 'Oh that's a hard one' she says

And St. peter says: 'Yep that's right' and lets her enter heaven

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A blond lady wanted to make some extra money so she decided to do some oddjobs. She went into a rich neighbourhood and knocked on a door.

When a man answered she asked: 'Are there any jobs you need doing?'

He replied: 'Sure you can paint my porch for me' went inside for a moment and handed her some paint.

The man went back in where his wife said: 'She does know the porch goes who whole way round the house doesn't she?'

The msn shrugged: 'I assume so as she was standing on it when she knocked on the door.'

Not too long later the blonde knocked on the door again and said: 'I'm done, but I have loads of spare paint left and by the way it's not a porsche it's a ferrari.'

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