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Lauren Breadmore

I notice over the past year Lauren has played everywhere and not scared to travel and toughen herself overseas.

She's ran off to Wellington, then over to the UK then possibly back to Bendigo!!

This committment and willingness to play (instead of the haphazard scheduling of other Aussies) hopefully will put her in good stead during her career.

But I have only seen her play twice. She was defensively brilliant against Perebynis at Oz quallies, but tentative, pushy and really tempermental against Vanc which is why she lost a match she should never have lost.

Any predictions for her?? Has she the power to go inside the top 100?? Anyone know much 'inside' info about her??

I thought her forehand was her best shot when I saw her, and definitely could be built into a weapon. But as is the norm in Oz tennis, they will try and round off her game and not focus on developing a BIG weapon.

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