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Day 3 - Part 3
OK - so... Alex had shown us a bar called the Black Turtle - which has flavoured beer. well... never one to pass up a challenge - we headed there once we met Ana and I had to try the Blackberry beer (to accompany the Montenegrin beer from lunch!)

We were going to be joined again by Minja so we headed off to find somewhere for the evening... Ana took us to this great gothic bar, called Street - with the best music... and so begins mine and Alex's demonic descent into Serbian Brandy hell....

I'd started with beer - but once we found out that they had an apple brandy - we ordered those... and they came in the COOLEST glasses. Minja reckoned that there are very few places that use those style glasses for shots/brandy - the Question Mark being one place... but they cracked me up totally as they looked like giant test tubes and just fit the gothic feel of the place! Of course ... this brought out the student in me... and I started on a mission to snaffle a couple...
This took a couple of attempts 'cos Alex and I were hitting the brandies and he ordered refills before I had a chance to adopt a glass!
So we had some more... and um... some more... I think 4 in total...!!!
Of course time for more pics!

l to r - Zoja, Alex, Ana, ME!

with Minja

Pick Thread Lord God, and Deputy Master & Commander with that 4-brandies-each deal goin' on....

And just for good measure - she had to take a picture of the glasses when we got to the flat!

Room... spinning...
Day 4 coming up...

Edit: Oh yeah - Alex ended up walkinng home when his nightbus took off anywhere BUT his stop, and I apparantly dissed Lepa Brena in the cab going home. Thankfully I think the cab driver had no clue WHAT I was saying... well... neither did I... Zoja had to remind me of this!

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JM: [pause, followed by a guilty look] Ah yeah. That's possible.

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