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Re: Rozzie's Belgrade Blog!!!

Day 2
So... years of waking up stupidly early meant I was wide awake around 7 - I played around with the TV card and settled down in front of Eurosport 2 news - not really realising that it just rolls, and rolls, and rooooollllllllllls... so I headed into the kitchen for... ummm furry coffee (!) and an apple! OK the coffee may have been a tad ancient, but I also had other provisions left by Zoja - so certainly had enough to be going on with. There was a pack of biscuits... but I think they were more inclined to be crumbled under tyres of cars as grit for when it snows...!

Plus I took up with the PSP again - I think the neighbours were a touch startled with the barked curses... bloody suicidal Lemmings!

Alex texted me (Zoja brilliantly left me a phone with a local card and hers and Alex's numbers in it so I could text them without spending a fortune on my phone... genius!) and he was amused that Z hadn't gotten in touch - poor Rozzie... locked in a Belgrade apartment!
Anyway - once he'd arrived we headed up to a bakery - again close to his faculty where I had a decent Serbian Cheese and Spinach pit - these portions are MASSIVE - the pie was HUGE! And the prices are soooo reasonable... so a quick bit of brekkie and we headed to a coffee shop (seriously... LOADS of them!) to wait for Zoja!
Bless her - she had overslept (which was fine... we were not in any rush for anything) but she headed out without her phone so had to go back for it, and then was headed in the opposite direction when she got to where we were! We were beginning to wonder if she was coming via Zagreb at this point!
Zoja had this awesome looking Hot Chocolate the night before at the cool bar which was more like a melted chocolate pudding in a glass... so this became a bit of a mission for me!
Zoja's sister Minja also joined us at the coffee shop - and was telling me that Zoja had bought me a bottle of Acqua Viva with JJ on the front, and she's found this JJ notebook (we reckon the picture on the front was from YEC last year)... heh! We reckoned out of all of those things, the poster that Zoja snaffled when JJ was signing autographs the day before I arrived was probably the only thing that had been remotely close to the woman herself!

Minja headed off and was going to join us later, so we headed off to Skadarlija - the Bohemian Quarter to try and find a local restaurant. We'd actually gone to one much closer, but they shooed us away... phooey!
This time my quest for local beverages took us to Montenegrin beer - we seemed to be sat next to a load of spanish business men, so that seemed like the ideal time for us to relive all our Rafa US Open Out-take moments... I'm sure they appreciated it!

We headed back to the flat and put Alex in charge of figuring out how to get more channels on the PC/TV Card in the hope of watching the Ana match and cheering against her . We'd even headed to the supermarket to get in Tennis TV provisions - biscuits, more juice and ketchup flavoured crisps... just what you need!
BUT - although he got BBC World News - no Eurosport 1... so no tennis for us... and then we got the score via texts to Alex's phone... and found she'd won anyway... pffft!

So - having lounged about (all completely knackered and lazy)...we decided to head back to L'incontro - the cool bar where yet again cool barman was there. This was the start of the Serbian Brandy odyssey! OK - I did actually start with that awesome hot chocolate pudding in a mug (YUM!) and then had the first brandy... whatever the hell kind of fruit "quince" is (the phantom fruit, Zoja and I named it!) that was the first one and jesus H christ that was STRONG!!!
The 2nd one (which was on the barman) was pear and that tasted much better. These shots ... not possible to down in one so Alex and I kinda shared them.

This bar was pretty relaxed and the music was awesome - although (and I'm sure it was down to the brandy) we got our "Clubbed to Death - Rob Douggan" muddled up with Massive Attack - cue cute barman to come to our rescue again!
We also got into a bit of a musical chair thing as we shifted to the front of the place when Zoja's friends arrived, and then moved again when Alex left to go home, and Minja joined us again!

All in all much beer, and another good end to the evening...

... and yes pictures ARE coming...

Pick Strategy is ALL: JJ is merely the weapon of choice...

JM: [pause, followed by a guilty look] Ah yeah. That's possible.

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