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Fill in the Draw DOUBLES|Luxembourg|Final scores out|Congrats to Ceze!

Fill-in-the-Draw 2008

Playing FITD is simple and only takes a few minutes per week:

1) You just have to post a full predicted draw for the tournament, including all winners in all matches of all rounds.

2) Full prediction must be posted before the first ball of the first main draw match is struck.

3) PLEASE post your picks in the form "A def. B", "A d. B" or "A over B", and not "A loses to B". Writing down the winner's name only ("A" instead of "A def. B") is allowed, but it might make things confusing for us and you might lose points, so try to post as specified.

4) If a player withdraws after you have made your prediction, you may ONLY change your pick if the withdrawing player was seeded. You are not allowed to alter your picks if the player who withdrew was not a seed.

5) When changing your picks, you have to post it in a new post, quoting the previous picks. No editing under any circumstances! (any edited post won't be counted)

6) Scoring goes as follows: for each player you predict correctly into the next round, you receive the points for reaching that round. Note that you won't get points if the player has a bye in first round.

7) No commitments are necessary for the tournaments, simply post your picks in the thread.

8) You may play more than one event per week!

Good luck and have fun!

(To whomever posts next, PLEASE POST THE DRAW before you post your picks. Thanks! )

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