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Re: Big West - 2008 Fall Tournaments

ITA slipped up once last year and for about 30 minutes posted the entire 300+ team RPI.... but I can't find that hard copy anymore. It was stunning at some teams in the 200's.

No, never seen an official conference ranking.

Yes, its all your wins/losses compared to your opponents wins losses. So there is no direct math... just in direct. However, the current rankings do under value direct head to head results when seeding the tournaments (team, singles, doubles)

UCI got in to NCAA's based on one 4-3 win over LB... and rode that for nearly a year because of the 'coaches subjective poll' until the computer kicked back in last March... ironically they did not even reach final that year due to injury that season. It would have been interesting if UCI had held onto big lead vs CP in semis and reached a red hot LB in the finals instead. Would have cancelled out the first win in the computer?

LB got hurt in reverse last year... easy wins over Arizona (was in 40's then), Purdue (50's then), USD, Penn (held in 50-60) and UCI (30's when beat but fell to 64). If you ever said a BW team would sweep league and beat UA, Purdue, SDSU, USD and Penn all in the same year... and drop to 50... nobody would have thunk it. But everybody went south last year.

I'd say # 42 is locked... last year a number of odd results moved some people out of their usual spots (Oregon, UA, some others back east)...

Conference ranking no... but playing a 'closed' schedule really helps the bottom half teams in the Pac, Big 10 etc who thus get ranked losses instead of losing to non-conference 35-60 ranked teams. A Top 30 ranked loss is a no harm no foul day. Let some other teams beat up the lower end BCS schools a bit more and watch things swing around. But Wazoo and UO manage to split with each other and artificially bolster themselves.

Personally, I would be curious if the NCAA's had a Final 8 like baseball and softball instead of 16... Do a 4 team regional, a 4 team super regional where you would actually see some real competition in the Round of 32 and 16.... and then an 8 team finals. It would make round 3 and 4 much more open to everyone... and be interesting to see the pressure rise at some of those Top 16 schools that 'make it' every year but never advance.

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