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Re: Reasons WHY we LOVE Dinara

Originally Posted by enchantrezz View Post
I love Dinara because:
  1. She is Marat's sister
  2. She gave Marat a ring which he wore in his necklace when he won USopen in 2000.
  3. She is very natural and honest with her answers during interviews.
  4. She is starting to live up to her potential as a tennis player this year.
  5. Before he won the USopen, Marat said he has a sister who will be better than him.
  6. I like her height.
  7. Her fans in this forum are intelligent and mature.
  8. Her fans do not bash in GM thread.
  9. Her fans do not trash others
  10. She will be number one soon!
good idea

I have more o less, the sames reasons like you , but my most important reason is that she is a fighter i really love her because of that.

and i have to add, that she owned sharapova in RG
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