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Re: Importance of the olympics?

Originally Posted by Wazza View Post
So where should we rate the olympics in comparison to the grandslams, the year ending champs and IW and Miami??????
For me:
AO/FO/WIM/USO > OG > Miami > YEC

The Year-Ending Championships just aren't that special, with tired top stars and lacklustre attendance in crap locations. Miami is a wonderful event, but you can play it every year...Olympics is once per four years, so for that special reason I'd put it over Miami. There's just little compared to the Olympics, really.

Originally Posted by Wazza View Post
Does having a player like Dementieva, Who's never won a grandlsam before (talented as she is), diminish its prestige somewhat?
I've expounded on this before, but let's say Dementieva makes the top two and wins one more Tier I title...and still doesn't win a slam. It'd be one of the biggest mysteries in the WTA's history, because those same exact stats can be attributed to just about all the other slam champions since the late '80s/early '90s as exactly what Dementieva has, just bar the slam.

To answer the question a bit more clearly: yes, if you don't like her; no, if you do like her.

Originally Posted by Wazza View Post
The olympics have had a very imppressive list of winners, and i think outside of dementieva, they're all grandslam winners.
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