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Re: Describe your playing style !

I always admire Justine because she has such a strong one handed backhand and roger for his net skill

My weapon is flat-forehand and serve, I go after my forehand a lot and love to make a short angel on service line, and love to take a ball early like hingis/kimiko style..some of my forehand techniques are taken from Maria's, Tammy's and Kim's

My one handed backhand is crap, I try to slice like Steffi and it turned out to be more like Maria's just kidding
I'd like to play one handed backhand DTL more often but the chance of getting it in is like 2/10. I tried with two-handed BH, it sucks.

My serve is used to be real good, I used the Balbolat that Sam/Dina used to use in 09-10 period, it was great in control and give good speed and spin. But it gives me a hell of muscle pain after practicing. My service motion is like Roddick which works really well if your body is fit enough and my teacher used to compliment the speed it produced, but it really deteriorate my back and shoulder since I'm not a real good athlete, so I start using a less-intense motion.

My net game is horrible, I like swinging volley but other than that my footstep is just wrong and I'm late at approaching the net.

I love love love my forehand, despise my one-handed backhand and my serve is also reliable...forget about the net skill. Not a good mover but sometimes copy Caroline's style of retrieving balls.


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Re: Describe your playing style !

Weak service,good backhand and a lot of forehand errors.Solid net play.
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Re: Describe your playing style !

Serve: I use continental grip for my serve. My first serves are mainly flat. They are decent - in a good day I can make a lot of aces, but if it's not my day my first serve percentage can drop to ~25-30%... I am doing topspin/kick second serves. It won't be me if I don't make at least 3-4 DFs in a match.

Forehand: I use eastern grip for my forehand (semi-western/western grips aren't very comfortable for me - I feel like I am going to break my wrist ) I don't use a lot of topspin. I'd say my FH is better than my BH although recently I improved my backhand a lot. Usually I make a lot more winners with my forehand. I prefer going cross court than down the line.

Backhand: I use two-handed backhand. Few months ago my backhand could be used only for returning the ball and nothing more, but now I learned to push harder with it and go for winners. I use mainly flat/topspin backhand and rarely slice (ofc with 1 hand) when I am defending and the ball is hard to reach or if the ball is very low.

Netplay: Well, my netplay is probably the weakest part of my game. I love when I do a good groundstroke, my opponent reaches it hard and then I go to the net and intercept the ball with a drive volley. My drive volleys are good. However, my standart volleys are really bad. I often don't hit them with the center of the racket. I also tend to slice them a lot and they often go in the net. My smashes aren't very solid too. When I play a smash after the ball has bounced I am pretty solid, but if it hasn't bounced I make a lot of mistakes

Footwork: My footwork is decent. I am running really fast and I can catch a lot of drop shots. In the winter I play on indoor hard courts and in the summer I play on clay. My sliding on clay courts is really bad..

Mental strenght: I try to keep calm and play point by point, but when I make 2-3 unforced errors in a row I can easily get angry. Sometimes I am throwing my racket too..

I am a baseliner. When I get shorter balls or weaker serves I don't hesitate to attack and go for a winner, but I am also making unforced errors when trying to be very aggressive. I have to work on both my 1st and 2nd serves consistency and also on my 2nd serve power, because sometimes it can be attacked easily. I should also work on my volleys and try to mix my game and use more dropshots for example.

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Re: Describe your playing style !

Serve: Trying to get the advantage with it. It's kinda flat. It's somehow like Kim Clijsters' motion, but I change it. I can make a double fault often, cause I get totally nervous, especially on a match point. My first serve can be powerful and accurate, but my serve isn't a big weapon.
Forehand: It is solid for defending, I can return many tougher balls back with it, but it's actually really weak. I hate my forehand. I often make an error when I try attacking with it.
Backhand: My best weapon. I can blast winners from everywhere, but especially DTL. It's mostly flat and really powerful. It is really dangerous when I'm returning with it. I often try making some nasty return winners.
Moving: Not that good, but it's much better when I really care about the mtach.
Slice: I don't use it, not really good at even producing it.
Lob - can be good, love using it. Drop Shot - hate that shot, rarely using, can be good. Passing shot - can be quite dangerous, especially my backhand side
Return: I like attacking, always trying to return hard, even some first serves, forcing my backhand side, going into the court.
Volleys: They are awful, I just hate the net.
Mental strength: Totally weird, mostly not good at all. I can really outburst and fall apart.
I'm actually playing really flat strokes. I can sometimes vary with my forehand.
PS. I can say - aggressive baseliner.
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Re: Describe your playing style !

I've reworked my first serve into a weapon, I had ten aces in the last mixed doubles match I played against a couple of friends. My second serve in horrendous. I have a good forehand and a suspect (but improving) backhand. I'll hit a lot of unforced errors because I want to hit it harder than I need to. I'm slow, and I don't have much stamina. I have a temper on the court but I don't go far enough as to smash rackets because I only have one. I'm probably fairly weak mentally, my main opponent (my dad) gets into my head ALL the time, I've never beaten him, even though I'm almost positive I'm better than he is.
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Re: Describe your playing style !

Originally Posted by 3.14159 View Post
I hit the balls really flat, including my serve, so I have no variety at all. My weakest part of the game is probably my movement and volley. I can't volley to save my life. My forehand is probably the strongest part of my game, or my serve, my backhand is fine I guess. I don't know if I am mentally strong or not, I've came back from 2-5 down to win the set, but when I lose a close tie-break in the first set I always get bagelled or breadsticked in the second.
Wow, it's been pretty much over a year since I posted here. It is incredible to see how much my game has progressed from tournament matches and extensive training.

My forehand has gotten miles better—much more consistent now. Surprisingly, my backhand has become my most reliable shot. I hardly miss with my backhand, but I cannot produce the angles and/or depth compared to my other wing. Basically, my forehand is my explosive shot (hitting winners) but my backhand is less likely to break down (hitting with consistent depth and pace).

Volleys have gotten better. I can put out many points at the net now compared to before. It would take a great passing shot to win a point against me at the net. However, I'm still scared to go to the net. I would often run back to the baseline after a mid-court shot.
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Re: Describe your playing style !

Serve: Probably my biggest strength. Left-handed, continental grip, hard on my first serve with nice kick on my 2S. High ball toss and a classical action which gives me great pace, but with the tradeoff that when I get tired my first serve goes downhill very quickly.

Forehand: Aggressive semi-western grip, heavy topspin. Accurate and consistent but I struggle to generate too much pace on it. Tend to rely on depth and angle in order to win points, with the occasional DTL winner.

Backhand: One-handed backhand with a semi-eastern grip. Tends to be fairly accurate and reliable, but pretty flat and without much variation. Struggle to get a lot of pace on it while maintaining accuracy. Main offensive use tends to be a DTL stroke to switch the CC rally onto my opponent's backhand, from which point I can usually bully him off the court with my forehand.

Netplay: Pretty strong. Good reflexes and I have a good instinct for crossing. Love playing doubles and it shows.

Footwork: Decent enough, but I have a tendency to overrun balls and crowd myself.

Mental Strength: A lot better than when I was a junior, where I was a powder keg. Still not fantastic though. Prone to random bouts of choking.

The lack of groundstroke weapons means I tend to be found out against better players, who move well and have backhands that can stand up to my forehand in a duel. At the moment I'm mostly working on flattening out my forehand a bit to create some more pace, and getting some variation on my backhand. I used to have a pretty mean skidding backhand slice as a junior, but now I seldom use it - it always seems to drop short and sit up.

With a strong serve and good netplay I should S&V a lot more than I do, but I tend to get smoked at the net in singles because my approach shots aren't up to scratch. If I could get to the net more effectively in singles then my effectiveness as a player would go up massively - I've almost abandoned the tactic due to my poor approaches.

Incidentally, there's a fellow in our club competition who hits every forehand with a nasty side-slice and it's doing my head in. Otherwise he's a pretty rubbish player but the amount of kick he gets with this unorthodox stroke is doing my head in - if anyone knows a good way to counter it, I'd love to hear about it.

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Re: Describe your playing style !

Originally Posted by Fantasy Hero View Post
well usually i score something around the same number of aces and DFs or most of the times more aces but last day i was such a mess...considering that my FH is by far my best shot and i scored only 4 BH winners in the whole match, it's easy to understand why i lost that badly
Originally Posted by Curcubeu View Post
OK, so normally you score 30 aces/30 DFs...

Must be fun to watch!
Originally Posted by Fantasy Hero View Post
i'm such a headcase...i turn from pushing to ballbashing style every here and then
lately i worked on my BH and it seems to be a good way to close points...i'm kind of a male Flavia with mental issues now

may your choices reflect your hopes not your fears.

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Re: Describe your playing style !

Originally Posted by Anotoxfa View Post
Movement: It was quite good until I injured my ankle few years ago...since this it sucks

Serve: non-exist

Forehand: non-exist

Returns: non-exist from forehand side...from backhand it´s sometimes not that bad)

Backhand: slice (I´m using top-spin just when I returned)

Mental strenght:

Net play: absolutely perfect

So my tactic is don´t serve a DF and as fast as possible going to the net...If this works then I´m winning...or I´m slicing the opponent to the death from backhand
I actually learned a kick serve and I will probably use it even as a first serve. It´s actually a lovely shot, I would never think I could serve like that Just placement is a bit messy, I trained it just a little bit though so it still need a lot of work, but at least my serve looks somehow now and it´s actually working...Also I switched from double handed to single handed backhand...return is a bit problem though, I can´t return serve with single hand, only if I´m slice-ing (what is still very often)...Forehand is still a hot mess, as it always was.
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Re: Describe your playing style !

Serve - Strong, definately one of my weapons when it's on. I can really crank up my first service, and I can hit a mean kick serve. This is especially useful when my flat serve is inconsistent, I can spin in some big kick serves on my first serve to take the pressure off and confuse my opponent. Down side is that when I get nervous, my ball toss tends to go off, which means double faults can creep in, and sometimes I become to reliant on the kicker as oppossed to going for the bigger first serve. If my ball toss stays steady, this is definately a weapon for me.

Forehand - My favourite shot when it's working. I can hit a winner from any area in the court with this shot. It's quite a long swing, so I can generate some serious pace, however, sometimes I can try to hit this shot too hard or pull the trigger too early which results in unforced errors. I also tend to hit fairly flat off this wing which can sometimes result in inconsistency.

Backhand - Solid, double handed, not as potent as my forehand, used to be a liability but is now a solid and reliable stroke. I really like to take topspin or pace off this wing. Low slice is troublesome for me, given I also hit this wing low over the net, which means it can be sometimes hit and miss off lower bouncing balls where top-spin would be more desirable. I hit it with an open stance.

Net Play - Could be improved, especially off the one handed backhand slice volley. I think I lack touch at the net, but I make up for it with wing span. I can easily punch away floaters, but shots that come directly at my body or towards my feet are troublesome and often end up coming off the frame.

Return - Second favourite, it is usually a guage for how well I'm playing. If I'm timing the return well, it generally means I'm playing well. I'm extremely aggressive off the return, and I stand on and inside the baseline for first and second services respectively. I love to crack winners cross court and watch them fly past my opoonent, although given how much I go off returns, it is prone to inconsistency.

Foot-work - My biggest issue. I have very good court coverage, however, when I start to get tired I stop moving my feet which can be disasturous for my consistency. This generally triggers mental issues. When I concentrate and get my feet into position, I can really be devastating off the ground, however I struggle to keep focus and really don't do this consistently.

Mental - Where do I even begin. The biggest obstacle in my way. I am so very off and on mentally. When I keep my head on, I can win great matches, however sometimes I'm just a ticking time-bomb, and I get annoyed, throw my racket, yell and ball-bash myself into a hole, which is usually fatal. It usually takes me a match to get into the "match environment".

Probably in general, an off and on ball basher with a big serve.

Originally Posted by volta View Post
at this point even Jesus might lose a poll against Kim
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Re: Describe your playing style !

I have a loopy/spinny forehand, a big flat backhand that's more explosive but more prone to breakdown, a lefty serve that I almost exclusively slice, and I'd like to think that my mental game is really strong. I can't volley for shit.

And I run like a little jackrabbit.

So a left-handed Caro basically

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Re: Describe your playing style !

I think ive turned into a pusher/brainless ball basher.
Meaning i can get alot of balls back and just bash the hell out of them.
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Re: Describe your playing style !

I'm a pure serve-and-volley player. Used to be a decent college player. Now I'm old and broken, but I still get out there sometimes.

Serve - The one strength of my game. I can still get it into the 110s consistently, thanks to hitting many thousands of serves in my youth. I patterned my serve off of Mark Poo, which for whatever reason enabled me to learn a kicker.

Forehand - I try to keep it flat since I can't rally and try to run to net. It's ended up like Sjeng Schalken's, I need the continental grip for volleying.

Backhand - Awful. I mishit many of them. For whatever reason, I never picked up the timing on that side, and it's what held me back from getting past 5.0 level. I try to push it with two hands.

Volleys - I tend to be a little safe with them, but punchy and always moving foreward usually works, I'm not playing pros. I have a great drop volley, which helps too. And I love overheads.

Mental Play - Despite being insane with a terrible temper, my court persona is generally calm. Either my bug serve and volley game will be good enough that day or not. I just enjoy attacking, and whatever happens, happens.
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Re: Describe your playing style !

I'm adapting a new style; serious and aggressive. I'll update with how it goes.

And here you are, a black unicorn.
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Re: Describe your playing style !

Originally Posted by young_gunner913 View Post
I'm adapting a new style; serious and aggressive. I'll update with how it goes.
A new style of Laminate? Serious and aggressive, hand-scraped mohawk?

Originally Posted by volta View Post
at this point even Jesus might lose a poll against Kim
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