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Re: Describe your tennis game

I used to be a really bad pusher, but now I'm becoming more aggressive as I grow taller and stronger.

My serve isn't anything special, just a lot if top-spin on it so it has a bit of kick, but otherwise its just a bit of side-slice. I don't go for too much, my second serve is basically 95% of a first serve and I barely ever double fault. I like to land it short on the 1st court to get the most angle which opens up the court well.

My forehand is good, can generate alot of pace and a helluva lot of topspin. I like going down the lines and keeping it deep until I get a short ball to pounce on. Forehand is probably my strongest shot, can hit it from anywhere to anywhere as hard as I want to. I try to run around the backhand on the odd occasion, but I don't too much.

I have a 2-handed backhand which is absolutely terrible. Really bad. I shank it alot, but its slowly becoming more consistent. I was single handed until a few months ago, but i found it hard when the ball was coming hard and low, kind of around my feet, so i switched. It's good DTL, but cross court I still can't generate enough pace and it ends up very short and loopy. I have a single-handed slice, which is great. Very solid, very low and very deep. I use a slice 80% of the time just to move them around and give me a bit of time to get in the right position, as my movement isn't a strong point, not terrible, just not really explosive with my speed.

I dropshot a fair bit, usually against my weight challenged opponents lol. Backhand is one handed slice dropshot, not really alot of backspin, just keep it low and making sure the ball bounces twice as soon as possible. My FH dropshot is 2 hand slice and It just dies, it looks lke its going deep, but yeah just drops over and stops. I chuck in a few deep 2-handed FH slices just to keep them guessing aswell.

I have a good lob aswell. My FH is always deep and usually to a corner, preferably over their backhand side, but quite often my BH topspin lob is too short with no direction, and is put away, so I don't use it alot at all.

Volleys I have really good reflexes, and I'm rarely passed in my league. Both volleys usually are heavly sliced and I can place them anywhere. Swing FH volley is also a face from the service line area. I usually approach to the backhand, by either keeping the ball very low, or looping it higher with lots of topspin - which gives me a bit more to time to come in aswell.

I think thats it. I like singles more than doubles, because more pressure on me, yeah and I'm a ball hog.

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