GMT Magazine - April 2010 -
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GMT Magazine - April 2010

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Re: GMT Magazine - April 2010

With Heart, the Dubai doubles champion

1. This is your second Doubles career title, your last title being the Australian Open 2009! How does it feel especially after such a long drought?

honestly i never thought i'd win another title (singles or doubles)! i even thought that i'd be a one title wonder in both! so it feels great to win another title, its a major confidence boost for me after such poor performances in the past tournaments! big thanks to stadia for being such a great partner, couldnt have done it without his awesome graphics!

2. Now that's amazing! Not only did you won the doubles title; you also made the singles final where you lost to Fired .Any thoughts on such performance? What do you think of Fired's return to GMT?

sorry if i have a low self-esteem but honestly i didnt expect to go far in the tournament especially reaching the final, just expected a couple of wins and then get beaten up, or bagelled well something like that so i was really shocked to be in both finals kudos to Fired who really played well throughout the tournament, he was far more deserving than i was! winning the tournament from qualies is a great feat! i didnt know Fired played in GMT already thought he was a new player... well if he is on a comeback trail, then he is on the right track!!

3. You have one singles title so far. Which you won in Indian Wells/Miami tournament last year winning by W.O. It must be frustrating to have no singles title won over a 5 set final match?

actually i dont find it frustrating! i reached the final by beating all my opponents fair & square, so why be frustrated about that?! its not my fault my opponent had to withdraw, but i guess winning a tournament without any withdrawals and having a five set final would be much sweeter! guess we'll have to work on that soon!

4. We never talk about you much at the beginning of a tournament but you pretty much one of the most consistent GMT player. You seem to bring your very best at every tournament. Now do you think you are underrated ?!

No! i think, im overrated! i find it funny when other players find me a threat! i mean, really? me, a threat?

5. What would you recall the best graphic of the tournament? What do you think is your best graphic of the tournament. In both singles and doubles.

the best graphic in dubai for me was Acinolbaj's free on the valentine's day task! it was simple yet elegant! while for my best graphic of the tournament, i'd have to say the muslim woman avy

6. Is this the first time you played with Stadia? I believe you use to play with Ksenia and Vikilliam. before. Why such a change? Any specific reasons ?

yes, it is my 1st time!no reasons, really. i guess, we are not much active than we used to and so we just parted ways

7. You played Jen, Kiristea and oneandonly to get to the singles final? Looking at their graphics which of those three do you think had the best shot at beating you? Sometimes you know we look at someone's graphic and we wonder how the hell we made it pass through him? Did you feel that about any of your opponents in singles and doubles?

good question! for singles, i think all of them had a good chance of beating me since all of them had me beating them in 3! but i would have to say i never expected to win my semi final match! with a 0-3 deficit, i never expected a pm of the final tasks from sexysova in my inbox! for doubles, honestly speaking i never thought we would get pass by caralenko/reetard and then winning the final! and the pic reconstruction graphic in the final! i never expected to win that! i was like im so sorry stadia, coz we were like points away from the losing the match yet we still came through!

8. Which active tennis forum member and graphic maker ''has-been'' do you miss the most on GMT either because he gave you tough matches or simply for his everyday presence ?

i miss droolv! i think we had some pretty tight matches in the past, hope he'll be back soon! im hoping brad comes back and the other on & off players too! ooh and louisa too! she had a great start this year! cant wait for more exciting matches on gmt!

9. Brad will be back on april 4th, any thoughts on that ?

as ive said, hope he comes back!

Thanks heart. for this lovely interview. You are truly one of the most appreciated graphic maker of GMT and we all look forward to talking you soon, now as the French Open Champion.

thanks for a nice interview marco tennis! yeah hopefully!
hope i didnt bore yall with my low self-esteem!

Interview by Marco tennis

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Re: GMT Magazine - April 2010

In this month's Getting to know... we find out more about GMT's newest player, Fired

1. What’s your name?

2. How old are you?

3. Where were you born and where do you live now?
I was born in Alicante (a city in the east coast of Spain) and I still live here.

4. You’ve just reached the finals in Dubai, everyone you and loves your very creative style. Does that put any pressure on your shoulders?
Not really. Whether I win or lose, I don't mind as long as I have fun with the game. But I'm glad everyone's liking my work so far.

5. Tell us something about how you first started to make graphics.
I started using Photoshop 3 or 4 years ago just out of curiosity. At first I was useless at it but I kept trying, and trying... and right now it's one of my hobbies. I do everything: blends, avatars, wallpapers, colouring... After all, I'm just a creative person and it keeps me sane

6. Are you planning to play throughout the rest of the season?
Yeah I pretend to, as long as I have free time I'll keep playing.

7. Is there a slam in particular that you wanna win?
All of them

8. Ice cream or chocolate cake?
Ice cream definitively. I just don't like the taste of chocolate (rare I know).

9. Do you have any dark secrets?
Many but they're meant to stay in the dark

10. What are you the most afraid of?
Ummm... getting fat I've had some nightmares about looking at myself in the mirror and having a Bartoli like shape. That was freaking scary!! To say the least.

11. If you had to go on a deserted island for one month, which ATP/WTA player would you take with you to make the trip more enjoyable?
Kristina Antoniychuk would make the trip worth it

12. ‘Fired’ is a funny username. Is there a story behind it?
When I made my account I was listening to Jessica's "Fired Up" and I liked that song so much back in the time that I used the title of the song as my username. Later on I changed it to just Fired, as it was easier to type (lazy I know xD).

13. Do you like to travel? Are there any places in particular you wanna visit?
I don't really like to travel, but I would love to visit some places like: London, Stockholm, New York or Sydney. I've been to France and Italy. France was nice, but I found Italy really boring, only good thing was food.

14. Summer or winter?
A mix of both I guess, so Spring

15. What kind of music do you usually listen to?
I like everything from pop (Brit, Gaga, Annie) to R&B (Kelis, Amerie, Ciara) to more electro/dance european acts (Crookers, David Guetta, Sophia Somajo, Miike Snow). And hate most of spanish acts, they're bOoOoOoOring.

16. If you were to act in a biographical movie, what famous person would you want to play?
If they paid well, I would play anyone really

17. You find the goldfish tomorrow. What would your three wishes be?
Happiness, richness and immortality.

18. Do you consider yourself a ballbasher or a pusher?
Definitively a ballbasher When I used to train (4 or 5 years ago) I hit harder than my coach. Too bad only 1/5 of my balls went in But it was really fun to hit that one professional-like winner every now and then.

19. If someone challenged you to handle a double bagel to current GOAT and No.1 reetard, would you accept?
Sure, why not? It would be difficult, but not impossible.

20. What other sports do you follow besides tennis? What teams/players do you root for?
I'm more of a tennis freak than a sports lover. But I enjoy watching some random sports like: american football, baseball or gymnastics.

Interview by Oneandonly

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Re: GMT Magazine - April 2010

Banner Tutorial

1 - Open a canvas 600x250 (I usually use this size for GMT banners) and fill it with a colour similar to your picture's background. In this case I used #6f99ad

2 - Insert the pic you wish to use and resize it as you like and use layer masks or the eraser tool (with a soft brush) to erase the edges from both sides of the picture so it is blended in the background. I used this one of Dominika Cibulkova

3 - Now we will insert some stock images. I used 4 different stock images (all taken by me) for this banner:

- a wall image, set to soft light, 100% opacity
- a scratch texture, screen, 100%
- checkboard floor image, rotated and set to lighter color, 55%
- clouds image, desaturated and set to overlay, 85%

The images are quite big so you will need to resize them to fit the banner. Make sure you delete the parts of all these images that cover her face and body.

4 - Now we come to the colouring part. First we will add a gradient map (layer>new adjustment layer>gradient map). You can either create the gradient yourself or load the one I used by going to edit>preset manager>gradients>load and then choose this gradient file ( after you saved it to your computer. Anyway your gradient should look something like this for this banner: Once you applied this gradient, set it to color, 47%. Of course you can adjust the colours on the gradient to your liking.

Now add a new solid colour layer (layer>new fill layer>solid colour) and fill it with a dark shade of grey (I used #191919), then set it to exclusion, 100%.

Next, add a levels layer (layer>new adjustment layer>levels) and use the following values:

RGB - 26,1.26,255
Red 39,1.33,255
Green 51,1.00,243
Blue 19,1.20,255

That was your colouring. You may need to adjust it a bit depending on the pic you use.

5 - Go to layer>new>layer and use the paint bucket tool to fill it with black. Then take your brush tool and drag it along the parts of the banner you would like to keep visible. Set the layer to colour burn, 79% and apply gaussian blur (filter>blur>gaussianblur. You may lower it or increase it according to your liking) to it so the edges between the black and visible parts are softer.

6 - Now just to finish your banner off you can add text if you want. I used the font Veteran Typewriter in #b3141c for the text. Then I duplicated it, desaturated the bottom text layer, set it to exclusion, 49%, slightly blurred it and moved it to the bottom left of the main text.

And here is the final graphic

I hope it wasn't too complicated. Here is a little bonus to the tutorial. A video of how I made the banner:

You are welcome to show us what you come up with

by Poiree

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Re: GMT Magazine - April 2010

The parallels are frightening.

Poiree and Yana
Justine Henin and Kim Clijsters
The Belgians may not be sisters but they get grouped together enough to be considered the same of kin. Former GMT #1 Poiree’s artistic, sometimes messy graphics can be compared to Justine Henin’s flawless one handed backhand. Crisp, classic and sometimes a little bit erratic. But Poiree knows how to keep her graphics just as sublimely as Justine knows how to hit a down the line on hander, and that’s why you’ll find the two have definite similarities in their careers on the respective tours.
Yana on the other hand is slightly less successful than her big sister and is sometimes overshadowed by the results and H2H of the formerly dominant Poiree. Yana, just like Kim, is a fighter and when on her game she strikes with efficiency and beauty, stealing the votes of the GMT audience.

Reetard and Renalicious
Serena and Venus Williams
This was a difficult decision to make. At her best, Serena Williams is nigh unbeatable and floats through tournament draws with a mixture of raw power and ease. Brad has shown his ability and talent to mirror his favourite WTA player by doing just that. His dominating performance over the American season in 2009 was scary. It seemed nobody could beat him as he demolished InsideOut. In the USOS final and fought tooth and nail to overcome Ksenia in the US Open decider. He was riding a 26 set win streak as he cruised to the final of the Asian Hardcourt Season before defaulting the title to his competitive “sister” Venus (Fred). Renalicious has artistic, feminine and striking graphics. His Wimbledon title run was his first glimpse of success in GMT, as he dashed the competition to steal the coveted title as an underdog. Fred’s best surface is grass, just like his WTA counterpart Venus, and he always does well when he has a strong emotional connection to the tournament. Nothing was going to stop him from claiming Wimbledon and his love of the Asian hardcourt season saw him win 3 consecutive, thrilling, three setters to reach the title. It is also noteworthy that his experience took him to the Year End Championships final in Doha.

Maria Sharapova
Nobody can deny that when she is on her game, Niya has the talent to dominate the tour. She out-cropped, out-coloured and out-played the competition to claim her first GMT Grand Slam at Wimbledon 2008, and conjured up an equally dominant performance at the Australian Open 2010, taking out the top seed on the way. Her inspiring run to the US Open Final and her strong performance against Brad there is nothing to bat your eyelid over, either. Ksenia’s technically sound graphics match all of her counter part’s talent, stroke for stroke, blasting away the competition.

Louisa. Stadia. Enia.
Caroline Wozniacki, Elena Dementieva, Jelena Jankovic.
Louisa made a swift run to her first Grand Slam final at the Australian Open 2010, taking advantage of her draw to land herself against the more experienced Ksenia. Lou’s steady, arty graphics vaulted her past the opposition, and even had 3 Championship Points in the final. She is a young gun and she definitely one to look out for in the future. Stadia has been a fixture for promoting GMT just like his WTA twin. Elena Dementieva has always been recognized for her lovely off-court demeanour and ability to promote the game. Josh is no different, having recently been elected to the board and taking a very responsible outlook to managing the game. Elena’s powerful tennis landed her the Olympic gold Medal. Stadia’s powerful graphics landed him with Roland Garros and YEC Doha titles.
Enia is a relative new comer to the game, hovering around the GMT Top 25. The thing that drew the Jankovic comparison to Enia was her clean and graceful graphic techniques, that bear resemblance to Jelena’s fluid movement around the court. Everybody spotted Jankovic when she was an up and comer on the tour in 2006, and I think the same can be said for Enia. Watch out for this one.

Zvonarevarulz. Acorabaj. Sean.
Vera Zvonareva, Yanina Wickmayer, Dinara Safina
The thing you have to recognize about zvonarevarulz’s graphics are that they can be a little hit/miss. But for the majority of the time, her creative brush work and bright colours carry her to a classic “counter punching” game that dazzles the voters (See YEC Bali 2009). Her first title came after a thrilling five set face-off with the talented Oneandonly, who was also in her first final. Her colourful graphics match the volatile personality of Zvonareva, who just happens to be her favourite player.
Acinolbaj was a hard choice to pick. On one hand, she is a talented up and comer with a big hitting game like Victoria Azarenka. But on the other hand, her graphics match the artistic flair of the two “Belgian” sisters, Poiree and Yana. Coincidentilly, the up and coming, big hitting Yanina Wickmayer also reached a grand slam QF in 2009, like Acino’s run to the Australian Open quarters in 2010.
Sean. and Dinara Safina have a lot in common. At their best they both have an accurate style and reside at the top of the game. But at the moment, they’ve both been a bit derailed with injuries and taken time off from their games for their own personal sake.

Heart, ArturoAce. and InsideOut.
Svetlana Kuznetsova, Marion Bartoli, Ana Ivanovic
Heart and Svetlana are a parallel fixture on their respective tour’s and have been a threat at any tournament for a long time now. Sveta’s red hot forehand and heart’s red hot colouring are stable competition for anyone who has to take them on. Heartnetsova’s peak is rare, but awesome when she hits it. Arturtoli reached their first and only grand slam final at Wimbledon, losing to Venus Williams as an underdog. Arthur’s unconventional cropping bears a very similar resemblance to unconventional Marion’s double handed FH and funky serve. His success on grass was no fluke however, and proved to be the first of many successful tournament campaigns.
InsideOut. and Ana Ivanovic have been in a rut as of late. Ana, when on, has beautiful and powerful shots. InsideOut. when on, has the ability to fight his way past just about anyone (See US Open Series 2009 final run, sans the final obviously). Ben’s sleek graphics are always lovely to see what he’ll come up with next, and his avatars are some of the best. But after an odd loss to Qualifier Caralenko in the Australian Open Quarterfinals, the future is a bit of a question mark.

So, it was no easy task to write these comparisons and I’m sure I’ll get a few angry responses from some people :P but it was a lot of fun and I hope everyone takes it as light humour and accepts everything as the compliment it was intended to be, as everyone is very talented and everybody has their own niche.

by Cara and Fred

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Re: GMT Magazine - April 2010



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Re: GMT Magazine - April 2010

nice read. good job guys.

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Re: GMT Magazine - April 2010

Oh cool Glad I was able to contribute to this issue and I hope people liked what Fred and I came up with

Great Tutorial Poiree!
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Re: GMT Magazine - April 2010

great read guys!
love the wta & gmt stuff!

Vika. Sabine. Vera. Na.
We only part to meet again.
mais c'est pas vrai, c'est pas possible.
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Re: GMT Magazine - April 2010

nice job everyone
great too see the magazine finally back
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Re: GMT Magazine - April 2010

Great job and good read

Thanks heart. for this lovely interview. You are truly one of the most appreciated graphic maker of GMT and we all look forward to talking you soon, now as the French Open Champion.

I didn't get this part though
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Re: GMT Magazine - April 2010

Originally Posted by Stadia View Post
Great job and good read

Thanks heart. for this lovely interview. You are truly one of the most appreciated graphic maker of GMT and we all look forward to talking you soon, now as the French Open Champion.

I didn't get this part though
I meant that I hope heart wins a Grand Slam because she deserves it


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