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GMT Magazine - September 2009 Edition

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Re: GMT Magazine - September 2009 Edition

The US Open
Tournament Summary

It’s the final slam of the season and you can bet that the GMT players were on their best game to deliver their last slam showpieces for the year. Like the lights of New York, the graphics were also bright and beautiful; ready to dazzle.

The tournament was planned to start with two qualifying matches; however, due to controversial and dramatic circumstances, the second match of the day – featuring Marco Tennis and Ciaran, had to be cancelled due to both players withdrawing. This meant the other two qualification players, Oneandonly and Benny were given spots in the main draw.

Moving on to the main draw, where on Day 1 the first round matches started. First up was the Argentine Kai, who was pitted against Qualifier Benny. The match was a thriller, with Kai winning it 7-6 in the third. The Argentine would be relieved to see through the challenge of the talented qualifier after saving match point at 5-4.

Next up was veteran Stiles, against Wimbledon champion Renalicious. Renalicious dropped the first set early thanks to the beautiful avatar Stiles made, but seen rebounded by bagelling his opponent. In the third set, the two battled it out until Stiles finally reached match point at 5-4. This was quickly erased and the Australian rallied to win the set, and the match, 7-5, in another thriller.

The third match of the day saw Estonian Ksenia go head to head with qualifier Oneandonly. Ksenia quickly went out to a 1 set-to-love lead by producing a stunning avatar. The second set was closer, tied at 4-4, Ksenia’s simpler graphics earned her two more games and the match – 6-1, 6-4. A very fine performance from Estonian.

The next match was a star-studded affair; with Roland Garros champion, Stadia, and Wimbledon Semifinalist, Zvonarevarulz on the court. Despite the anticipation, the first set was a whitewash – 6-0 to the Roland Garros champion. The second set was much tougher, as Zvonarevarulz produced a very different banner. However, Stadia’s simplicity prevailed as he won 6-0 7-6 in a tight tiebreak.

No more matches were played for round 1; as Kiristea and Cora were both beaten by Sean and Medina respectively, due to walkovers. A real shame as both matches were very highly anticipated. Seeing as both had byes, an exhibition match between Droolv and US Open Series Champion Reetard was also played; in a high quality affair, Reetard got the better of the No. 1 Seed quite comprehensively. In a last minute surprise, walkover-benefiters Medina and Sean took to the court – with the Australian Medina proving why he was still a threat to be reckoned with; beating the Briton 7-6, 6-3.

Renalicious' Favorites: Reetard's 1st Round Free

Match of the round: Renalicious def. Stiles

The quarterfinals followed the 1st round, and action heated up as Medina and Renalicious went head to head. The two had played before, with Renalicious beating Medina in straight sets and Wimbledon. This match was not much different; with Renalicious winning the first set 6-0 and the second set 6-3. It was a high-quality match, as both frees (and especially Medina’s) were great. This victory meant the Australian had a semi-final berth with the winner of Stadia, his doubles partner, or Reetard.

Renalicious' Favorite: Medina's QF Free.

In the second match of the day, Droolv had little trouble overcoming talented Argentine Kai, despite quite a tough first set. As Kai raced to a quick 1st set lead, his Australian opponent quickly caught up and never looked back; winning the first set 7-5 and the second set 6-2. And, after amazing frees from the both of them, Droolv had earned a semi-final spot against the winner of Ksenia and Sean. Unfortunately, Sean had to withdraw from his quarterfinal showdown due to injury – which meant Droolv was playing Ksenia, who produced flawless graphics in her quarterfinal set; in particular her amazing Federer free and her Taylor Dent avatar. After a season plagued with injury for her, it looked like the well-experienced Estonian was finally regaining form.

Renalicious' Favorite: Droolv's QF Free.

Next up was second seed and the hottest player as of right now, Reetard against perfectionist and French Open Champion, Stadia. A very highly anticipated match, both players produced stunning graphics; but Reetard comprehensively won both sets comfortably, 6-1, 6-3, despite amazing graphics from Stadia as well. Briton Reetard was now closing in on his second title in a row, and his first Grand Slam.

Renalicious' Favourite: Stadia's QF Banner.

Match of the round: Reetard def. Stadia

Semi-final day promised to be a blockbuster; two drool-worthy matches, and four seasoned players. The first semi-final of the day saw No. 1 Seed, Dubai Champion and experienced Australian Droolv take on Ksenia-on-a-comeback. Out of the top 10, a Semifinal was already a good result for the Estonian; but as she would know, she wanted more. However, Droolv came out played inspired stuff, and took the first set 7-5 after Ksenia blew a substantial lead. The second set saw a change in fortune; as Ksenia took the set 6-3. A final set was going to decide it, and, as tensions were high, Ksenia proved to be the more stable of the two – delivering a safe but pleasing graphic which overcame Droolv’s challenge: 5-7, 6-3, 6-3. The Australian would now have to wait longer for another final, while the Estonian was now only one match away from a major final – something that she hadn’t tasted for quite a long time.

The second semi-final pitted US Open Series Champion and the ever-so-flamboyant Reetard of Great Britain against Wimbledon Champion and unseeded Renalicious. The Australian was the last player to beat the in-form Reetard, but it would prove to be an extremely different task to repeat that feat. Renalicious tried his best to utilise his skill in textures but it was not enough; despite the first set being close initially, Reetard broke away by winning it with ease, 6-2. For the banner, Renalicious sent down a simpler graphic than usual and Reetard was his usual brilliant self. The result was another 6-2 set to the way of the Briton. Comprehensively beaten, Renalicious would have to wait for another Grand Slam title. Reetard was now in his second straight final, and looking as confident as ever.

Match of the round: Ksenia def. Droolv.

The final was always going to be an epic affair – with the iron-faced Reetard up against the sophisticated comeback queen, Ksenia. The avatar set was a compelling one – with both players going toe to toe and neck and neck. They were actually quite similar; but Ksenia’s was darker than Reetard’s and the figure of Watson appeared to be too small. This might have been the deciding factor, as Reetard won the set 7-5 after saving a set point against him at 4-5.

The second set was a blowout; Reetard produced one of his best banners of the tournament, if not the best, and was too good for his Estonian opponent – walloping her 6-0 in the banner set, despite a good effort from Ksenia.

Renalicious' Personal No. 1 Favorite: Reetard's Final Banner.

The third set was another excellent set. Things got quite tight as Ksenia produced a very effective and ‘rusty-looking’ graphic, while Reetard surprisingly went for a more simplistic route – it worked, as he won the set 6-4 which meant that he sealed the deal and won his first grand slam. However, as it was a final, all five sets had to be played.

The picture reconstruction set was probably the highest quality set I’ve seen in recent times. Ksenia produced an amazing blend within the body of Clijsters and it looked very effective. Reetard produced a ‘notepad’ style graphic, named ‘Jada’s page’. Both were completely different but completely compelling. Ksenia was the first to earn a lead; going up 4-0 and then reaching set point at 4-5. Once again, Reetard’s resilience showed through as he saved it and won the set 7-6.

Renalicious' Favorites: Ksenia's Final Picture Reconstruction.

The final and fifth set of the tournament was also of the highest quality – both produced wonderfully made wallpapers. Ksenia once again went for the more simple graphic as Reetard produced a very clean-looking ,Urban-type wallpaper featuring past US Open Champions. Another tight set, Reetard got the better of Ksenia once more and stole the set and championship 7-5, 6-0, 7-6, 6-4.

Renalicious' Favorites: Reetard's Final Wallpaper.

Match of the tournament: Reetard def. Ksenia

Reetard’s win will elevate him inside the Top 3 for the first time in his young career while Niya’s ranking will move into the top 10 again; a place which I’m sure she’ll be happy with.

Well that’s it for another stunning US Open, well done to the players, voters, tournament managers and other participators – I look forward to seeing all of you at the Indoor Season next tournament. Until then, ciao!

By Renalicious

Vera Zvonareva * Ana Ivanović * Li Na * Laura Robson ......
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Re: GMT Magazine - September 2009 Edition

We are just one tournament away from the Year-ending Championships in Doha,Qatar and Bali,Indonesia, and there have been some remarkable turnarounds since the last time we checked the Race. After the US Open, three players have already qualified for YEC, Doha, while the race is still on for the five remaining spots.

Leading the race is reetard; who didn't play on the tour till the clay season started, and has leaped from 10th place in the race to the top spot with his recent titles at the USO series and US Open Championships .

Following him is Poiree; who has been injured since the clay series began and Droolv. who has been quite consistent throughout the season; infact he is the only player in the top 8 to have played a full schedule. Heart, who once looked poised to take the number one ranking, has dropped down a couple of ranking places, but still looks like a safe bet for YEC, Doha.

Following these are; the Wimbledon Champion Renalicious, and the Roland Garros Champion Stadia, who along with their sucess in singles, have also had an amazing partnership in Doubles. Pika_liloo and Ksenia who have had an injury-plagued season bring up the rear-end of the top 8.

As far as the Race to Bali goes, its anyone's game with Mr and Mrs. Consistent Kaidina and the Clay Series Champion Yana (who has yet to play a tournament after he sucess in the red dirt) in the mix along with Wimbledon runner-up ArturoAce. , USO series runner-up InsideOut. and clay series runner-up Kiristea (who hasn't really played a lot on the singles tour).

Stiles and Zvonarevarulz, who have played 7 tournaments each, are looking to make it to Bali comfortably, where as the William, Cora and Terass need a very strong showing at the next tournament ( the indoor season) to make it through.

Sean, who was doubtful to even make the cut for Bali, has leapfrogged over a bunch of people over the last couple of weeks and is now comfortably resting in his duvet (with popkorn and coke) in the 9th spot.

The last tournament before the YEC is about to start and the final places for participating in Doha and Bali are up for grabs. Will Yana and Sean make it through to Bali and Doha? Will Poiree actually show up at the YEC? Will Medina find some new inspiration? Will Droolv. be able to....nevermind; just stay tuned to GMT!

The full top 20 List for the Race to Doha and Bali is attached below -
1) reetard - 2990
2) poiree - 2850
3) droolv. - 2560

4) heart - 2180
5) renalicious - 1930
6) pikaliloo - 1830
7) Niya - 1720
8) stadia - 1710
9) Sean - 1580
10) Kai - 1460
11) Arturoace -
12) Medina - 1300
13) stiles - 1150
14) Zvonarevarulz - 1060
15)InsideOut. - 1040
16) William - 1020
17) Yana - 1000
18) Kiristea - 950
19) Terass - 820
20) Cora - 790

by Reetard.

Vera Zvonareva * Ana Ivanović * Li Na * Laura Robson ......

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Re: GMT Magazine - September 2009 Edition

with ОДРИ:

This was Toma's 1st time running a tournament & her 1st time being interviewed for the Magasine.
Lets see that she had to say!

1. Firstly, on behalf of everyone thank you for running a great tournament. What made you decide to manage a tournament?
Thanks well, I love graphics, I love GMT even though some drama queens ruin the fun
And I’d like to thank the board, esp. Sean for helping me when needed

2. US Open is perhaps the biggest tournament in the GMT calendar, were you nervous at all about running it as your 1st event, would you have preferred to run an exo?
Actually, Im very glad I run it even though exos are a bit more fun and less stressful. No, I wasn’t nervous at all It was a great experience.

3. You were originally supposed to be running doubles here; did you mind running singles instead? How do you think managing singles is different from doubles?
Managing singles is just a bit more difficult, coz you have to make sure everything is updated, OP and all this. I don’t mind running either singles or doubles. Both are great.

4. Out of 10, how would you rate yourself as a manager? Where do you think you did well or could have improved?
Hmm.. i didn’t have much time to run it better, so I’d say 8. I don’t know how Im as a manager, its hard to tell from my point of view. I just wanted to do my best to keep everyone interested.

5. What are the best and worst aspects of managing a tournament? Did you enjoy it, on the whole?
Of course I enjoyed it. Running it your way is the best thing here I mean setting up the tasks, choosing the best graphics of the rounds and all this. I can’t think of the worst aspects…. Maybe dealing with the upset/sore posters.

6. You’re a teacher, do you think this helped you at all in running this tournament?
Haha, nice question. You know, my patience help me do my job well.

7. Do you prefer managing or competing & why?
I’m not satisfied with my graphics, they aren’t that good to compete in this game, unfortunately I don’t have time to improve. Managing is more stressful but I like it somehow

8. Are you keen to do it again or have you had enough of managing for a while?
Oh I enjoyed it so I’d love to do it again and again Hope ppl weren't disappointed in my managing skills

9. When managing, is there a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes that the competitors don’t see? If so, what?
That’s a good question and hard to answer

10. There was some drama during your event, which was nothing to do with you. How did you feel about this?
I always feel a bit upset when unnecessary drama happens and ruins the positivity you try to create, but I need to keep calm and deal with it as a smart person.

11. After you see both sets of graphics can you generally tell who will win?
Of course I had my guessing and all but you can never tell how ppl will vote. There’s always a possibility of an upset

12. Which of your tasks were you particularly proud of? What was your favourite graphic of the whole tournament?
I loved the semifinal tasks, I received amazing graphics It’s very hard to choose my fave graphic though.

13. As a manager did any players surprise you during this tournament (in a good or bad way)?
I was surprised by a few known posters, one was sore, other started arguing just out of nothing. That was sad.

14. Are there certain players who tend to send quickly & others that take their time?
Sure, there always are not gonna mention them though

15. What advice would you give to people who are thinking of managing a tournament?
Well, guys, you have to be objective of course, to be understanding and try to keep cool, avoid emotions and smooth things over if anything happens. And do your best to make the event enjoyable

Vera Zvonareva * Ana Ivanović * Li Na * Laura Robson ......
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Re: GMT Magazine - September 2009 Edition

Medina Colouring: Exclusion Layer.

Okay Dudes and Duddetes, this is my second colouring tutorial, which i used not long ago. I had mixed opinions on it, as it could
be a bit extreme in some images, but overall I liked it. Its an extremly easy tutorial, and is quick. Hope you enjoy.

Step 1: set your image, and crop, Sharpen, Blur. Whatever, im not focusing on this, as i revealed my secret to sharpening not long ago.

Step 2: Channel Mixer

Red: 150, -40, -22
Green: 0, 71, 35
Blue: -9, 10, 110

Step 3: Selective Colouring

This really depends on the picture you were working on, you need to watch out for the reds, it can come across to harsh for the skin on many pictures, if it is, ignore the reds.

Red: -10, 10, 10, 10
Greens: 100, 0, 100, 0
Cyans: 100, 0, 100, 0
Blues: 100, 0, 100, 0
Magentas: 0, 72, 0, 100
Whites: 16, -100, -100, -100
Blacks, 0, 0, 0, 10

Step 3: [If you worked with asjustment layers, merge all down [shift+ctrl+e]]. Duplicate layer, and set to exculsion, with the opacity between 20-30, depending on the picture [We dont want the picture to be two washed out, so use a number that is reasonable]

Step 4: merge down [Ctrl+e].

Step 5: Levels

23, 1.35, 255

Step 6:

Master: 0, 10, 0

Vera Zvonareva * Ana Ivanović * Li Na * Laura Robson ......
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Re: GMT Magazine - September 2009 Edition

with Stadia & Renalicious:

Fred & Josh might possibly be the GOAT team in GMT. They have
now won the last three titles in a row including two Grand Slams!

1. Congrats on winning your 3rd GMT title in a row. Why are you so good together? What’s your secret to success? Should we drug test you?

Fred: Our secret to success is...well, I'm not telling. And if Josh tells I'll shoot him. differing styles and communication are our keys to success.

Josh: Definitely do a drug test I really don't know how did we win consecutive titles, I honestly don't.

2. Why do you think you’ve had more success in doubles than singles?

Fred: Because I think it's a little easier - you have to make less graphics and if you are having an off day, your partner can cover for you and still win the match. It's also funner, and I think a little less hectic.

Josh: We both have slams in singles and doubles anyway .

3. How did you 1st become a team? Was it random, fate, luck, divine intervention, etc...?

Fred: It was random. I think someone set us up, but I don't know. My first partner was Shafanovic, then it was $uricate, then it was Sexysova, but at Wimbledon, Sexysova dropped out at the last minute - Stadia, who was partnessless at the time, I think noticed that I was too, so we became a team and we ended up winning that Wimbledon.

Josh: I think it was because kai. left me to team up with Medina Then, someone told me that Renalicious had no partner, so there, we became partners.

4. What is it about Josh/Fred that makes him such a great partner? Is there anything that would make him a better partner?

Fred: We have such different styles. It's like a double hit. For the voter, it's like "if you don't like the crazy Fred stuff, then I'm sure you'll like Josh's seamless graphics." A better partner? I wouldn't change anything. I sometimes tell him to change graphics, and he does too, but at the end of the day he gets a lot of votes so I wouldn't change anything.

Josh: He's very creative about graphics, and he is very honest to me when I ask him about my graphics. I really like the way he puts great effort in his graphics . I really can't see anything that can improve him as a partner, seriously

5. What are your strengths & weaknesses as a team?

Fred: Our strengths...well, we communicate really well. I wouldn't send a graphic unless I showed it to Josh first. Weakness? Well, I don't wanna say, nor do I think we have any, anyway.

Josh: Strengths: We have the 'chemistry' to get along with each other Weaknesses: We get intimidated by our opponents easily

6. If you weren’t playing with Josh/Fred, who would you like to play with & who are your nightmare opponents?

Fred: Josh is my No. 1 pick obviously, but I'd love to play with Ze Great Reetard. I think no explanation as to why is needed. Nightmare opponents - Reetard...and a lot of people really.

Josh: I would like to play with heart Poiree reetard :iine. But, anyone and everyone in GMT would be ideal anyway, because the level of play has improved. Anyone would pretty much be a nightmare opponent for me, both in singles and doubles. Again, the level of play has improved, making everyone competitive in GMT

7. Who is the better graphics maker you or Josh/Fred?

Fred: It's all about perspective and opinion. Depends on the day, depends on the voter etc.

Josh: Definitely Fred. He's more creative than I am

8. How do you decide who makes which graphics? Does one of you chose & the other one accept it or what?

Fred: Well, normally Josh is more...flexible than me (). I usually say what I want to do first, but if he wants to do the same task then I'd let him have it. It all depends on the tasks and which ones we like.

Josh: We consult each other on what we would want to do. Fred usually would want to do the banner

9. Your partner is in both the singles & doubles final, but only has the time to make one set of graphics; would you expect him to make his doubles graphics?

Fred: No. It's no surprise that singles is more heavily emphasized everywhere, including GMT. If he really only can make one, that I wouldn't be disappointed if he didn't choose doubles.

Josh: Well, maybe. I think it would be better though to schedule the finals for both singles and doubles in a more convenient way to avoid one graphic maker not send for one final if ever he makes it to both

10. Do you talk about your graphics and share them with each other before you send them?

Fred: Yes. Always. Very important.

Josh: Yes. Doing this really helps me improve my graphics

11. Your partner puts a lot of effort into a graphic & really likes it. He asks your opinion on it & you really hate it. Do you tell him the truth?

Fred: Yeah, like I said it's all about communication and being honest. Part of being a doubles player is to give constructive critiscm to your partner.

Josh: I think we both would, but in a polite way. As I've said, we are honest about each others graphics, so I would totally respect it if ever he doesn't like my graphic

12. Do you ever feel your partner has let you down or you him down?

Fred: Ummm. Not really. Josh was late for the Wimbledon final () but it was fine. I don't really we've ever let each other down.

Josh: I never felt him let me down in our three months of partnership. I felt I had though

13. How do you think doubles differs from singles? Is it better? How can it be improved?

Fred: I think it's better. Less work to do, less opponents to play, funner... however you don't get that individual glory. Improved? Oh I don't know, it's pretty good as it is. The third set tiebreak can get a little bit iffy sometimes, but all in all it's a good system.

Josh: I like both doubles and singles, but in different unique ways. Doubles can be improved if there was a better third set voting system, in my opinion, and also if there were interesting teams made up I really liked the Dulce de Leche Exho, it was pretty interesting

14. Would you ever consider giving up on singles & becoming a doubles specialist?

Fred: Not really. I love both and as long as I can play both, I will.

Josh: No. Singles players get more attention Black and Huber would know. On a serious note, it is very hard and tiring to be both a singles and doubles player at the same time, so in the near future, I might have to give up one of the categories if ever I get tired or bored in singles or doubles.

15. You’re now multi Grand Slam Champions. What are your goals for the rest of the season?

Fred: Probably win the YEC. You know, just keep the win streak going as long as we can. Oh and, very nice questions Sean.

Josh: Maybe qualify for the YECs? I'd like to take a break from doubles, though. It was very strenuous to make graphics fro both singles and doubles, so maybe the Asian and Indoor Season will be a chance for me to rest up for Doha, if ever I qualify Sorry, Fred Thanks for the Interview, Sean. Also, sorry for a very boring interview. I just had a headache coming on

Vera Zvonareva * Ana Ivanović * Li Na * Laura Robson ......

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Re: GMT Magazine - September 2009 Edition

WTA Players = GMT Makers!

Part 1...

Ever thought what player you compare to on the WTA tour? Over the coming magazines, I’ll be comparing our GMT players to real players on the WTA tour. Everyone has a player, and I’ll announced 2-4 each article.

Louisa. - Sabine Lisicki
I have matched GMT's #28 up with one of the WTA's biggest prospects, world #28 (coincidence much?) Sabine Lisicki. For a start both girls are tour young guns, with Louisa only started competing on the GMT tour since the start of this year and Sabine only being pro for 3 years. However the most blinding similarity between Louisa and Sabine is that both are waiting for the big breakthrough. It can be safe to be said that the current rankings do not reflect how good these two girls really are; both are huge threats to the top players in any tournament they play. Both girls are friendly towards their fellow competitors however consistency can be a concern for both so they are always on the practise court (making collections) training hard to improve their big weapons knowing that the big breakthrough everyone is waiting for is just around the corner.

Droolv. - Elena Dementieva
The similarities between GMT veteran #2 and the Russian WTA #5 are huge. For a start both are tour veterans; Andrew has played every single GMT tournament while Dementieva, who's 27 years old, is considered a tour veteran as she's being playing on the WTA tour since 1998. Both Andrew and Elena share similar success in their respected tours. Like Dementieva, Andrew is a champion in Dubai and also had success in Fed Cup. Both are known for not winning a grand slam despite their top ranking and countless years on the tour. Their style of play is both similar, as I compare Dementieva's shaky serve to Andrew's shaky blending skills. Third sets and squandering chances are frequent in both players games however when Andrew's graphics are on, like Elena they can become unbeatable at times.

Renalicious – Marion Bartoli
Was it a fluke? Was it pure skill? That’s what everyone’s still asking about GMT #5 Fred and WTA’s #15 Marion Bartoli, who both surprised the tour with magical runs to the Wimbledon final. Unlike the Frenchwomen, Fred managed to win that final and even backed it up with a doubles titles and a couple deep runs on the hard courts. It’s not just the ‘flukey’ Wimbledon run that makes these two players similar, but also the way how both players are ‘different’ from the conventional player. Fred makes graphics differently to anyone else on the tour; he is best-known for his creative, interesting and visually stunning graphics. This is quite similar to Marion’s game play which includes being double-handed on both wings and hitting the ball quite flat; a rarity in today’s common play. Also like Marion, when Fred’s having a bad day (most likely on clay); it’s usually a really bad day.

To be continued...

by Droolv.

Vera Zvonareva * Ana Ivanović * Li Na * Laura Robson ......

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Re: GMT Magazine - September 2009 Edition


Tania is fairly known in the game and one of only a few girls. So I
decided to get her known a little bit better, in a LIVE interview!

1. Tania, do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

2. Firstly the boring stuff, tell us a bit about yourself. How old are you? Where do you live? Are you single? What’s your phone number? etc...
I'm 15 years old I live in Castelldefels a town near Barcelona and yes I'm single

3. What is your most embarrassing moment? Be brave, we won’t laugh too much!
Mmm let me think, it was when I went to Levi's store. I went to the changing room and I was going to go in one of them and there was a guy naked. OMG I was like I'm sorry x10000

4. Would you say you’re more of a Britney Spears of a Tyra Banks & why?
More of a Tyra Because I love modelling and she's one of my faves models (but I also love Britney).

5. You recently revealed that Will is your brother. Did he introduce you to TF? What is he like to live with? What would he not want you to tell us about him (i.e. what are his dirty secrets)?
Yeah he introduced me to TF. I really like to live with him, but we are always fighting. I don't know any of his Secrets he keeps them to him, maybe one of the secrets he doesn't you guys to know it's that he loves caroline. (sometimes he likes her but he also hates her)

6. Who is a better graphics maker you or Will?
Mmm I think he's better than me

7. Let’s imagine for a moment Lucie plays Vika in the final of Roland Garros 2010 (the way the tour is going it could happen ). Vika wins & Will celebrates wildly, do you:
a) Beat the crap out of him
b) Throw a strop & tell Mum
c) Ignore it, Lucie loses all the time anyway

A :

8. You & Droolv. recently revealed that you’re an item, is he the Radek to your Nicole?
Well he told me he has GF so our relation is broken. Very rude by him! I like another guy, not Andrew. He’s well known in the game but he's not homosexual. But I wont tell you!

9. You were due to play Andrew at the US Open, before the match you mysteriously withdrew due to a broken nail. You were seen later with your shirt on back to front & Andrew had lipstick on his face. What happened here?
Mmm don't want to answer this one :

10. Help me out here what on earth attracted you to Andrew?
a) The poor personal hygiene
b) His small feet & associated parts
c) His Action Man duvet & wallpaper


11. What does Will feel about your relationship? I heard he bench presses 250lbs, should Andrew be worried?
:rolle: He doesn't know ...yet

12. You find a picture of Christiano Ronaldo nude, do you:
a) Sell it to the press for millions of Euros
b) Keep it for ‘personal’ use
c) Ew, Ronaldo! Burn it!

Mmm A

13. At the cinema which arm rest is yours & what do you do if someone steals it?
a) ‘Accidently’ spill your super size drink over them.
b) Stroke their arm until they freak out & move it.
c) If he’s hot he can put his arm wherever he damn well wants!


14. How far east can you go before you're heading west & if you dug a hole through the centre of the earth and jumped in, would you stay at the centre because of gravity?
Since its a circle that keeps moving, I would never go far enough east and west run in the same for in a loop. I would have to turn back if I wanted to go west. If I dug a hole through to the centre of the Earth, I would fall, then hit center, continue falling but slow down, then fall back to center, and oscilate until I am settled in the center.

15. On a scale of 10 to 10. (10 being the highest). How do you rate this interview?
Mmm it's quite good so I give you a 9

Vera Zvonareva * Ana Ivanović * Li Na * Laura Robson ......
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Re: GMT Magazine - September 2009 Edition

Watercolour effect in Photoshop
(Note- my screen is 1680x1050, so I had to scale down all the images)

Step 1 -

Open Photoshop, create a new file (800x600 pxel) and call it whataver you want

Step 2 -

Get a canvas texture,(if you just ype in Canvas in google images you can find one easily) Copy and paste it int your new file and name the layer as Canvas

Step 3 -

Find a photo that you would like to use as a wallpaper. I used a Maria Sharapova photo that I find while surfing the net. Copy and paste it in your file and name the layer as Maria

Step 4 -

Go to Layers/Layer mask/Hide all. (make sure you have the Maria Layer selected while you click on 'hide all'. This will compeltely mask that layer.

Step 5 -

Click on the eraser tool and then select a nice watercolour brush. I downloaded mine from here
Make sure that you have the layer mask (on the Maria layer) selected and there is black colour in the foreground of the eraser tool.

Step 6 -

Erase away!. Use different type of watercolour brushes and size them according to your wallpaper and click on the bits of the maria layer that you want to be seen again.

After you finish, your image will look like this -

Step 7 -

Now we have to add some colours to the picture to make it look like a painting. Create a new layer on top of the Maria layer and name it ' colours' . Use the same watercolour brushes and in different, fresh colours .

Step 8 -

Add whataver text that you want. Also you can use some other brushes to make it feel more interesting (I used a couple of splatter brushes in mine). Youc an also add your colouring PSD on top of it to make it more personal.

Final Image -

Vera Zvonareva * Ana Ivanović * Li Na * Laura Robson ......
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Re: GMT Magazine - September 2009 Edition


Reetard, is an Okay graphics maker, I guess! He is also a fairly private guy & keeps himself to himself, he is
such a big part of the game though so we definitely had to give him his 15 mintues in the spotlight.

To start us off...

1. Why are you a Reetard?
reetard = Mad (tard) about Serena (ree).

Graphics Making...

2. What do you most hate & love making graphics of?
I started using photoshop in March, so I haven't yet formed any obsolete likes or dislikes about making a graphic.
Still, right now I hate making graphics to suit someone else's taste. Sometimes I make graphics according to other people's taste (for requests etc.) And I am not really comfortable at doing something that I dont like or is not upto my taste. The thing that I love making graphics is that it is a nice change from the traditional art that I do for University and it helps me to get more inspired to do my uni work.

3. What would you say your weaknesses & strengths are?
My weakness it that sometime when I make graphics I give a lot of preference to the originality and idea and then fail to look at the overall graphic (like judge it not only based on its originality). My strength is my originality, if that makes sense after the weakness that I just described.

4. When you make your graphics do you think you’re going to win?
When I am making graphics I am just thinking about what I can do to improve a particular graphic and not about winning. Also I think about sex too.

5. Do you often secretly disagree with the result of a match?
I do , but then again its personal opinion and everyone has a different opinion. Thats the beauty of Art, even the most skilled artist can lose to an amateur artist whenever personal taste is involved.

GMT related...

6. What's your favourite graphic so far, made by yourself and by another maker?
Favourite graphic made by someone else - That avatar had a really good composition. Favourite graphic that I made -
It started with a very and unremarkable photo os a court in Beijing. I had to transform it into a stadium, then create the adequate lighting, and shadows and then use the players photographs and create a stromy atmosphere. It was quite fun to make it.

7. Who is your most and who is your least favourite opponent in GMT?
Favourite opponent would be Sean since he will just lie there and take it. Least favourite would be Fred, since he is like my kryptonite.

8. What's your inspiration to make so impressive graphics?
Porn blogs and ofcoruse the paintings that I make

9. You’re on an 18 set winning streak. Do you consider yourself the Serena of the tour? If so, who’s your Clijsters?
Do only way I consider myself as Serena is if we are talking about butts. (Kidding, I wish mine was like hers ) And are you asking em the name of a player whom I can beat 7 times and lost to only twice?

10. Do you ever consider tanking a match? Because you win so much.
No, I try to make whatever I can even if I dont have time or am not feeling well.

11. Saw something positive & negative about:
- Sean
Positive - Has a well-endowed.
Negative - Heard that he doesnt know how to use it.
- ArturoAce.
Positive - Colouring master of GMT in my opinion.
Negative - Has been sucking on too many trumpets lately.
- Ksenia
Positive - Is cool and makes great graphic. Has great choice in shoes.
Negatives - Votes agaisnt my graphics a lot
- Renalicious
Positive - Loves Rena and is a great Graphic-artist.
Negative - Beat me at Wimbledon
12. Who is your perfect doubles partner?
Someone hot.

13. What went wrong when you played doubles with Poiree? Everyone expected you to win.
I think we did well, we made it to the final and made it competitive. Josh and Fred were just better than us in that Final.

14. You just ran your 1st event. What are the pros & cons of being a tournament manager & how does it compare to competing? Do you respect line judges more now?
It was fun being the tournament manager, I got to make fun of some people in my preview and I didnt even get an infraction for it ! I didn't really fancy lookign at so many private messages while making a single post. I respect all line judges except 1.

15. Given the chance what tournament would you run & why?

16. Do you prefer running & competing in singles or doubles?
I prefer competing in singles, even though I had my first major success in doubles prior to my singles titles. In singles I find that I control all the three graphics as opposed to one and a half in doubles.

17. Your best (doubles) success has come when on a team with Ciaran and Ben. Do you enjoy playing with little boys?
I dont have a choice, do I? There are no hunky men in GMT

18. If you could make any changes to GMT what would they be?
I would make changed to the final set in doubles. It is too long drawn and boring. Use 1 graphic for the free instead of 2 (made by one player) and then make a rule that whichever player made that free graphic cannot make the free again in the next round .

General Enquiries...

19. What is the funniest moment in your life?
When I was on the college swim team, I had forgotten to pack my speedos for a competition we went for. I had to wear a pair of trunks and it was kind of baggy and it came off when I was doing my last lap. If I had done badly in that race It would probably be not as funny for me.

20. What is your best moment with your BF?
The first day with met The next best moment is to come this month

21. Rumour has it you have a nice ass & a tattoo on your cock, care to provide picture evidence?

The first rumour is true, the second isn't Proof via MSN only


22. We all know you’re secretly a Henin fan. Why do you deny it?
Because she has a 9-0 record against my favourite player in the whole wide world!

23. What would be the most embarassing question someone could ask you in this Q&A ?

I am not saying, because knowing you guys, you will probably ask me that same question.

Vera Zvonareva * Ana Ivanović * Li Na * Laura Robson ......

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Re: GMT Magazine - September 2009 Edition

Can I just say thanks to everyone who worked hard to bring this magasine together. Particularly Reetard, who had been great & really enthusiatic. Also Fred for his USO report!

Vera Zvonareva * Ana Ivanović * Li Na * Laura Robson ......

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Re: GMT Magazine - September 2009 Edition

Great stuff
It made me crack up quite a few times
Thanks everyone

ps Sean, you actually spelled "Magazine" with "z"? It's bombshell-worthy

Whatever you do now,
the world still turns.
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Isha > Your fave
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Re: GMT Magazine - September 2009 Edition

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Re: GMT Magazine - September 2009 Edition

Originally Posted by Ksenia. View Post
ps Sean, you actually spelled "Magazine" with "z"? It's bombshell-worthy
I copy & pasted Poiree's title from Jan

Vera Zvonareva * Ana Ivanović * Li Na * Laura Robson ......
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Re: GMT Magazine - September 2009 Edition

I'm not a perfectionist

Oh, I sent you my reply to the interview incomplete Sorry, I had a headache when I was doing that

Thanks for the Magazine Sean. Very nicee
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