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GMT Magazine - March 2009 Edition


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Re: GMT Magazine - March 2009 Edition

Summing up IW/Miami 2009

The GMT goes to the US, as The 2009 GMT Indian Wells/Miami got underway last March. With 18 singles competitors in the field, surprises are awaiting all competitors for the third competition of this year's season.

The first day started with Singles Qualification matches, with ArturoAce. taking on louisa., and ОДРИ battling TheArena. The first qualification match had louisa. beating ArturoAce. in 3 sets, while TheArena beats ОДРИ in two straight sets.

Favorite for Qualifying Rounds: ArturoAce.'s banner

Main draw action started the next day, with all seeds going through tough battles, and not all the seeds advanced to the next round. First seed Poiree led the advancing seeds, by crushing Gigi., 6-0, 6-0. Following her was Droolv., who won Dubai earlier, with a straight sets win over qualifier louisa., 6-4, 6-2; and Andreas, who was put to work by Medina, 1-6, 6-2, 6-2. Niya, seeded third, wasn't lucky, as she was defeated by doubles partner heart in straight sets, 6-2, 6-0. In other results, kai. def. TheArena in straight sets, Kiridina def. Patchavong in three, M17 defeats Sexysova in two, and pka_liloo gets a W/O from Bartosh, who unfortunately got an injury coming into the tournament.

heart's Free: Favorite for Round 1

The Quarterfinals had it's fair share of lopsided matches and tough, long battles. Leading the way for the three seeds were Poiree, who defeated kai., 6-1, 6-3, and Droolv., who overcame M17., 6-4, 6-1. Unfortunately, Andreas, seeded fourth, couldn't advance, as he is stunned by pka_liloo, 4-6, 6-0, 6-3. In other matches, heart overcame a tough challenge from Kiridina, and won, 6-0, 1-6, 6-3.

heart's Free: Favorite for Quarterfinals and for the whole tournament

The semi-finals started with Poiree taking on surprise semi-finalist pka_liloo, followed by darkhorse heart and Droolv.'s match. Poiree defeated pka_liloo, 6-1, 6-2, and goes to her third straight final of the year. She comes as the favorite in the championships, having won all her matches without dropping a set. Droolv. however, couldn't capitalize on his seeding, and is defeated by heart, 6-4, 6-1. heart is through to her second final of the year, and she will have a chance to redeem herself from the Australian Open Final defeat Poiree handed her last January.

Poiree's Free: Favorite for Semi-Finals

Unfortunately, the finals match was a walk-over, and heart was declared the winner of GMT Indian Wells/Miami 2009, after Poiree withdrew from personal reasons. Heart wins her first tournament of the season, and of her career, while Poiree is now 1-2 from all finals of this season.

The next tournament will be in Copenhagen, Denmark, for the 2009 GMT Fed Cup, managed by Andreas. Personal rivalries will be put aside for the Fed Cup's team competition, which starts April 8th.

by TheArena


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Re: GMT Magazine - March 2009 Edition


Getting to know.... Yana

Is Yana your real name?
No, my real name is Vanja .

How old are you?

Where do you live?
Switzerland atm.

When and why have you decided to play GMT?
I was brutally thrown into it by my sister and since I can kick her ass anytime we play, I realized it would be fair to have a separate player account

So, you basically decided to join GMT to beat Poiree?

Ok, thank you for being honest at least Now we are going to get personal...
Lucky me.

What do you consider your best and your worst qualities?
Best: I think I am nice. Worst: I am not so nice when my the great Poiree gets to me.

I don't want to sound rude, but do you consider yourself a sane person?
Sane yes, normal no!

What is your favourite season?
Summer, I guess. I love when it's warm.

What is your favourite food?
Lasagne, I am like Garfield

Favourite drink?
Unfortunately, Coca-Cola

What do you consider your worst habit?
Not being able to sit still for a long time Ask Sean what I look like on webcam

Tell us an interesting anecdote from your life?
Hmmm.... let me think. It was probably that time I got proposed to at the age of 9-10. It was in school in the playground, this Polish boy had been chasing me and telling me he loved me for weeks and then he found some round piece of metal and used it as a ring to propose to me. I wonder how he feels about that now!

Did you accept by the way?
Nooooooo! But my friends wanted me to for some reason

Gold or silver?
Gold, but white.

Cats or dogs?

ATP much hotter

Ice cream or cake?
Mean question, but cake.... I think.

Now a very juicy question... Orange or apple juice ?

If you were alone on a deserted island and had a right to take 3 things with you, what would they be?
Chocolate, a mobile phone and a boat to get me out of there

If you had a chance to meet 3 famous people, dead or alive, who would you pick?
Simon Cowell, Grace Kelly and Nelson Mandela.

If you could replace one of your physical features with someone else's what would you change and who would you want to take it from?
Is eyesight a physical feature?

My nose, from you

You caught a goldfish which offers you dates with 3 guys. Which tennis players would you pick?
Del Potro, Moya and sorry sis, but Igor.

What are you most afraid of?
I am not sure what I am most afraid of, but I am definitely not too fond of lifts.

When do you think you will win your first GMT title, if you expect to win one that is?
Honestly, when I will be in the mood to make graphics. I am 2-0 up against you. I don't think I have a problem with the quality of my graphics.

And who would you want to play doubles with in GMT?
Poiree I hope Andreas won't mind. Anyway I think I will be too lazy to play doubles all the time

Who do you predict to take the titles in IW, tennis and GMT?
Azarenka, Federer and Poiree. (the interview was taken before IW quarters )

Thanks for having a nice chat with me. Hope you have a successful GMT debut
Thanks, sis. I can't believe people didn't get Yana was me earlier Oh and I wanna say one more thing: I chose the nick Yana randomly, but isn't it cute?

by Poiree


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Re: GMT Magazine - March 2009 Edition

Newly departured board member, co-founder of GMT and Number 1 in both singles and doubles, Poiree, is answering questions asked by you.

Honestly, why did you leave the board?
I just understood that having to deal with all the problems made it more difficult for me to focus on making graphics and I didn't even enjoy it that much. There were also some complaints and I found it hard to please everyone, so I decided to step back hoping it would work out better without me.

Who is your least favourite GMT Player (excluding yourself)?
Why would I be my least favourite player? I am my favourite player!

If you could go on a date with any poster who would it be?
I don't think I would go on a date with any poster from around here. They are all too young for me

Have you ever tanked a match, if so which?
Well I haven't really tanked a match, but there were a few times I didn't feel like making graphics so I just fixed them up in 5-10 minutes, but I think I ended winning these matches anyway.

Who would you like to play with the most, Andreas or Yana?
I would like to play with both of them. I would probably prefer playing with Yana (although I never did so I don't know if she would be a good partner), but she seems to have found a partner already and is pretty lazy. I think I will be playing more tournaments with Andreas. He is a much more devoted partner

Do you ever feel that playing with Andreas in doubles pulls you down and keeps you from winning matches and titles?
I really don't think Andreas is a hurdle to us winning matches and titles in doubles. If we lose we are both to blame, but I think we make a great team. We have a few finals and a title so far. I must agree that I am a stronger player than Andreas, but we have great communication "on-court" and to be honest I am sometimes scared I will let him down (which has happened in the past. At YEC I lost after he took the first set for us in the final. I felt really bad after that)

What is the best & worst quality of:
This is hard..obviously the most objective answer will be the one on my sister as I don't know the other 3 personally.
- Your sister? She is very trustworthy and very nice. Bad qualities... well when she is mad at one person she is mad at everyone and can act a bit unreasonable. She is also very inpatient. And she is asking me to write more nice things about her right now
- 5ean? He is fun and reliable, but can be really difficult to talk to when something is troubling him.
- Andreas? He is honest and a good friend, but is easily hurt and too sentimental sometimes.
- Gigi? He is willing to help whenever he can, but is a bit lazy and dependant on other people.

Which posters do you like & dislike on WTAW? Please give reasons
There is way too many posters here so I am not going to give any names. But I dislike posters who are here just to bash players and have the attitude "my fave is better than your fave" and I like calm and unbias posters who are here to share their opinions and respect the opinions of others (unfortunately I think that is a minority of posters on this board)

Are you a virgin? If not, when did you lose your virginity?
Yes (sorry if you expected an aswer to the second part...)

Say something really mean about a TennisForum poster.
I am not mean, but whoever asked this is. So you can think of an insult and imagine I said that about you

Do you snore?
As I am told, no.

Have you ever contemplated suicide?
Never, and I really don't think I ever will.

What do you think about adults wearing diapers?
Depends, if they have a health problem then I am ok with it, they have no choice, but if not then

Have you ever taken addictive drugs?
No, unless you count chocolate

Are you a smoker? If yes, do you like cigars?
I am not a smoker. I tried a cigarette once, when I was about 6 and never again.

Someone you've been dating for a very long time invites you to have an orgy with a couple of his/her friends. Would you do it?
Not a chance.

What does your favourite outfit look like?
Hard question... well depends what you mean. If you mean what I feel most comfortable in, then it is my ripped jeans and a black sleeveless top. If you mean what looks best, then right now I really like this pair of white pants and various bright coloured tops.

What is the naughtiest thing that you've ever done?
I am a nice girl no, really... I can't think of anything at the moment. I will let you know if I do.

Who is your favourite person?
Myself I know you didn't want to hear that. But I love you too

Do you consider yourself a tyrant?

I know who asked this... no I don't, I think I am a very nice person. Sorry if I treat you like a tyrant sometimes

What's your opinion on Italian food?
I hate it. Except Nutella

Who is your favourite painter?
Van Gogh, with Monet and Kandinsky close behind

Did 5ean's retirement affect or implement your own in anyway?
Not directly, but if he was in the board he might had been able to convince me not to do it.

by Andreas


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Re: GMT Magazine - March 2009 Edition

Gigi caught the newly crowned singles winner of Indian Wells/Miami, heart, right after the trophy ceremony.

1) What is your name?
Maria Kristin

2) How old are you and where are you from?
Im 16 yrs old and from the Philippines..but I didnt practically grew up there, grew up mostly here in Qatar

3) Tell us something we don't know about you
im pretty j/k..what kind of things? there are lots of things to spill Anyway..uhmm Im a total fanatic..when I was younger I collected lots of Britney, cds and I really like to sing

4) What do you like to do in your freetime?

The usual..sleep, eat, watch tv, listen to some music, chat on the phone or ym, go to tf

5) Do you prefer girls or boys?

6) Do you smoke, drink do anything not allowed?
None of the mentioned. I ride the taxi without my parents knowing it or usually lie about it? Is that even counted?
What can I say I'm a good girl

7) Do you follow any sport outside tennis? If so, which?
Nope. Tennis only I watch other sports but I dont really follow them.

8) Did you expect taking the title before the tourney began?
Heck no! I was up against Niya in the 1st round, Kiridina the next round and Droolv whom I always draw in every tournament. And I dont really have much inspiration lately so yah definitely no.

9) What do you reckon gave you an edge in the tournament and what could you have done better?
I usually think about some ideas before doing my graphics and still take a lot of time making them Plus I really try to make something new out of my graphics like using brushes and fonts.
What could I have done better? Maybe send a little earlier.

10) Do you do your graphics straight away or you take your time to think of some ideas?
As what I said I think of ideas to make my graphics better But when Im really in a hurry I usually make them straight away and eventually most of them turn out even better than i expected.

11) If you could take a specific skill from a graphics maker, what would it be?
Is inspiration a skill? Coz I really need it. But if inspiration doesnt count as a skill maybe some better colourings and some blending skills.

12) Would you like to add anything?
Yeah thanks to everyone who were involved in the tournament..managers Andrew and Kai, players and/or voters for some great matches and for voting for or against my graphics and the board for the efforts in keeping the game in peace Im totally thrilled to win my first title and hope for some more titles. I might miss the Clay Series but I'll be sure to comeback Looking forward to see some more great matches for us players and more power to GMT!

by StunnaLights


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Re: GMT Magazine - March 2009 Edition

The manager of Dubai, Sexysova, agreed to answer some questions by Kai after his duties were over.

Coming from manager of doubles in Dubai, to singles in Indian Wells/Miami, which tournament did you enjoy more?
Definitely Indian Wells. It's more special to manage singles than doubles because there's more variety in graphics and I also do the graphics of the round which I love to choose but it's hard because mostly there're more favourites than one. Also I think that when you're the manager of singles tournament, you quite lead the whole tournament more

Why did you choose to manage GMT Indian Wells/Miami?
Well, I love both tournaments, they're something special but I found out it's really hard to do tasks from both

From 1 to 10, how would you rate the tournament?
I think 7. Doubles was a great tournament but singles was not a big success since the final wasn't played, I was really sad, even more because I was posting final tasks when I saw Poiree's post

Which match do you think was the best one of the tournament?
I really don't have any favourite match because all were great, all participants did really well But I was really looking forward to the final, I'm sure I would could say that it's the best match

From the players, who disappoint you with his/her graphics? And who impressed you? And why?
Nobody disappointed me, as I said, all did well But I'm sad about Bartosh because he didn't send. Who impressed me? For sure pka_liloo, I love his/her banners and also M17 with his first round graphics as he/she crushed me in the first round Of course, heart's and Poiree's (finalists) graphics were amazing all time, they deserved to play the final

Which task from the 3 sets (Avi,Banner,Free) do you enjoy to set the most? And why?
Again I have no favourite, I have to say, at least one task (avy, banner or free) is always hard to set but I really enjoy to set all of them

How do you come up with the tasks?
I always pick something from previous years and I like to mix the tasks (tennis and non-tennis). I usually search for some sightseeing in current city to set a non-tennis task. I think it's nice not to do only tennis

When you get the graphics from each players, do you predict who will be the winner? Or wish, oh gosh this player would be a great match if plays vs this other and not that one..
Only sometimes but I mostly do not predict who will win the set or the match before I post it so I can see both graphics together and it's easier for me to make a prediction but it's always hard, all people have different tastes so I think you can't always predict it

Well there will be always better players than others but it can change because all of us are really improving well But I think it would be shame if the best graphics of the round would play against each other in the first round because they both deserve to go further but you know, it's a destiny (random) who you will play. Not all players can be seeded and also the best have to lose and we have always some upsets.

What is the hardest thing about running a tournament?
I have to say everything, you know, updating scores, posting matches, dealing with pressure if you will catch up everything. Also sending pms to players and you can't forget anyone, it's not easy to lead a tournament. You really need to organise it well or you could be confused and mess a tournament

What is the most enjoyable thing about running a tournament?
I really like it because you can set the tasks, also tasks which you would like to do if you compete. It's quite an advantage for you to set deadlines etc. I think I really enjoy everything

What is your worst nightmare as a tournament manager?
Nobody would sign in, nobody would send graphics

by Kai.


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Re: GMT Magazine - March 2009 Edition

Fed Cup 2009 Preview

As our first US tourney of the year has come to an end, GMT players move from the sandy beaches of Miami to cold Denmark where they will try to lead their teams to victory in Fed Cup.

Last year, this tournament boasted one of the strongest contigents in GMT history,with Team Soviet Ninjas coming on top, but this year it will not be the same. Due to the big controversy regarding the fairness of the draw, the event will lack top players such as Poiree, Niya and redhot Heart who is coming off a victory in Indian Wells and Miami, but we finally see the return of 3 top players, Nikkiri., Adal and Mikey who seem to have finally healed their endless injuries and are ready to rock this month.

Although the quality of the graphics may be a bit worse than it usually is, Fedcup promises to be full of drama. With everyone trying to make best use of the withdrawals to finally win a tournament, it's obvious all four teams will give their best to be on top this month.

Overall, Fed Cup promises to be a very interesting tournament, so we all have nothing left to do but wait for the start and enjoy the month!

by StunnaLights


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Re: GMT Magazine - March 2009 Edition

Niya shows us how it's done.

Hi everyone This is a wallpaper/free graphic tutorial I made for the newest edition of GMT Magazine.

1. Create a new file with preferred size. Paste the pictures you are going to use. Here I start with a 800x600 canvas and 2 pictures of Roger Federer.

2. Transform the pictures and place them the way you want to blend them.

3. Do the blending. I am sorry to disappoint those who expected me to explain how I blend because I'm often asked about this but there's no sophisticated secret. I just use a layer mask and a regular brush. Boring, huh?

4. Coloring time!
Before you begin, brighten up your picture if needed. I did it to mine with Curves layer.

First, duplicate the base layer, then go to Filters - Stylize - Solarize. Set the layer to Exclusion - 25%. I use it to "neutralize" picture a bit.

Then goes Channel Mixer. This is the best damn tool in Photoshop, seriously. I love it... anyway, here are the setting:
Red: +158, -70, 0, 0
Green: -10, +134, -30, -3
Blue: -2, +26, + 74

Add a dark blue (#000b5c) color layer. Set it to Pin Light - 11%.

Then goes selective coloring.
Reds: 0, 0, -23, 0
Yellows: 0, +32, +44, +3
Blues: 0, 0, 0, -78
Whites: 0, 0, 0, -35
Blacks: 0, 0, 10

To make the picture a little more brownish, I added a brown (#754f14) layer and set it to Soft Light - 30%

New Curves Layer.
Red. Input: 102; Output: 94
Green. 131; 136
Blue. 128; 135
Lower the layer opacity to 50%.

Also I duplicated the base layer, set it to Lighten - 43% and put above all layers. It made he whites more defined.

I'm satisfied with coloring now, so I merged all layers.

5. Now, I want to add a texture. You can find TONS on google or anywhere else. I picked the one with bokeh effect.

6. I set the texture layer to Screen to get rid of its dark background and lowered the opacity to 42%.
Also I erased the texture on some places like face etc.

7. Finally, I added some text. Roger's name in this case. I used font "Chicago House" with layer opacity set at 72%. Then I duplicated the layer, so now I have two "Roger Federer" layers. I went back to the lower one, made it dark-gray color, rasterized and mown down & right and down by one pixel. Because the upper layer is semitransparent, it doesn't look good. Staying on the lower layer, click on the upper layer's icon holding CTRL, so you make a selection. Press delete, then CTRL+D.


by Niya


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Re: GMT Magazine - March 2009 Edition

A small look into what the board has been discussing this last month.

First of all, Niya and Andreas have replaced 5ean and Poiree as board members. They are very honoured to have been chosen and are hoping that they will do a good job.

The rule about sending late has been discussed. Therefore it is now a rule, that in order to get an extension of the deadline, you have to ask at least 24 hours before the given deadline. If this is the case, you will get start with 0-2 for the graphics you sent late. However, if you ask when there are under 24 hours to the deadline, the 0-3 penalty will be given as it has always been.

A rule that will be discussed in the following month, is the rule about using websites that will make you the graphics. This is not something that has been seen very often, but since this has been the case in Fed Cup, the board will make a rule about this. More on this in the next issue.

See you in April and thanks to the people who helped with this issue.
Your board members:
Niya, StunnaLights and Andreas


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Re: GMT Magazine - March 2009 Edition

Okay, that's it, have fun reading


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Re: GMT Magazine - March 2009 Edition

Great read guys

Vera Zvonareva * Ana Ivanović * Li Na * Laura Robson ......
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Re: GMT Magazine - March 2009 Edition

i won iw/miami not dubai
my answers are so lame

love the questions of poiree
great mag again guys

Vika. Sabine. Vera. Na.
We only part to meet again.
mais c'est pas vrai, c'est pas possible.
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Re: GMT Magazine - March 2009 Edition

Ugh, sorry Kristin. It's 2am, what can you expect


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Re: GMT Magazine - March 2009 Edition

no worries..its ok

Vika. Sabine. Vera. Na.
We only part to meet again.
mais c'est pas vrai, c'est pas possible.
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Re: GMT Magazine - March 2009 Edition


Misha Collins Jensen Ackles Jared Padalecki
Zachary Quinto Robert Pattison

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