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GMT Magazine - February 2009 Edition

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Re: GMT Magazine - February 2009 Edition

Summing up Dubai 2009

From Down Under we move west to the Middle East! As we all know this is where it all began, Dubai. Dubai was GMT’s first ever tournament. So its kind of extra special to win it but who will it be this time? After a strong showing in the Australian Open all the graphic makers sets their sights on this month’s tournament.

Day 1 wasn’t a good start for GMT Dubai as only four matches were seen in action. As top seeds received byes several players forfeited the tournament therefore giving their opponents walkovers. First up on court was up and coming graphic maker Louisa and American M17. It was a tough encounter in the beginning as both players were locked at 4 all but it was Louisa who took the advantage and from then on never looked back as she bagels the American in the second and marched towards to victory. Up next was Sexysova and Aussie Open quarter finalist Terovic, the Spaniard was the clear favorite for the match after reaching her first Grand Slam quarter final in her first appearance but the first set didn't seem to come the Spaniard's way as she was awarded a penalty by the tournament director for having not complied to the requirements thus giving her a 6-0 deficit. The desert winds soared as the second set began and it spelled trouble for Terovic as she failed to stay on course in the match handing Sexysova a 6-0 6-3 victory and to set up a clash against 4th seed Andreas. The two remaining matches saw another Spaniard and an Ausie Open semi finalist exit Dubai, Arturoace the only American hope left in the draw avenges M17 loss as he defeats the tricky Kiridina in two sets while Kai of Argentina edges out Russian pka_iloo in three tough sets, 7-5 in the third.

Heart's favorite graphic of the 1st round though it wasn't seen on action

Day 2 was started with a blow as reigning US Open Champion Andreas and Grapic Maker of the Year finalist Jovana forfeited their matches allowing Sexysova and 8th seed heart a walkover respectively and to be the first players through to the quarters. First to do battle on the Dubai Tennis Stadium was 5th seed Sean and Louisa. Louisa who won her match over the American M17 the other day must have carried the momentum from that match as she raced through the first set by six games to love but fifth seed Sean wasn't in the mood for an upset and grabs the second set for himself in the process and then recording a bagel for himself too in the third. The next seed to do battle was top seed Poiree who was just fresh from her grand slam victory easily dispatched her filipino competitor TheArena by 6-4 6-1 to extend her winning streak to six matches. 4th seed Niya was also in action that day but she was tested by her Argentinian challenger taking her to a three set marathon match. Other seeds to advanced in the next round was 6th seed Patch who was also tested by Georgian veteran Gigi into three sets and 7th seed Medina who had the easiest win as he was barely got troubled by Rough Trade.

Heart's favorite graphic of the 2nd round was Poiree's banner

The Qurter finals was pure graphic making action as seven seeds were seen in action at the Dubai Tennis Stadium. Top seed Poiree was first up against 7th seed Medina. Poiree seemed to be on course for another semifinal run but then she found herself facing a few set points in the second when she 3-5 down and 5-6 down but nevertheless the Serbian prevailed in the second set tiebreak and books her second semifinal appearance in Dubai. 4th seed Niya followed Poiree's match and things got quite easier for the Estonian as she cruises past Britain's Patchavong in two sets 6-4 6-4. The only three setter of the day was the Aussie Open qf rematch of 2nd seed Droolv and 8th seed Heart. Just like the Aussie Open qf it was Droolv who took the first and heart the second but the third seemed not to be heart's way anymore unlike in AO as it was the Aussie who clinched the third by 6-3. The last qf match was the upset of the day as 5th seed Sean screws up a perfect day for the higher seeds succumbing to Sexysova 6-2 6-0.

Heart's fave graphic of them all - Poiree's free

It was the clash of the 2nd seed and the 3rd seed to get us underway first and both pulled off to a promising start as both players proved that they both deserve to reach the semis. It was Droolv who took the driver's seat in the first as he clinches the first by six games to three but Niya, the reigning Wimbledon Champion managed to win herself a set too by six games to love. Dusty winds started to pile up at Dubai Tennis Stadium as the third set was on play and some of the dust must have got into the eyes of the tournament manager as he proclaims Niya the winner in the end of the third, but eventually it was Droolv who won and the tournament manager pleas for an apology to the players and to the crowd. The second semifinal of the day saw another three setter but as always predicted it was Poiree who came through in the end, a bagel in the third.

Heart's favorite Poiree graphic from the SF

And as promised a great final there shall be. A Poiree vs Droolv final once again, ladies and gentlemen. WHo will it be? Will it the be third time lucky for Poiree and prove that Droolv is her bch or is Droolv ready to lift his first title ever? First set was Droolv's to take but the second and third saw a fightback from Poiree. The fourth set was a nailbiting action as Poiree was two points away from victory but ultimately it was Droolv who finished it off and takes home the pitcher trophy as Poiree takes home the ashtray.

Heart's favorite graphic from Droolv was his unique wallpaper that helped him fend off Poiree's challenge

Is a Poiree vs Droolv a start of a rivalry? Droolv takes home his first GMT title, can he carry his form into the Indian Wells/Miami tournament? Is this the start of Poiree's downfall? Tune out for next month's tournament which will brought to us by Sexysova and Kai. Roll on whale and dolphin!

by Heart
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Re: GMT Magazine - February 2009 Edition

In the February issue we meet another fresh face on the GMT tour: TheArena.

What is your name?
Joshua. I'd like to be called by my username in this board, though.

Male or female?

How old are you?
You'd be surprised.

Where do you live?

Tell us something interesting about you.
Zzzz... No, really. After reading this interview, I wouldn't blame you if you skip through.

What is one phobia you have?
I don't like needles.

Where would you like to go vacationing?
A European city tour would be ideal for me. Maybe going to Australia, too.

You realize you are in the same bathroom as your favorite WTA player, what do you do? Say hi? Stare? Autograph?
What would Elena do in the men's bathroom? I'd stare at her, but then again, it would be a good chance to ask her for pictures or an autograph.

You just got out of your car at McDonald's and you see Serena had just tripped over a speed bump? What do you do? Help her? Laugh? Autograph?
I'd help her first. Then I'd ask her for an autograph, and maybe if she has left, I'll laugh a little. Speedbumpereena? (Yes, I lurk in the Serena? thread.)

What is your favorite drink?
Iced tea and lemonade.

How much money would it take for you take make a "Clay Angel", like a snow angel, in the courts of Roland Garros naked?
What is it with money and public nudity in this board? Nope, wouldn't do it.

Are you a chocolate or vanilla person?
I'm a chocolate type of person. Definitely more exciting and lively.

You recieve a chance to get free plastic surgery. Would you take it? Where would you want it?
No way. I don't have body issues.

Who is the hottest celebrity?
For me, I'd like girls who are hot and smart at the same time, so I'd choose Anne Hathaway and Nathalie Portman.

Maybe Tatiana too!

What is the best thing you can cook?

Would you rather have a pampered spa day or an action packed day out?
I'd always take an action packed day out for a possible itinerary.

Do you have an obsession or OCD behavior for something?

You get a chance to sing Karaoke with the WTA players, what would you like to sing to?
I wouldn't want to embarrass myself in front of the players, right?

If you could have a superpower what would it be?
Telekinesis, and maybe time travel/teleportation.

Interview by: ArturoAce

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Re: GMT Magazine - February 2009 Edition

Doubles specialists and former world number 1s, Adal and Nikkiri answer your questions.

1. You're the best doubles team, according to the rankings. Why did you decide not to play at the beginning of the year? And are you going to play any tournament this year or in the future?
Nikkiri: I really enjoy making graphics but there are times when you have no inspiration and I don't like to make graphics during that time cause I usually end up hating everything and I want to like what I make. Adal and I will for sure play more tournaments with each other because its a lot of fun to work together like that.
Adal: We are? Oh cool. Well I really had no inspiration lately. I was like in a graphical slump, you know what I mean? Maybe it's because my fave hasn't played in a long time? And it's hard to tell about the future, but maybe like RG or smth.

2. Who are you most scared to lose to?
Nikkiri: I don't think I'm scared to lose to anyone if I lose it just means my graphic wasn't as good and thats part of the competition.
Adal: Probably to Gigi. Cause I'm so used to him being my bitch and if I lose to him - things might change. I really wouldn't like losing to anyone though. It would just totally ruin my life.

3. Which of you is better at making graphics?
Nikkiri: I would say Adal, he takes the time to be creative using textures and always trying different things.
Adal: We're both amaze, I think. But there's no point in comparing anyway, since we both steal each other's colourings.

4. What is your favourite thing to make graphics of?
Nikkiri: I have the most fun making graphics of my fave tennis players, it's just easier to find inspiration.
Adal: My fave, of course. Miss Maria Sharapova that is.

5. If you had to change your doubles partner, whom would you want to play with?
Nikkiri: I don't think I would want to play with anyone else but if I did I would probably choose Craig (Isha.)
Adal: I'd play with Gigi, or Andreas, or Sean. My boyz <3 If we're talking about those who can actually make graphics, of course. Oh and maybe I'd also play with my homegurl Niya We'd represent our small, shitty country. Oh and also Mikey, who doesn't play GMT often though Actually has he ever?

6. What are Adalís/Nikkiriís best and worst traits?
Nikkiri: Well I like Adal's sense of humor and he's smart and an awesome graphic maker. The only bad thing about him I would say is his need to annoy people from time to time.
Adal: Traits? Someone is being smart with me
Ok someone just told me what it is.
Well Nikkie is smart, funny and great. And nice. Sometimes she's too touchy about her faves though But that's okay. I love her the way she is.

7. What do you think about current situation in GMT. Poiree is basically winning everything, there're some new players etc. Who do you think has potential from new players and why do you think Poiree dominates so much?
Nikkiri: I think Poiree is just a tough opponent in GMT, they seem to be very passionate about graphic making. I haven't been paying much attention but I'm sure there are lots of people with the potential to do well just they have to find inspiration.
Adal: I don't know. This question is really complicated. New players? Who? Yeah, too complicated for me. Anyway I think Niya is great and definitely could dominate and I think she already won few titles. I also really like iine's graphics. I think they're fantastic. I really hope she can win some big titles (if she hasn't already)

8. What do you think of:
Nikkiri: - Poiree? They are very sweet I don't really know them too well but they are always friendly.
- 5ean? Sean is a good friend of mine he's pretty funny he's totally hawt too. And I love teasing him about his spelling
- Gigi? Gigi is just amaze the end.
Adal: I don't know Poiree well. I remember though they were sending me a virus on MSN, which was very rude
Sean He's so gorgeous. You HAVE to see him. Although I don't know if I'd like him if not my big crush on him.
Gigi My gay son. Nuff said. Well okay, if I have to be more detailed: he's great, kind, funny and sweet. Our music taste is pretty similar too.

9. Who most annoys you on TF?
Nikkiri: Basically anyone who trolls in GM I guess.
Adal: Well I think most TF members have annoyed me at some point. It's really not hard to do. I'm getting annoyed very easily.

10. What is your least favourite food?
Nikkiri: Any vegetables lol.
Adal: Vegetables. Well except potatoes and carrots. Vegetables are so fugly, I don't know how anyone can like them.

11. What talent do you have (apart from graphics)?
Nikkiri: I don't really think I have one. My only talent is making graphics... so sad.
Adal: I don't know. I'm not really talented. So yeah, no talents

12. What is your weirdest physical feature?
Nikkiri: I have all normal physical features thank you very much.
Adal: Wow. Well I think maybe my eyebrows? I dunno They're pretty weird.

13. Which body part are you most attracted to in a person?
Nikkiri: It depends on female or male. On a guy i would say arms and for a girl legs and boobs! (adal made me say that) but most of all on both I would say I'm attracted to a nice smile.
Adal: Very naughty question that is. Well I'll explain it that way: take 'Venus' and replace the first letter with 'P'. You get 'Penus'. Now change the vowel from 'u' to 'i' and there you get the answer. I can't believe I just answered that question, but I had to be honest, okay? Hope this won't get censored

14. Tropical beach or snowy mountain vacation?
Nikkiri: Both sound lovely. But I am such a winter person, too much heat down here in Australia so I would go with the snow.
Adal: Tropical beach FOR SURE. No question about that. Beaches = Snow is yuck.

Thanks to 5ean for receiving the questions and forwarding them to the board

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Re: GMT Magazine - February 2009 Edition

One of our most regular players, Droolv, went through a tough 5-setter to beat Poiree in the final of Dubai and take his first GMT title. Kai spoke to him after this amazing victory.

Would you tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
Most of the time. lol I try to think of myself as a very honest person.

What is your name?

How old are you and where are you from?
I'm 15 and from Perth, Australia.

Tell us something about your self?
I'm an autograph whore. At the Hopman Cup this year I'd stalk players to get their autographs. My giant tennis ball is now filled

What would you like to learn after you finish high school?
I really have know idea at the moment.

Do you prefer girls or guys?

Do you smoke?

Do you drink alcohol?
Nope, I'm under-age

What's your favourite sport apart from tennis?

How did you discover Photoshop?
Well back in the days when it was only Poiree who had a graphics thread, I stumbled across an old Photoshop Elements 7 on my laptop. I pretty much taught myself how to use it before discovered Photoshop CS2 was already installed on my computer. This is what I use today.

You won the GMT Dubai '09 Tournament, before the tournament did you feel that you would be the winner?
No way in hell. As you guys might know, my computer with Photoshop CS2 blew up, the night before I was scheduled to play Arthur. So I had to use the crappy old Photoshop Elements, and somehow I managed to beat Arthur. The truth was I didn't even think I'd make it past my first match.

You didnít have easy draw and almost all your matches were three-setters. Did you ever think "Ok so I am out, his/her graphics are way better"?
You're right, I did not have a very kind draw. I personally rate Heart, Niya and Poiree as the best three graphic makers and to tough out long matches against them was a real confidence boost. Yes, I always think I'm going to lose but somehow my graphics just get more votes.

What kind of graphics do you think are your strongest?
I like to think of myself as an all-rounder. My avatars really pulled through in Dubai however I really needed to win that first set as Poiree, Niya and Heart all can produce some really strong banners.

If you have to choose to have skills from other GMT players, which one will be that skill and from which player? (you can choose more than one)
The skill I most need is blending. Good blended graphics usually get votes and that's something I'm missing from my game. So the blending skills of Niya, Poiree or even Medina would be fantastic. Also Nikkie's colouring would be great.

Who is your nightmare opponent in GMT?
Medina. I used to always be able to beat him but lately he's got the wins against me. I never like to see myself in his section of the draw as we are good mates and like to see each other do well.

How do you get inspired to make the graphics?
I'm not sure. I see the task and think about the best way to present the graphic. I usually make up two or three different graphics then choose which one I think is best.

Do you have sex before the matches?
Haven't tried it yet, does it give you an advantage?

Would you like to say something more?
I'd like to say thank you to all the people that liked and voted for my graphics in Dubai. It was a breakthrough tournament for me and winning my first title after just falling short is such a good feeling. Oh and thanks for interviewing me Kai

Interview by: Kai.

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Re: GMT Magazine - February 2009 Edition

Dubai tournament manager, Gigi shares his experiences from running his first GMT tournament.

1. How does it feel to take over as tournament manager from Poiree who managed the hugely successful Australian Open?
Gigi: It's a big resonsability after seeing how well Poiree managed, though I think I did an ok job, a bit disorganized but I'm disorganized in everything so nothing new. Thanks to Sexysova for helping me out all tourney of course.

2. How do you feel about Dubai and the tournament as a whole?
Gigi: It's a great tournament. All players say that, and some reporters also say the venue is beautiful, but the whole Peers visa incident really didn't do good to its image.

3. For a tournament, how do you come up with the different tasks for the tournament, yet also pertaining to the central theme (In this case - Dubai)?
Gigi: Thanks to google. Wikipedia and dubai travel guides.

4. We've had quite an influx of newcomers for the new season. Who do you find the most promising so far in Dubai?
Gigi: I was impressed by Louisa a lot. Though TheArena also sent some amazing stuff.

5. What was the single match (Singles/Doubles) so far in Dubai that has left quite an impression in you (Quality of graphics/Drama/Tension)?
Gigi: I'd say the final between Poiree and Droolv, fanstastic stuff from both of the players. [Its not played yet, though I'm sure it will be amazing:rofl: )

6. As a board director, a graphics maker, and now a tournament manager, how do you go about managing all 3 tasks as good as you've done?
Gigi: Who said I did it good? I'm just trying to be good.

7. Out of these 3 positions, which one do you think you're most comfortable with?
Gigi: I'm sure Graphics Making, as the pressure is off your back so you can just enjoy.

8. Which tournament would you like to manage in the near future?
Gigi: I'm not planning on managing anything for now, though I'll be around to back up whenever needed.

9. Can you talk about the different stress factor associated with being a board director, tournament manager and lastly a graphics maker.
Board - You should take care of the game, be always around to check for problems, graphics and stuff..
Manager - Tasks and finding time to start matches so there shouldn't be hours between sets posted.
Graphics maker - Make good stuff to have good results.

10. What is your take on W/O (i.e. Inability of graphics makers to send in their graphics on time/at all)? Obviously the AO Final and also that doubles match in Dubai between Andreas/Poiree and ArturoAce/Zvonarevarulz.
Gigi: Well, I don't really like it. If I were them, I'd try to make something very simple to not disappoint my partner but I guess those players really had something to do.

11. Being a graphics maker, what is the single most heartbreaking loss and most satisfying win in GMT so far?
Gigi: Losses - vs Jovana/Sean twice this year in doubles. I only won 1 match in doubles this year, so I guess that's the satisfying win.

Interview by: Domon17th

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Re: GMT Magazine - February 2009 Edition

Indian Wells/Miami 2009 Preview

As the tournament in Dubai has come to end, what else is there than to move on to a new tournament? For March, players will go for the doubles in the States, at Indian Wells and Miami.

Last year the tournament had to be cancelled due to lack of players, but this year the story is totally different. Despite some favourites missing due to various reasons, the competition will still be strong. The field includes the red-hot champion from Australia, Droolv and the one and only Poiree, who fell to Droolv. in the Dubai final and will seek to keep that match her only loss of the season. The tournament will also see the comeback of OДРИ. After taking time off her game, she is ready to return thunderously. How successful her return is going to turn out will be seen as the tournament progresses.

As the interest and amount of players participating in GMT increases, doubles has become mandatory in every tournament. Doubles - A word that combines doing graphics & teamwork in the same time is a great way to improve your graphics and meet a fellow graphics maker. Dubai champions, Andreas and Poiree will be the favourites for the title as usual, but the sudden comeback of Adal and Nikkiri has left everyone shocked. Whether their shoulder is ready for such tough matches is a question, but since Maria is coming back at Indian Wells, there couldn't be a better time and place for them to come back as well. Let's not forget the girls duo, Heart and Niya who will be looking for their 2nd title, after winning the Australian Open in an amazing way.

Indian Wells and Miami promise to give us some amazing matches, though it's still to be seen whether the players will train hard for the tournament or just rush to the beautiful seas of Florida and California. You know, after the winter months, having a good time at the sea is a perfect rest before a new tournament!

by Gigi

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Re: GMT Magazine - February 2009 Edition

Poiree's little colouring tip

from to

1 - Insert your image, resize, sharpen etc...

2 - Go to layer>new adjustment layer>gradient map. Pick the black and white gradient and set the layer to soft light. You might need to lower the opacity depending on the pic. I didn't do it on this example.

3 - Go to layer>new fill layer. Pick a dark red colour (I used #190303) and set the layer to exclusion.

4 - Now you are basically done. You can modify it a bit by adding some channel mixer or selective colour layers to give it more colour...

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Re: GMT Magazine - February 2009 Edition

The board has been discussing several proposals lately. The first proposed rule will most probably be added to GMT Rules very soon. The players' and voters' reaction on the other two will decide on their destiny. So, have your say!

- Managers are required to send PMs with the tasks for the round in progress.

- If the manager is absent for a longer time, he/she should forward all the graphics to a board member so the tournament can go on as planned.

- Separate thread for doubles tournaments.

by Poiree

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Re: GMT Magazine - February 2009 Edition

Interesting read as always, thanks guys

Concerning the proposals: to all 3

Homeboy Adal

Whatever you do now,
the world still turns.
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Long live.
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Re: GMT Magazine - February 2009 Edition

Loved it, thanks to everyone that worked on it!

Long live the walls we crashed through
While the kingdom lights shined just for me and you...
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Re: GMT Magazine - February 2009 Edition

great mag
loved adal's answers
Well I'll explain it that way: take 'Venus' and replace the first letter with 'P'. You get 'Penus'. Now change the vowel from 'u' to 'i' and there you get the answer.

and thanks to droolv's nice comments bout me

Vika. Sabine. Vera. Na.
We only part to meet again.
mais c'est pas vrai, c'est pas possible.
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Re: GMT Magazine - February 2009 Edition

Sasha, you are so vulgar

Victoria Azarenka

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Re: GMT Magazine - February 2009 Edition

good job I agree with all ideas of rules
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Re: GMT Magazine - February 2009 Edition

Yay finally out! Yea all 3 suggestions are reasonable
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