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Googleized:Retranscription of the chat with Amélie Mauresmo!
Hello with all and all, we are pleased to accomodate Amélie Mauresmo! Hello with all. Very happy to be able to dialogue with you.

ameliefana: Amélie, how do you feel you the day before your recovery? The knee is very well. I have a small problem of supply main which I hope is not too serious.

Gauthier: Which are your objectives in the tournament? Simply to renew contact with the ground. I do not have a particular objective. I am already happy of being able rejouer.

emmanuel: And you meetings which with the first turn? Nathalie Dechy or Sugiyama. I begin Thursday.

Julien: You smell yourself strong mentally? Yes even more than when I stopped. That reinforced me.

Floflo94: Salut Amélie, I am too content that you would be there! Which is your main goal for 2003? Ca did not change not report/ratio at 2002, always the first world place. And also tournaments of the Large Slam, while trying to avoid a Williams/Williams finale.

grazouille: Es you satisfies to find the public of Paris directly or you would have preferred to begin again elsewhere? I am super happy here to be in Paris. But it is true that that will put an additional pressure to me. But I am in a hurry to be there. It is a great joy.

FLO: Hello Amélie. Before returning on the court, do you have the trac (as an artist can feel that while returning on scene)? If so, is this trac proportional to the importance of the match (or of the tournament) or of the number of witnesses? For the trac, that it is sure. But it is often at the beginning of tournament. In fact because one does not have too much reference mark. Afterwards, normally, it is better and better.

chouchi: You think that Serena Williams is unbeatable??? Not. If I say myself that, I do not have any more an objective. I really think that it is seizable even if it is a large player. It will be necessary to innovate, go forwards and to counter it in variation.

watersoul: Amélie, do you have amulets or superstitions before matches? Not really, I have a ritual which I set up.

melanie: What do you think of the defeat of the team of male France out of Davis Cut? It was already a sad moment for everyone. And I believe that the experiment will be used for all. And I hope that Paulo will digèrera it as soon as possible.

Bergamo: Which sector of your play do you work more? Play forwards without hesitation. Because I want really to continue on the impetus of what I could do at the end of 2002. One worked much this winter, I hope that that will bear its fruits.

gésy: Did you doubt your return on the courts during this long absence? Bizzz. Yes, at the beginning of the wound. It sometimes happened to me to think that I do not rejouerais any more. It was difficult but as soon as I had the first feelings on the ground, that gave again me hope.

Maël: Which is your preferred player (circuit ATP)? I like much Agassi. To the player, it is an adorable guy and who carries really the kindness in his glance.

Qtchav: Which is your more beautiful victory? I think that on the level of the emotion it was really the Gas of France in 2001. If not, great moments ago tennistic, large matches. But it is true that it is difficult to leave one particular moment. I could speak all the evening about it to you.

omar: Surfes you much on Internet? Not enormously. I acknowledge that since we play the tarot and belote in tournament, I have a little less time.

flo: When you decided that you wanted to become professional player, the celebrity did belong to the things which liked you in this trade? Did you see notoriety like you live it now? Kisses. At all. I could not imagine what it was. It is especially the passion of the play which gives you the force to pass the various stages and thus to continue and progress.

aurele05: Do you think of making tournaments in mixed double? If so, with which? Already I have evil to play in double quite simply. Thus it is true that mixed it would be really very occasional.

bea: What do you think of the sports correspondents? Then there I cannot express myself too much on the question, because I have some at side. But I acknowledge that that occurs rather well. One côtoie on all the tournaments. Thus there is a complicity which created.

patkaas: What do you make like leisures apart from tennis? Ca enormously takes time to me to play and to involve me. Thus I have the occasion to make visits of castles, to pass my motorbike licence, and to benefit from my friends. Not very exciting but it is what I like. Rather simple things finally.

Gali-Galou: Separately tennis, of what could you have made your trade?
It is a question which I never put myself. Because in my head that was always tennis, even when in the small classes one asks you for his profession. Me it was tennis. If not there was also veterinary.

acme: Which is the player for whom you have the most admiration (in activity or not)?
There is Graff which has an absolutely exceptional prize list. There is Navratilova. And there are of them some which marked tennis. I admire also the courage of Monica Seles which knew to pass by a very difficult psychological test.

Aaclof: With is your opinion, which, with your play, the tournament of the Large Slam most difficult to gain?
I do not think that there is of them one which is more difficult taking into account my innumerable tennistic qualities. More seriously, I think of being really able to shine in each one of them.

mauresque: Do you think that the service stolen will develop in female tennis for stage with the power of Williams?
Yes I think and probably more quickly than it is thought. It is indeed one in the manners of countering the power. It is one of the reasons, beyond the fact that I take an enormous pleasure to do it, for which I direct my play towards the front one.

popol: You already played against a professional French tennis player (Grosjean, Santoro, etc.) And which was the result?
I had the occasion to type with Scud, but match was never made. As a result, there is not photo. They are stronger physique obliges.

mehdi100: Is what the EDF Cup belongs to your objectives this year?
Of course. It is with the Large Slams one of the events which holds me with heart. I will really like that one arrives at beautiful results.

carine1902: Which is the player who poses you the most problem to beat it?
I will say Williams since I never beat them whereas I beat all the others. With my great regret I must wait still a little.

elina: In the young players who arrive on the circuit senior or those which arrived there last season, is there of them one which you think able of arriving in the first 10 world from here a few years?
I do not pay too attention to the young players who arrive. There is for example Hantuchova which arrived recently and which is already in all the best. Thus I see progressively.

Maurice: If you cheeks of the doubles this year, it will be with which?
One will try to play together with Nathalie, Emilie or Stéphanie to try to train a team of EDF Cup.

Malignant: Which music listenings you in this moment?
I like Robbie Williams in this moment, Nelly Furtado not very known but superb album.

bea: Do you have friends on the circuit? Do you see yourselves apart from tennis?
Not one cannot say friends as me I consider. On the other hand with the Frenchwomen especially one regularly will dine together.

grazouille: Which is environment in this young team of EDF Cup, it must y have good funs, not?
Ah yes good moments ago. Environment is better than a few years ago. It is true that it starts to create a sympathetic spirit.

emmanuel: Do you propose a new behaviour for this return to us???
For that it is necessary to come to the Open one. It will be in the continuity of 2002.

greg33_1: In you know more than us about the possible return of Martina Hingis?
Not really. I am well-informed as much as you. I know that for the moment does not seem too it to miss the circuit, contrary to me. And as I often do not have it on the telephone I cannot say to you.

RiverAngel: After is tennis, which the thing of which you cannot do?
It is too intimate like question. The answer is censured.

chritou215: Hello Amélie, on your councils I Stefan Zweig, which book do you read in this moment read?
Then the last and the first of the Gabin girl who was sent to me by a friend. I start and I will give you news on the heading blow of heart after the stage Harley Davidson.

piolin: Which is your opinion on doping?
I think that those which are doped can be looked in an ice and which they have desire for dying in 30 years, it is their problem. One can never really know as long as blood controls are not there during and apart from the tournaments.

FLO: With what do think you during the changes on side? Do you reconsider at the last points? With your tactic of play? Do you look at around you? Do you try to communicate with your close relations?
Then in the order: I try to analyze the situation compared to the play, while reconsidering at the various points, I look at my clan from time to time. But it is rather them which encourage me, it does not have there really an exchange.

mehdi100: How many days of holidays do you take without touching the racket?
To the maximum 15 days by knowing that in these 15 days one week ago of physics to keep the condition.

Stella: Hello. It are not topicality, but do you have already an idea of reconversion?
Phéno: If there is after tennis, for you it will be what? Did cinema as they propose it to you in Stade2?
bea: Do you think already of your after tennis? What would you like to make?
It is still far, you send to me with the retirement immediately or what! I do not have too many ideas, why not cinema. I will ask Boujenah.

elina: Which will be the innovations on your site? Say to us to put water at the mouth; -)
How you did not go yet there, there are the Coup heading of Heart, Passions which changed and the photographs which will be more often renewed.

melanie: Which are the greatest sacrifices which you had to make?
It there not of large things. In fact sometimes evenings are very trying, but not. But I nevertheless try to empty the head from time to time. I lime pits not.

lili: When you us offers a Large Slam?
As soon as possible. I sign immediately. It is true that I work for that. But it is difficult to give a date. I will take in any event any.

johanna: Will you return to Belgium in Women Tennis Trophy de Ciney (tournament exhibition)?
Yes readily. I will have had in December but my knee did not allow me to make displacement.

cj: Do you have time to visit the city or you cheeks in tournament?
Not really. It is airport, hotel, club, and when it is finished one leaves. I will visit with the retirement.

grazouille: And with which wants to gain million with Michel Boujenah you took down the large slam?
tauwanda: How did you find the emission with J P Foucault?
You do not have much any more of time to wait to see the result. In any case, I was hyper stressed. It is my last word.

subway: After are the retirements of Tauziat, Testud, Halard... you a little alone (with Nathalie Dechy) with the head of French female tennis, which are the young French players who have future according to you?
One speaks much about Bartoli, I personally never saw it playing, but it is necessary that it arrives quickly one needs more than homogeneity.

grazouille: Which is the cheap one and/or the environment which you prefer in tournament?
I like much Australia and Melbourne in particular. And if not Rome they is very sympathetic, after France of course.

Floflo94: What do you think young Richard Gasquet?
It has the very impressive air. Apparently it will go up very quickly in the hierarchy. And it is very good for French tennis.

johanna: Do you often have the occasion to see your family?

Mike: Do you think of being able to manage your stress now?
Yes I think that I progressed on this level there. But good it is never acquired. One is never safe from a relapse.

kiki75012: Is the EDF Cup significant in your eyes?
Yes but I will like that one has the format Coupe Davis for all the meetings.

momolle: And Roland Garros in all that?
Roland Garros it is of course a dream.

patkaas: Divisions you much of emotion with your fans? And you them meetings?
Precisely the Gas of France it is one of the moments or I really enormously divide things with them. And it is really brilliant. On the other hand, I rather often do not meet them.

Thank you very much Amélie Mauresmo, the word of the end?
I kiss you all and come to Gas from France. Thank you to have been there and with soon

Amélie Mauresmo, 2009 GDF Suez, 2007 Proximus Diamond Games, 2006 World No. 1 ,Wimbledon Champion, Proximus Diamond Games, Gaz, Australian Open, 2005 YEC, Advanta Chamionships, Italian Open, Proximus Diamond Games, 2004 World No. 1, Advanta Championships, Generali Linz, Rogers Cup, Italian Open, German Open, 2003 J&S Cup, Advanta Championships, 2002 Rogers AT&T Cup, Dubai Open, 2001 Gaz, Nice, Amelia Island, and Eurocard Ladies German Open, 2000 Adidas International, and 1999 Bratislava Champion

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