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D. SAFINA/S. Kuznetsova
2-6, 6-3, 6-2

An interview with: DINARA SAFINA


Q. When the crowd was cheering for you, does it help you to come back?

DINARA SAFINA: Well, I think they were cheering for both. But I think they just wanted to have some more tennis. So even I was 2-0 down, they just wanted that match stays a little bit longer. I think they just help me to pump myself and give all what I have for them.

Q. What changed after that first set?

DINARA SAFINA: Well, I think first set she was just playing very good tennis. I still didn't speak with my coaches about maybe I was doing something wrong - not wrong, but maybe not enough. But then she was a break up, 2-Love. There she gave some I would say free points that made me to come back. After that, the match started to be close for both. I would say today, I mean, the luck was on my side.

Q. Did the warning for the unsportsmanlike conduct have any impact on you? You only lost three points after that.

DINARA SAFINA: Well, it's a fair one. First of all, I almost hit her head, and I almost hit the people. So if I would hit somebody on the stands, I would be suspended. But I was just very angry with, I don't know, like I'm trying my best, but still like something is missing. And I wanted just to explore my emotions. Okay, I went a little bit too much. That was too risky.

Q. Did that allow to you calm down?

DINARA SAFINA: Well, I know that I cannot do more because second warning is penalty point. But actually after that I started to play better, so there was no need to maybe express more my emotions.

Q. Can you talk about your dropshot. You seem to be one of the few people who consistently does it.

DINARA SAFINA: Well, actually in the third set I overdo them because then she was already reading my dropshots when I would hit them. So that was actually a little bit wrong play. Well, I like to vary my game, to play fast and sometimes use the touch. So that's what I'm working because I know many players would not maybe expect when I have easy shot that I might use a dropshot because I also can hit the ball. So I just try to make them think.

Q. Why do you think so few women include that shot on a regular basis?

DINARA SAFINA: They don't include?

Q. Yes.

DINARA SAFINA: Well, I don't know. You have to ask them.

Q. Considering how well you've been playing for the last two months, when you enter a tournament, has your mindset changed at all as to your chances of winning and how you approach each opponent? Has your confidence level changed at all?

DINARA SAFINA: Well, I just go on the court and I take every opponent hundred percent serious. As I always say, there is no easy opponents because everyone gonna give their hundred percent to beat me. I respect them all. I try to go on the court and give my hundred percent and let's see who's gonna be stronger that day.


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