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Snazzy Question!

What outfit should Meryl wear for the US Spring Hardcourt season?

a) the cokebottle glasses Jimbo Pierce used to knock off her head when she would miss forehands and a coral-colored ellese outfit with frilly shoulders and white ankle socks with the little pom poms on the heel a la 1993 oz?

b) the McDonaldland "have it your way girl" outfit Smorkika Porkika Seles beat Meryl outta at the 1997 US Open. ROTF at how tratree and I said that the reason Smorkika came back to beat Meryl in this match is that Smorkika called Araunchie Secret-Saucechez McNuggeto after looking at Meryl's fast food worker get-up and had Raunchie bring her Big Macs and apple pies after the first set to get her to raise the level of the Moaner's game.

c) tratree's favorite: the "yellow rags" she wore at the 1999 Australian. ROTF at Trixie!

d) anything with a large rosary! maybe that dress Cher wore to the Oscars in 2000 with the large crucifix dangling in front of her crotch. ROTF at how Meryl should start singing "Like a Prayer" the next time she has to play Werena Silliams. ROTF at the beginning of that song when Madonna says, "God?". It would look like Meryl was praying to get more than 2 games!! But when she gets her fitness back she is gonna bamboozle Werena 2000 Indian Wells-style!

e) the "lil black dress" and pearls she wore at the 96 french for the 2 minutes it took her to lose to Magui Serna.

f) did i miss anything?

PS: Meryl... PLEEEEEEASE lose those red rags you are currently stuck in!! They are beneathe you! Leave em to Dumptruck Davybitch!
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