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Re: Gajdosova's tennis career

"louloubelle" your comments are spot on firstly the comparison with a Sophie Ferguson very true, she never looks physically in the shape she needs to be in either. Like you said she is another who seems to continually break down. Her like Gajdosova both seem to go up and down so much with there weight and are often on the "heavy" side which no question has to increase there chances of sustaining an injury as well as directly affecting there performance. How can they sustain any high quality needed to play 3 set matches that can last 2-3 hours a Gajdosova especially who is so explosive as a player and has such a big game has to be moving very well in order for her to play and execute her game to her potential !

I don't see that now sorry she was very good mover when she was ranked as high as in the 60's in the world but from the matches we have seen this year she is too sluggish and slow especially when pushed wide in the corners and that is also why her game breaks down too fast and she makes so many errors when under pressure. It also affects her shot selection because not getting in position fast enough she goes oftn for the lowest percentage shots and is just too hit or miss ! if sh improved her movement and fitness I am sure her game would start to improve dramatically

Yes you can be as you said in incredible shape but still be unlucky and get injured sure nothin is guareenteed, but you greatly increase the odds if your not in the physical shape needed to deal with the stress and rigors of being a professional player the tour. Its a thing called injury prevention and tha is about physically being in the best shape possible ,without tha foundation its very ough to succeed !
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