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Re: Describe your tennis game


I always : Attack from my forehand, even if the ball is short.
Go for backhand down the line when the ball is short, otherwise cross court, mostly right at the baseline.
First serve motion is TERRIBLE, very loose, though it always brings me a couple of aces in a match, and I can really rely on it when I need it. Second serve is still just putting the ball over with a little bit of effect, though on practice I'm developing a Nadal-ish second serve, with a lot of spin. Volleys are missed if not too simple. Smash is always where my opponent is.

On a good day : FH Winner/UE ratio is positive. BH DTL is on, if cross court, the chance it goes in is close to a 100%. 2-3 aces, no double faults.

On a bad day : I might as well not hit the ball when it's too my forehand. Julia Goerges' forehand would look shorter. BH is still constant, though. No aces, many DFs. Oh, and a attack, insulting myself and all the other shit...

Too bad I'm mostly on the 'bad' day, cause I really could do more if I had consistensy. Last week, I took 3rd place in the tournament, lost in semis to a boy I had 3-0 W/L to, 64 62. No fight, just . People were telling me to be happy I won the 3rd, but I wanted the 1st/2nd place.

That was long.
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