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Describe your tennis game

I keep reading all about the favorite tennis players on this message board however I'm curious to find out more about the posters. Obviously we all have an interest in tennis - whether it's playing or watching it on T.V. For those of you who do like to play.....what is your game like?
As for myself, I'm pretty much a beginner. I've only been playing tennis off & on for 5 years......moreso off than on. Two years ago I started playing with a group of guys (and some women) here in Indy and have been playing much more often.
I prefer playing singles over doubles since I don't have much finess up at the net (although I'm slowly getting better). Right now I would say that my strengths are quickness around the court and, when it's on, my first serve. I'm slowly developing a much more accurate and powerful backhand but I need to keep my back foot on the ground. My forehand, although it contains a better technique, breaks down much more often.
My weaknesses are definitely my second serve (pretty much guide the ball in.....very attackable) and footwork. I'm very fortunate to have found my Indy Tennis community and hope to play a couple of local tournaments this summer/autumn.
I've recently begun taking lessons and hope to continue throughout the summer.

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