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Re: Gajdosova Engaged to Groth

Personally I am not that interested in all this engagement stuff, who really cares sorry but I would rather discuss the game and what is happening. Great if she is happy and in love, happy for her and I understand the tour can be a very lonely and tough place and it can be comforting and really helpful to have someone there to support you

However in saying that I would think right now given her situation that her total focus and priority should be on her professional career because that is in freefall ! Given her talent and where she was 2 years ago she is seriously underachieving , she should be in the top 20 now yet is struggling to beat players 200+ ! The fact is she is not progressing the way she should be and actually is going backwards and that should be the real concern ...not an engagement , she is losing valuable time .

She is 21 and I hear he is 20 and look at the situation

To reach the top today you ahve to be totally focused and driven otherwise there is no chance. The game is just to tough and there is too much competition . Fine to just get by and be a middle of the road player content to make up the numbers but to get to that elite top level like the Ivanovic,s, Jankovic,s Sharapova,s, etc there is only one way and that is the players have to be 100% commited and desperation to succeed! That drive and commitment is reflected directly in the decisions and choices and priorities a player makes. Where are Jarka,s priorities right now is her career number 1 and how much does she have that burning desire and desperation to get to where she should be
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