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Re: Pierce withdraws from Olympics

Originally Posted by sammy01 View Post
people bashing mary for not pulling out earlier please fuck off, mary has to think about her own life and tennis and not worry about momo's. i dont think momo would have done anything differently had it been the other way round.
Well then you don't know Momo. Perhaps one of THE most caring individuals ever to play tennis. Yes, she would have.

Answer this: why couldn't that selfish wench pull out earlier? Sooooo selfish. I'm so glad her career is done and now I'm so happy she lost those two Slams finals in 2005; I never had her down as the selfish type, but oh my god.

Originally Posted by BWLH View Post
Mary will have some more Momo fans haters now.
yep, I can now be added to that list. I kind of liked Mary beforehand but this is just disgusting.

Originally Posted by Slowdive! View Post
So you think Mary should have compromised her own best interests in case Amelie made an unexpected (and inexplicable) early decision to withdraw? We don't know where Mary stands in terms of recovery, she was just taking her time to ensure that the right decision was made. In fact, she could have left the decision even later if she thought she still had a slim chance of competing.

Any normal player would still take up that position, not much has changed in the last week. It's Amelie's own fault for acting irrationally out of spite and not being ranked high enough for a guaranteed position in the first place.
No, its not compromising her own interests. Its just telling people what she clearly already knew and what was pretty much obvious: that she was never going to compete at Beijing. She could easily have announced this earlier.

Amelie did not act irrationally or out of spite; she acted exactly how she should've. She has been treated like crap by the FFT and now also by Mary. Absolutely ridiculous, considering she has 1 million times of a chance of winning anything at the Olympics than the likes of Pierce, Cornet or any other Frenchie. Totally ludicrous.

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