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Homecoming Interview Translation

Thanks for your patience, everybody!

In the crowd--photographers are yelling, "Mom, please hug Tammy." "Smile, smile, smile!"
"Dad, please kiss Tammy's cheek!" Dad: "Is it going to be on the front page?" My dad, the joker...
Tammy: "1, 2, 3" and both her mom and my dad give her a kiss on each cheek.
Tammy and her mom flash victory signs at the videographer--it's cute to hear giggles coming from behind the camera!

Q: Is this homecoming different from the others?
A: Yes. I want to thank the airport officials and staff for the extra special welcome home. I'm very happy to be home and I will sleep really well tonight because it will be the first time in two months that I can sleep in my own bed!
Q: Do you have any message for the fans in Thailand who followed your greatest success so far in your career (via live TV coverage)?
A: I want to thank everyone for cheering me on and sending your strength and encouragement to me in Wimbledon. I did my best but Venus was so strong. I hope to further improve myself and have continued good results.
Q: Earlier this year, you said you want to go to Beijing, but your name was not on the Olympic announcement list. What are your on-going goals?
A: It's OK that I didn't make the Olympics. It is a bit of a shame that I didn't improve my rank in time to make the cut, but I'm very happy with my Wimbledon results. I think it is better to focus my training on the US Open and have even better results there.
Q: For dad, as Tammy's first coach, how long have you been waiting for this moment?
A: Since she was five! I'm very proud of Tammy and her independence and ability to take care of herself (alone on tour). She also listens respectfully to the advice from elders and I think she deserves praise for that. Losing (to Venus) is a normal thing but I am most impressed with her mental toughness. It was amazing!
Q: For mom, how do you feel about Tammy right now? Were you following her progress?
A: (Tammy)--She was coaching me from home. Mom: Yes, I told her that her angled shots are very good and that she should make her opponents run until they are tired out and then they will lose. I am very proud of her.
Tammy: Thank you all very much for coming.:bou nce:

2008 Wimbledon Quarterfinalist!!!!!!!2011 Wimbledon Ladies Doubles Semifinalist

2010 HP Open CHAMPION 2008 & 2009 Ordina Open CHAMPION2003 Indian Open Inaugural CHAMPION
Go, Tammy, go!
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