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Unhappy her right ankle still hurts

I just know that during her match against Mauresmo, after she sprained her ankle, she asked for a 3-minute medical time out, but the referee misunderstood her, thinking that Tammy had already asked for a medical time out earlier (which she hasn't), and so the referee didn't grant Tammy her 3 min medical time out. Anyway, after the match the referee realized that she was wrong and apologized to Tammy..... That was a little too late wasn't it?

Tammy's right ankle still hurts She practiced a little bit today, but did not move around much (it still hurts I can tell). She had an ultrasound treatment and stuff, and hopefully it will recover before next Tuesday.

On a lighter note: Three doctors at Aus Open wanted Tammy to use a cane for walking, but Tammy said "no, thank you... I wouldn't look so cool with that, would I?"

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