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Re: Latin/South American women in Tennis

Thanks for the comments Nacho-I included Spain as it was on the original list. Think of it as a compliment, Spain is the "mother" of all of the others, right?

Maybe "Hispanic" would have been the best word to employ rather than "Latin/South American"-of course if Spain is on the list with Spanish speaking nations maybe Portugal should also be added.

I'll add in those corrections when I have time-keep them coming!

Regarding Maria Weiss-it's not off topic at all! Yes, she did become a Spanish citizen sometime in the 1950s I believe. Maria was a good friend of Evita Peron, so after the fall of Juan Peron maybe she wasn't so welcome in Argentina?

If my memory is correct Maria's husband died at a young age-he was a spanish tennis player. Somewhere in my photo collection I have a picture of Maria, she was quite a dish!
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