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Re: South Park!

I love it when Cartman and Bebe played 'Lambs' in the episode where Bebe got boobs.

"It puts the lotion in the f*ckin basket or else it gets the hose again!"

The JLo episode with the taco flavoured kisses song was excellent.

"Eww, Ben Affleck spooge!" I love the word spooge.

Butters in Hetero camp was excellent too. I love his speech at the end when he said he wasn't confused until they started confusing him.

"I'm Butters. I'm nine years old and I'm bi-curious. But that's all right because if I'm bi-curious and I'm somehow made from God then I figure God must be a little bi-curious himself"

And I LOVE the Scott Tenorman episode where Cartman feeds Scott his own parents! Then says rather psychotically:

"Do you like it, Scott? Do you?...I call it Mr. and Mrs. Tenorman Chilli"
"Yes, yes! Let me taste your tears"
Kyle: "Dude, let's never piss Cartman off again"

Oh and Cartman on the Maury Povich show when he's posing as an out of control kid. I love it when he's looking at the girl who went on ahead of him.

"Damn, that girl is pissed off!"
"Whateva, I'll do what I want!"

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