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Re: Sabine News & Articles

Spielt eigentlich Mandy Minella auch in der kommenden Saison bei Rüppurr?

Dann wüsste ich jemanden, den ich bestimmt überredet bekäme, mit mir da hinzugehen

Und ein Doppel Lisicki/Minella wäre auf jeden Fall die Reise wert, sogar nach Amberg
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Back in April 2017
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Re: Sabine News & Articles

Wie, was, wo?
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Re: Sabine News & Articles

Bislang spielte Minella dort, ob aber auch in der 2.Liga, da muss man abwarten.

Schon mal als Info. Die Topspielerinnen in der 2.Liga Süd im letzten Jahr lauteten: Birnerova, Andrei, Bammer, Cabeza-Candela, Sadikovic
Sollte für Lisicki also kaum mehr als eine Trainingseinheit werden und mehr als ein Match macht sportlich auch keinen Sinn.
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Re: Sabine News & Articles

Originally Posted by Jimmie48 View Post
Wie, was, wo?

Ich dachte eigentlich an JoJo
Aber wie mk schon schreibt, ich glov leider auch nich, dass die Mandy 2. Liga spielt, genauso wie ich nicht glaube, dass Sabine wegen der (nicht zu erwartenden prallen) "Prämie" bei Schurs Team antritt. Wer so n Mist behauptet, hat keine Ahnung oder einfach nur 'n Hal(l/s)s auf "sunshinebabe"

Und das mit dem Ziel Nr.1, das kommt 100 pro dieser Tage nicht von ihr!!
Weiß man doch wie solche Artikel bei Blättern solcher Verlage entstehen: Da wird mangels news aus 2,3 Infos vom management mit alten Aussagen was zusammengebastelt. Sie hat doch selbst zuletzt (und das letzte videointerview hierzu ist auch schon 8 Monate her) gesagt, Ziel sei es erstmal gesund zu bleiben, um mal eine Saison durchspielen zu können und dann kommt alles andere, erstmal die top10 knacken, von allein. Sie ist zwar blond, aber deshalb noch lange nicht blöd, Männer.

Bammer... (dejavue >> Berlin 2008)

...und Babsi natürlich ooch da
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Re: Sabine News & Articles

Originally Posted by CillyUltra View Post
Well, today the Berlin athlete of the year gala takes place.

She certainly would have attended this event if she had won. But as she hasn't tweeted or posted anything or made any other news I suppose the organizers told her she didn't get the 1st place and she preferred Paradise Island, BAH (27°C) to frosty Berlin (-4°C) like two years ago.

Sabine finished a respectable second. 50% of the votes came from journalists this year, so it was almost sure that lesser-known Daniela Schulte, a blind swimmer who won Paralympic gold and silver in London, came in first.

Sabine Lisicki Andrea Petkovic Julia Görges
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Re: Sabine News & Articles

When she's happy her opponent is not.
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Re: Sabine News & Articles

sie nervt also mit ihrer fröhlichen und in allen Lebenslagen unbeschwerten Art! Das kann auch nur in einer deutschen Zeitung stehen
Kein Wunder dass sie ihre treusten Fans außerhalb Deutschlands hat.
Bei Petko dagegen gilt dasselbe, teilweise etwas abgedrehte Twitterverhalten als "cool" ...ok!
Jede der Mädels hat ihren Stempel weg, so mögen es die deutschen, alles schön ordentlich in seine Schublade packen und glücklich ist die Volksseele...*Help*

Und dann schreiben sie diese fast kindliche Unbeschwertheit (wie Bitte??? Wie alt sind diese Schreiberlinge bei der SZ eigentlich?) sei auch ihre Stärke - Oh, Man! Journalismus is auch nich mehr das was es mal war!
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Re: Sabine News & Articles
Lisicki wants in the top ten - and like the Tegel Airport
After a year of successes and injuries from Berlin starts on Monday at the Australian Open - and expects a lot from himself.

Berliner Morgenpost:They always emphasize your love of Melbourne, the Australian Open, Lisicki woman. Why?
Sabine Lisicki:I love the country, the people, especially the weather. Yesterday was 43 degrees, 25 degrees again acceptable. You can have all four seasons in one day. The people are so welcoming, in tennis they support us, they are experts. If you then can not go in the evening walk along the Yarra River or, it's just perfect. Melbourne is so beautiful. I love it.

2012 You were the number twelve in the world. The year was the best in your career. What remains when you look?
Much. Olympics, for example, where we are so short of sidestepped the coin. However, the impressions of the Olympic Games, which take you any. If you're in the cafeteria and suddenly a Michael Phelps in front or beside you, that was fantastic. These impressions I do not forget my life. Of course, not my victory over Maria Sharapova in the Wimbledon tournament, which was number one. That was my highlight of 2012, clearly.

You have previously failed to Sharapova in the Australian Open in Melbourne. What can we learn from the games against them?
Very much. It was the first time that it ran so close between us. I could pull my lessons from this match, because I won at Wimbledon. Even as she was the Titelfavoritin. All the better that I could beat them there.

Which recipe, if it's one thing you have to use against Sharapova to beat them?
There are always little things that decide. At Wimbledon, I played one hundred percent focused, not make any mistakes. Later, at the Olympics I did in crucial situations one or two errors, also a little distracted. That cost me the win. I love to play against Maria, because there are always good, close matches.

Who is in your opinion the favorite here in Melbourne?
Serena Williams is the favorite. She last won the tournament in Brisbane, played great, lost a set.

What about the Germans? When we can once again expect a purely German finale?
I hope very soon. We have all performed very well, although sporting rivalry among themselves, but also treat cultivate friendships, the other's success. Let's hope that soon the first instance an collects from us in a great final and then win. Five or six years ago no one expected that one of us get far in a Grand Slam tournament. And now? After some semi-finals, we wait for the next step, a leap into a final at a Grand Slam. Let's see.

It was a step back in 2012 but also in the women's: Instead of the hoped title in Fed Cup rose from Germany. How does the reaction will be more?
In all we are angry still. Our goal is immediate revival. We're hot, everyone wants to play and looking forward already to the week together.

Sees 2013 as the goal for you personally? They climbed up to twelfth place, are currently trading at position 37. Now the top ten are again the target?
I have to be constant over a long period. This also means that I get time without injury through the season. Then I Peile in the top ten. Clearly.

Andrea Petkovic is missing. She is hurt again , back to Melbourne. How bitter is it, and who you can talk to her?
When I heard, I was speechless, could not believe it, was shocked. That's bad luck, so bitter for them. I immediately sent a text message to her, later phoned several times with her. But she's strong, she's coming back. We are all waiting for it and we are looking forward to the day.

Among the swimmers you have a special relationship. On the one your friend Benjamin Strong, the other one is Australian Libby Trickett at her friends. As it comes to this particular proximity to swimming?
(Laughs and smiles): Well, by my friend, and by and at the Olympics you learn so many interesting people. Libby and I have recently taken in Brisbane, we immediately understood well, discovered many similarities.

And you learn to swim now? Libby and we will soon see as the great hope of Australia on the tennis court?
Oh God, no. Everyone is probably better at his sport.

As a tennis player you are frequent flyer, perhaps Berlin's frequent flyer number one. What do you say to the latest shift of BER?
I can see even from the newspaper or the Internet. Yes, unbelievable! I found and find Tegel well. It's always sad when one day a Berlin airport has so far out. But otherwise, I can say little, because I have no detailed knowledge.
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Re: Sabine News & Articles

Originally Posted by fhcpig View Post
Benjamin Strong
google translator

scheiß Fußball
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Re: Sabine News & Articles

oh no,it's embarrassed,I'm sorry
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Re: Sabine News & Articles

Originally Posted by fhcpig View Post
Lisicki wants in the top ten - and like the Tegel Airport
Among the swimmers you have a special relationship. On the one your friend Benjamin Strong
Originally Posted by Lisickinator View Post
google translator


Ich liebe dich nicht, du liebst mich nicht it's a braw moonlicht nicht the nicht
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Re: Sabine News & Articles

Benjamin Strong

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Re: Sabine News & Articles

Sabine's Tips ‘How to stay cheerful and positive when you’re injured’

Alisa Kleybanova Casey Dellacqua Sabine Lisicki Ekaterina Makarova Polona Hercog

Magdalena Rybarikova * Su-Wei Hsieh * Jie Zheng * Jamie Hampton * Mathilde Johansson * Mona Barthel * Aleksandra Wozniak * Alison Riske
Andrea Petkovic * Jana Cepelova * Petra Cetkovska * Jovana Jaksic * Karolina Pliskova * Svetlana Kuznetsova * Yvonne Meusburger * Francesca Schiavone
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Re: Sabine News & Articles

Queen of Aces with Sabine Lisicki

Sabine Lisicki's big serve and big forehand make her a threat at any tournament, particularly at Wimbledon. She reached the semi-finals in 2011, the quarter-finals last year and has been runner-up in the doubles.

What’s the best match you have ever played?
Probably when I won the Orange Bowl under 14. The final match I remember, I was 13 years old. At that time it was just pure joy. I was just playing tennis because I liked tennis, there were no sponsors involved, no money involved. Nothing else. just pure love for the game. I remembered I felt such euphoria, such happiness which I’ve never felt in any other match.

What’s the worst?
Last year in Montreal. It was a bit embarrassing. When I went on court I lost 60 60. I couldn’t put one ball in. I think if my mother went on court she would play better! I never understood what happened. I went on courts for practice afterwards and everything was fine. I’ve never had experience like this.

If you could play a match against any player from history, who would it be and why?
Steffi Graf. She is my idol and I started tennis because of her. She is my favourite and I would love to play against her.

What’s your comfort food/guilty pleasure if you lose a match?
I love ice cream. I love all kinds of flavours. My dad had an ice cream factory so I grew up eating ice cream. I could have ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Who was your idol growing up?
Steffi Graf.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever been sent by a fan?
I’ve never really got weird gifts. I’ve got chocolates, toys, hearts, flowers. I have nice fans.

What’s your favourite song to dance to?
Swedish House Mafia. There are 3 guys and their songs are just unbelievable. And I’m a Rihanna fan.

What strange thing is regularly in your suitcase as you travel round the world?
On tour you don’t always know what kind of events you’re going to attend, so you have to be prepared. I have my hair straightener with me. Of course makeup is very important, so I take my makeup kit. And high-heels and nice dresses for day and night. Plus obviously all my tennis stuff and I take 2-3 books with me.

What would be your last meal on earth (all three courses)?
Ice cream. Any flavours, coconut, almond, chocolate, etc.. all ice cream!

What’s the one object you couldn’t live without?
That would be my phone. That’s the only way I can keep in touch with my family, my friends. My coach says always to me ‘stop spending so much time on the phone!’. But that’s the only way I can keep in touch with my family and friends.

What's the craziest/funniest question you’ve been asked in a press conference?
I was asked in one press conference what is the craziest thing I’ve ever done. My answer was jumping out of a plane! Skydiving is definitely the craziest thing I’ve done.


Sabine Lisicki Andrea Petkovic Julia Görges
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Re: Sabine News & Articles


Is this even an interview from Sabine? None of the answers seem like her and, as poorly as she played in Montreal last year, she didn't get double bageled. Ivanovic got double bageled by Vinci, so maybe this is really her interview. Don't know how it got mislabeled as Sabine's.
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