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Re: The Federer connection. You are not gonna believe this....

Hey ppl
Its been more than a year since I last posted on this forum. I haven't really watched much tennis lately (except for the recent beatings federer has taken. And I never miss his duels with Rafa!), but i've been playing tennis everyday, and i've learned more about myself, life, and the mind than I ever imagined I could from the simple act of hitting a ball.

Well I do believe I have finally unlocked Federer's secret, but Federer himself has fallen tantalisingly short of attaining absolute perfection as a tennis player. The secret is not in playing with his subconcious mind, as I said a year-and-a-half ago. You have to leave the subconcious way behind. In fact, funnily enough the only reason he can play as well as he can, is because of Mirka. Not that Mirka has anything to do with his shots, but his relationship with her is what enables him to access the state of mind that produces magic ie-not the mind at all, but spirit. He is truly god's gift to tennis. However, I believe that he may just lose that gift, because there is one thing that can block genius in the best of us, and that is the emotions of the ego. Federer's biggest weakness is his anger, and he never truly learned to control it, he just blocked it. Thats a very primitive method that most ppl use to control emotions, but such a state of mind can only be stabilised by a stable relationship.

This is where Sania Mirza is different. She is a player in the same mould as Roger federer, but she never blocked her emotions, and just lets them go on the court. That is what makes her truly special. If I deconstructed the exact nature of Sania's psyche we would be here for the next year, but suffice to say that she does not need an ordinary coach. What a coach teaches her on court will be of no use to her. The knowledge is already inside her. She is emotionally mature beyond her years, whatever her game may look like. Once she attains full emotional and physical maturity, the mental block that is hampering her serve will dissolve, and she will end up with one of the best serves in the game. What she truly needs is a friend who understands her and loves her unconditionally during this time, because it is a truly difficult time. All her current injuries are caused by trying to play logically on court. Logic, and tactics itself flow from the spirit once the emotions are controlled.

Only a spiritual master can teach you how to truly control your emotions, not a coach and not the current defenition of psychologist.
A spiritual master is not someone who can walk on fire, or turn sand into gold, but a person who understands and is capable of the deepest and most powerful form of unconditional love. I have begun to understand all this because I spent a year discovering myself, and my emotions. I helped people with emotional problems, and discovered the nature of human relationships, and the immense healing powers of unconditional and spiritual love (not conditional).
What is special about sania is that she is not merely religous, but already deeply spiritual which is highly unusual in a person of her age. She already has all the properties of a spiritual master, but not an understanding of her own abilities, for which she needs a teacher of the mind.

I do believe that sania will meet her teacher pretty soon, and that person need not necessarily be a coach. Her true teacher lies within, but sometimes you need someone to show you that, as I myself did. I do believe that she will overcome her basic fear of love which is the cause of the mental block (and i'm sure any good psychologist will find its because of something fairly obvious which must have happened in her childhood), and when that happens she will become the greatest player the game has ever seen. I truly mean that. Steffi, Roger, Pete all of them had the potential to attain the abilities that Sania will attain, but sania will be the first player to ever achieve full mental maturity because her role in this world extends far beyond the tennis court.

Two years from now you will all begin to understand the true nature of the inner potential that lies inside every human being. Can the existence of God be proven scientifically? You bet!
Is there a solution to human suffering? The secret has been lying dormant in India for four thousand years, used by the few wise men who have realised that the mind is no more than an illusion.

Mark the date and time of this prediction. One more thing: you wanna hit that ball like sania, all you have to do is live in the present moment!!

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