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Re: Sorana News And Articles

Part II

Hello again,

I was really happy to hear today that my first post was received very well, so thank you very much. As I've said I love to write so for me doing the blog this week is a pleasure! Putting my thoughts in writing gives me a lot of peace of mind and in time I realized it's something that helps me... and to know that you guys enjoy it as well is very rewarding. No matter how strong of a character you are, or how confident you are, I still believe you need positive feedback in order to continue doing something. Some people get motivated when someone tells them they are not good enough or they can't do it... I'm diffrent, I get motivated by positive thoughts, positive things and positive people...

I woke up early as usual today. I never really sleep past 7am... I'm an active person and I have the feeling that if I sleep more I miss out on the things life has to offer me... So I went quite early on site and had a hit from 10am. I did the usual routine for a day with no match - one hour of practice plus the warm-ups and the cooldown, physio and so on. I try to stay as little as possible on site on a day without a match, so by 1pm I was back home.

The rest of the afternoon I was resting... I'm never bored by myself and I'm never bored in general! I always find things to do and I love being on my own. As much as I would have loved to go for a run in Central Park or for a walk or anything else, I knew it was not going to be the best thing in order to keep my energy for tomorrow, so I decided to stay in the hotel the next few hours.

In the evening I met up with my best friend, Ana, and we had dinner together. She won her match today so we were both in good spirits. Only people who are close to us know how much heart we put into this sport and how much it hurts when things don't go the way we want, so our performance affects our mood. I'm very emotional and in a sport like tennis where you play week in week out, that doesnt really help... you have to be able to switch off and move on quickly! Someone once told me that in sport, in order to succeed you need to have a really bad memory

Tomorrow I'm playing my second round match. I'm excited and looking forward to it, because this is what I work for. I've been getting better this year at putting less pressure on myself. If it goes well great, if it doesn't I'll go on the practice court and work harder. And this way of thinking has been helping me to be a little bit more relaxed and ENJOY IT!!! You know what they say, happiness is a journey, not a destination, so let's treasure every moment we have and remember that time waits for no one...

And as a last thought I want to thank you guys for everything and for loving this sport... we are here because of you!!!!

Speak to you tomorrow and enjoy the US Open till then...


Meeting with Ana, we know what this will mean
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Re: Sorana News And Articles

Thanks for posting these here

Daniilidou. Venus. Azarenka. Halep. Wickmayer.
Cornet. Ivanovic. Vesnina.. Vaidisova. Krajicek.
Paszek. Begu. Cirstea. Lisicki. Pavlyuchenkova.
Pironkova. Stephens. Tatishvili. McHale. Flipkens.
Grammatikopoulou ~ Papamichail ~ Sakkari
I'm obsessed with the Greek players. Deal with it.

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Re: Sorana News And Articles

Hey guys,

Unfortunately I had a really bad day yesterday, I lost my singles match. I was disappointed, but not about the result, it was the way I played that really bothered me. I didn't do anything from the things that I should have, and I take full responsibility for the result and for the outcome of the match.

I've had a nice year with some good results and big wins... but what happened this tournament happened quite often this year, I couldn't back up those big wins with another good match...
yesterday I allowed myself a mourning day with tears and the whole menu, but now everything is back to normal

We get so caught up in the moment that we forget to look at the big picture, and if you do that you realize it's not a big deal, and there are much more important things in life than the loss of a match. And I'm sure in a few weeks I'm gonna look back at this and laugh... but it did hurt and the reason for that is because I care a lot and I put my heart into this...

On a diffrent note, everything is happening for a reason in life, and I do believe this tournament will make me stronger and I will learn from the mistakes. I still have so much more room to improve and the most important thing is that I still have that will and desire to get better...

I know the usual blog could be about what I do, what and where I eat, how I sleep, how I practice and all that stuff... but I tend to write about other things and hopefully this way you can get a different feeling from a different perspective out of this week's posts... At this level the mind makes the difference because we all know how to hit backhands and forehands

Now talking about something else... usually after I lose I fly straight away the next day home... but this time even if I wanted to fly out tomorrow I can't! My passport is at the Japanese embassy right now, in line to get a visa so I can play the tournament in Tokyo in a few weeks. So until that little friend comes I'm stuck in New York... Poor Sorana, some of you will say! She has to stay an extra day in New York

I'm never jealous of anyone, but I do admit that I'm jealous of people that don't have to get visas... life is so much easier when you have the freedom to go whenever you want without having to stay in line to ask for permission to enter a certain country...

Sooooo... this means that you will have to hear from me tomorrow again... I'm not sure if that's good luck or bad luck for you guys

I will report on my day off in NY, stay tuned

Take care, I'm sending everyone a big hug!!


I couldn't have said it better. As I already wrote in Begu's cheering thread, because she obviously has the same mental or motivational issues, it's 'shocking' if you look how less Sorana has made of the big upsets she already had this year. Moreover, she is gaining most of her points not by 'vulturing' weak MM draws, Barcelona as an exception, but her performances there were partly underwhelming, but through defeating Top Guns at big tournaments.

At most MMs she already lost to such scrubs like Babos, Oudin and Soler-Espinosa, while she beat a handful of Top 20 player as well, but just couldn't back it up. She clearly struggles with the pressure of being the favourite in one match.

I only hope that what she wrote above is not only said to secure her fans, I really want to see her mental game becoming more mature next year, so that she will be able to deal with such off days and not let them pass by like things that just happen in life.
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Re: Sorana News And Articles

Hello there,

It's me again, the proud owner of a Romanian passport with a Japanese visa inside! Good news, I did receive my passport today so I'm free to go home whenever I want now...

Speaking of which, someone asked me today how long I've been away... I can't really remember, 4-5 weeks already, I don't keep track of days anymore. I just know that when I play first round it's usually a Monday and if I make it to the finals it's a Sunday! That's how I figure out what day it is, according to what round I play... Since May I've probably been home for like 6-7 days so I hope you guys won't judge me too hard if I say that I miss home. During a tournament I never allow myself to think about this, but once I'm done my mind does go to that place. I've been listening all day to this song called Home by Michael Bublé... I know it's very cheesy, but now and then we all need some extra protein and calcium, it's healthy

Finally managed to start my day with a run in Central Park. I'm not sure what is so special about that place but I just love it. It puts me in such a good place and in such a good mood, it has a special vibe that makes you start the day in a positive spirit... I had a few meetings afterwards with my team as we always do after a tournament, so we do a little recap on the things that went on and also plan the next few days and weeks. But as soon as I was done with that I managed to hit the shops with my huge list in hand...

I have to say that if there's something that I find refreshing here in the States it's the way they compliment you everytime you enter a store... from your hair to your clothes, to the jewelry, or even to the accent, straight away they find something nice to say to you. And I know it's a marketing thing but I love the way they take care of the customers here, they make you feel so good and so special, as special as anyone ) But it's nice and it's such a small thing that makes such a big difference...

Went to MOMA as well, and that stands for Museum of Modern Art... every single time I go to these kinds of places I have the feeling that I know so little about life and that I live in a soap bubble...

The highlight of my day was when I found myself standing on the street with a lot of bags in both hands and trying to get the attention of a cab by waving desperately at him... I felt like such a New Yorker girl Went to Soho and the meatpacking discrict a bit, for another few things that were on my list, before I decided to call it a day... I love that area of New York, it has a cool artistic way about it that inspires you so much... you can breathe in creativity all around the place...

Met up for an easy relaxed dinner with my best friend afterwards... and in case I won't fly out tomorrow I will go and support her in the evening because she is playing the first night session match.

I still have some bussines to take care of tomorrow and depending on that I will decide if I fly out Saturday or Sunday...

But you will hear from me at least one more time before I go, so I won't get emotional and say goodbye yet


She was there indeed.

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Re: Sorana News And Articles

nice to see Sori in Anas box. BFFs
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Re: Sorana News And Articles

I opened the tennis section on and saw a picture with Sorana on crutches. I was like wtf, but she just gave a comment about the injury she had on the foot 2 years ago, because it's similar to the one Cristian Chivu (Romanian soccer player) is sufferingg from...

Still, didn't they find another pic?
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Re: Sorana News And Articles

It's been confirmed that Sorana will start 2013 in Auckland!

Elina SvitolinaEugenie BouchardCamila GiorgiLucie SafarovaSorana CirsteaCarina WitthoeftDonna Vekic
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Re: Sorana News And Articles

Nothing to defend there. Should confirm her AO seeding.
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Re: Sorana News And Articles

Married with Tennis

Sorana Cîrstea (22 years) completed the first year on the top of Romanian women - being ranked #27 in the WTA world. A performance that makes one talking casually about all the factors that have propelled her into the top 30: consistency, mentality and determination.

Sorana, how do you gain consistentcy in tennis? Tell me, from your experience ...
With a lot of work. I worked twice more than I did before. I was very disciplined, both on and off court, because I realized that at this level you must do everything 100% and I think we are heading towards the right path. We will have four weeks of training following now, very, very hard training, which I hope will help me get where I want.

What does "very, very hard training" mean?
I have two hours of training in the morning, one and a half hour physical training in the afternoon, two hours of tennis, then again one and a half hour physical training. In total, seven hours plus recovery and often I arrive first in the morning at eight o'clock at the base and leave last. It is very hard work every day. I must always be consistent, disciplined. I realize that I like to do things differently. Work is the only way to achieve performance.

How many hours do you need to get ready for the WTA Top 10?
Everyone says that I have potential to reach the Top 10, but I think, because I proved this year that when I had a good day, I can beat anyone, no matter if it's number 1, number 2 or number 50. It is important to play consistently on a high level. That's why I say that, for me, it is very important to become consistent. Often, the difference between the top ten and the others lies in the mind.

How can you go and beat someone in the top 10, from the mental point of view?
(Convincing) I do not necessarily think about that. I do it unconsciously, I use my game. That's why everyone tells me I have a fantastic potential, but haven't made the best out of it yet. Because of this I have said repeatedly that with hard work I can do something with this potential.

Do you work on the mental aspects?
I got to play 28 tennis tournaments a year, almost one a week. You always get another chance. So, if you didn't win the tournament, you got defeated. Whether it's the final or quarters. It's a defeat! You must learn to get over it, because in two days or so begins another tournament. Mentally, there are many ups and downs in this sport.

And how do you maintain your mental balance?
It's all like a domino effect! When you win, you get confidence and get on court with some superiority. I used to have defeat after defeat and broke mentally apart. Now I'm on the rise. This is the great merit of victories. I am very excited for 2013, because I'm sure I will achieve great things.

What do you wish right now, in terms of yourself?
I know it sounds cliché, but I want health.

So, I ask you something: How many marriage proposals do you have received in 2012 compared to 2011?
I got much more, because I always said something: The more you climb up the rankings, the more attractive you are.

Oh, so you're not more attractive, Sorana, than your bank account, I guess?
Yes, it all adds up! And the thing is I felt it on my own skin, too: Playing better, getting more attention and requests, and other things come by themselves.

So, I see that in 2013 there are chances to see you married!?
(Laughs) No, no, no, no!

If we keep this ratio up , you will receive a lot of requests in 2013...
Just kidding! At the moment things like that can only amuse me and I think it is interesting to see so much interest from my fans.

What are your plans for the upcoming holidays?
(Prompt) going to play tennis! On December 23rd I will go to Australia and I'll be there on the 25th when I will probably go straight to the hotel, then having my workout and sleep, you have to get used to the time zone. And on December 31st I will have my first match, so at 12:00 I'll be in bed. That happened last year. I remember that I had a match on January 1st and I had gone to bed at 10:00. At midnight the fireworks started and I was nervous that I was awakened from sleep, because I had a match the next day. For me, there is no Christmas and New Year's Eve, unfortunately, because the season starts very early, the first week of January.

There are a lot of autobiographical books from great athletes. Which title would you like to have your book?
No, I never thought about that. In tennis, you have a rich career, one that goes up and you're down. It's like a rollercoaster. Probably I won't think about it until the end of my career. I hope to have a happy ending to what I write in it. The biggest fear is regret. That I will now do my best to give 100%, so that when you finish a tournament, a year or a career, I can be at peace with myself. Living with regret is the greatest punishment.

Do you have any regrets from the first part of your career?
In the first part I was very young and came from a country where the sport system doesn't support you very much, clearly you do not know what to do. My parents supported me, so I can not say I regret big period. I have some little regret about the coaches, certain competitions in the past and some injuries. I think they affected my career and it's quite difficult to live with. That's why I promised myself that I will try to give 100%, to think ten times before taking an important decision.

One last question, quite explosive. Sports are a target of the betting mafia. It's touched by it, but no one has been accused. How do you see the tennis business from the inside and how much influence does this scourge have on the sport?
(Hesitates) Tennis is a sport highly publicized. I am also the kind of person who is not familiar with all news, all the time I try to focus on what I enjoy and I have heard of such cases. True, we have never got some briefings from the WTA, we were careful to this point, but I think the girls are not that much. Not as much as the ATP. I have heard of topics like this from you in the newspaper. When you are on the tour, inside the business, you are always with your team. Tennis is mainly a singles' sport, everyone sees it as his or her job. I think the WTA is clean, untouched by it.

It's good to see that Sorana is fully aware of her strengths (big game, being able to play on a high level) and her weaknesses (inconsistency, wasted 'first' career, mental instability) which wasn't always the case in the past.

She seems to be on the right track. We can only hope she will find the consistency to establish at the Top of the game.
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Re: Sorana News And Articles

Prosport even topped that with an amazing photo series of her today. She is even on the front side with the pic of the sleigh I will post in the other thread.

22 years 22 memories! Sorana Cirstea, as you've never seen her before! How she has turned into one of the best players in the WTA circuit

Tennis player Sorana Cirstea, #27 of the WTA year end rankings - prosport publishes for Christmas Eve a series with the best moments of her life, from 1990 until today.

You have finished the season with the highest position year end position: #27 - What was the secret?
I had a consistent year. My results were somewhat similar, without too much ups and downs. In contrast to other years, I managed to maintain a certain line, and in the end I've finished the year ranked 27.

In 2012 you made the third round at the Australian Open and at Wimbledon, but in Paris, your favorite tournament, you went out in the first round. Why?
I had bad luck drawing Na Li and there wasn't much I could do that day. My opponent was too good, too strong. Actually I had no reaction.

So far, you have won $1.5 million prize money in tennis. How does it feel for a young woman of 22 years?
First, it gives me some independence, confidence and security. I'm proud of what I have achieved so far, but behind this amount of money there is a lot of hard work. Tennis is a very well paid sport, but it forced you to make many sacrifices since an early age.

However, you won one title at senior level...
I hope that after next year it won't stay the only one. This is one of my goals for 2013: to win at least one WTA tournament.

What was the most bitter defeat in 2012?
My loss against Na Li at Roland Garros. I cried for an hour in the dressing room after the match. I felt completely helpless in that match. I've stayed a whole week in Paris after the tournament. I shut down my phone, everything. No one knew anything about me.

And the sweetest victory?
The win over Na Li in Wimbledon. I have defeated her twice by then and that victory was very important for my ego. It has shown me that I can defeat Li Na. It was a sweet revenge.

You recently had a sharity action dedicated to children, with Tecau and Hanescu. How was it?
It was a spiritual fulfillment when I saw how many children came to court. It was only the first step in a project that I want to develop year by year. Tennis has given me so much so far and I want to give a little back. I hope that at least a quarter of them may play tennis at the highest level.

How is it to spend Christmas away from loved ones for years?
For several years, I'm going to Australia on the 23rd December. It is very difficult, but in my book this holiday does not exist. I forced myself not to think about Christmas, to pass more easily over bitter separation from loved ones. At first we cried a lot at the airport, but now they are ok.

Anyway, what do you want Santa to bring you?
I want health. I know it's a cliché, but only if I am healthy I will be able to achieve my goals in 2013: winning at least one WTA tournament and winning as many rounds as possible at Grand Slam tournaments.

On 5th October, 2008, Sorana Cirstea won her first WTA tournament in Tashkent, after defeating German player Sabine Lisicki in the final in three sets, 2-6, 6-4, 7-6 (4).
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Re: Sorana News And Articles

Sorana is at it again, blogging for the spring American swing:

Sori's Story

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hey guys,

A few of you probably remember that last year during the US Open I kept the daily blog for the WTA website - well now I'm back, and this time for six weeks...... yes you read it right, I will be writing through the whole six weeks I'm in the US. Not sure anyone has done this for so long before, but I see this as your chance to get bored of me ))))

Right now I'm in Las Vegas working very hard with my adidas team and preparing for the next tournaments in Indian Wells, Miami and Charleston. During this time I'll be blogging... actually I'm not a fan of the word "blogging" as it sounds too formal... that was the reason I called this "Sori's Story" instead of "Sori's Blog". I feel it's a little more personal and sounds friendlier. So during these next few weeks you will get an inside look into my life, my perceptions, my ideas, my values and opinions, and my way of seeing things... or maybe not. I can't promise anything My friends always say I'm an expert in talking a lot but saying nothing in the end! I guess that's my job's fault - in time I've learned that no matter what questions people ask me, I can always go around and around until I get them wherever I want with my answer! Okay too much talking, now it's time to say something concrete!

As I've already mentioned, I'm in Vegas till Sunday, when we will be driving to Indian Wells. It's a beautiful drive through the mountains and the desert, but the best thing about this is that I don't have to go through another airport security check!!!

Through the years I've spent so much time here that I call this place my 'home away from home'... It's the one place that gives me peace and makes me happy, so I tend to come as much as I can.

And since they asked me to keep it short for my first entry (not sure how short you would call this) I will try to wrap it up. Plus I need to get some sleep and get ready for another good training day tomorrow. I have an early practice with Andrea Petkovic, and she is German, so I'm not allowed to be late!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes she is back and she is here as well - I'm so happy to see her healthy again, fit and ready to go. She is a sweetheart of a girl, one of the nicest people I know, and the tour is always a much better place when she's around. In the afternoon I will be in the gym for my daily session with Gil Reyes, working on my 'pipes' (that's biceps in our Vegas slang). By now all of you guys know how much he means to me and how he is not only helping me be a better athlete, but above all, a better person, and that's far more important.......

And as I'm done, I'm going to go and pack some blankets for tomorrow now, so I don't forget. It's freezing cold here in Vegas, as you can see in the pic below. And since I have a feeling Andrea and I won't miss a ball tomorrow, our adidas coaches Darren Cahill and Sven Groeneveld won't have much work to do except sit around and watch ))))))



6 weeks
But don't forget your tennis, girl!

Still, I'm definitely looking forward to her reports and insights.

Couldn't resist a giggle at we won't miss any ball, though.
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Re: Sorana News And Articles

Part 2

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hey guys,

I'm writing this entry as I'm having my morning coffee. I'm a morning person and in time I got used to waking up early, so I never really sleep past 7 or 8am, no matter if I'm in tournaments, at home or on holidays. This is my favorite time of the day and while I'm having my coffee I usually get my writing duties done over breakfast....

The training weeks before the tournaments have a lot of hard work to be done, but they're usually more relaxed. You don't feel the stress as much as when you are in competition, and when you're done with the practice it's easier to take your mind off tennis and focus on something else. One of the things that Gil always tells me is that I need to work hard and give my 100% when I'm on the court or in the gym, but then when I'm done I need to enjoy life a little and do things that make me happy without feeling guilty... As a professional athlete - and not just as a tennis player - you need to have a lot of discipline in your life, so no matter what I do, in the back of my mind I'm always thinking if any off-court activities I do will affect my performance on court. And since I know there are tournaments around the corner and I won't have much spare time or I won't want to waste my energy, this week I've been trying to take advantage...

On Thursday night I went to see this South American singer, Ricardo Arjona, in concert. I love his songs and his lyrics are amazing... so yes I do speak Spanish if that's your question Few people believe me when I say I learned this language only by watching soap operas, and I've never had a lesson in my life... but us Romanians are very talented with languages and we have Latin background as well, so for us it's quite easy to learn Spanish, Italian and French, and if we try a bit harder Portuguese as well. But the main idea is that I like anything that has to do with South America, Spain or any other Latin country, so I always joke that if you speak Spanish I already like you

On Friday night I went and saw the movie "Silver Linings Playbook". I'm still trying to catch up with all the Oscar movies, I will get there eventually! I really enjoyed it, it was a breath of fresh air and something diffrent and nice to see.

Now on a different note, yesterday - the 1st of March - was a big day in Romania. It was "Women's Day". It's one of my favorite days and I have to admit I did feel a little homesick. I've never seen anywhere in the world where people celebrate holidays like us Romanians do. We are very warm and passionate, and we always respect the traditions... so on the 1st of March, every guy has to give a small present or flowers to the girls they know. For example, when you were in school as a girl, on this day you would receive a small gift from every boy in your class... it was a must. I grew up in a family where men are gentlemen and treat women with a lot of respect and care, so on this day they would buy flowers and presents for all the ladies in the family and take them out for dinner. At your job on this day you would get flowers from your male boss and male customers, so in one word this is our day as women that we can be spoiled and pampered and feel like princesses! Even the policemen stop lady drivers in traffic only to give them red roses. It's a really cool and happy day I promise

And now since I've finished my coffee and ate my breakfast, I'll leave you guys to go to your things while I go and get ready to start my day of training. Steffi is gonna come out today. She is the coolest person ever, a true champion on and off the court. I started tennis because of her when I was four years old, so when I met her for the first time five years ago I was so ovelwhelmed I couldn't talk. She is the reason why I've picked up tennis and no matter how much I see her I still can't get used to the idea that I'm on the same court with Steffi Graf. She is my idol...


I haven't heard of that singer so far to be honest.

And yeah women's day - all those memories.
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Re: Sorana News And Articles

She couldn't find an English equivalent of the word "martisor"
And, March 8th is women's day not the 1st.
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Re: Sorana News And Articles

Originally Posted by codrutc View Post
And, March 8th is women's day not the 1st.
It's probably different in Romania!
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Re: Sorana News And Articles

Really happy to see she's playing Charleston. I will be there for the quarters and semis. Hope she makes it that far.
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