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Maria Interviews

I was just thinking that we have a thread for Maria pictures so we can look at her and threads for all her tournaments so we can follow her results. But to get to know the real person all we really have are interviews - unless you are lucky enough to have met her! I was on her official site and in the forum there is an extensive interview with her from 2006. It was conducted in Russian and has been re-written in English - needless to say there is something a little lost in translation of the interview. But obviously Maria was speaking in her native tongue and better able to express herself than when she speaks English. A couple of her responses really intrigued me:

Do you have a favourite person? Who is it?

Certainly, who my favourite person is, is not interesting and is extraneous.

When was the last time you spoke to someone you love?

You know actually there are a lot of people on a regular basis who speak to me in love. It is so ridiculous! But what it is possible to do with it, if I like many people?

Masha Sharapova?

Yes, Masha in general is a classy girl! We have been friends since our childhood.She has made in sports already enormous results. Masha is my good friend. I am not going to envy her as I consider that my career is all in my hands.

Well you must envy somebody?

You know envy is a very bad feeling. I do not argue it is present in each person. In some it is less, in some it is more. But in fact each person always has a chance. It is necessary to take advantage of this chance, and it is not necessary to be envious of anybody.

I really like the way she seems really sweet, but quite intense and serious too when she wants to be. There's obviously tons of interviews with her on the internet, so if you find anything new about Maria that seems interesting, post it here.

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