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GET IN SHAPE THREAD: Weight-loss, Dieters, and Exercise-enthusiast

For anyone wanting to know what the recommended weight is for your height, here is an online calculator:

I originally created this thread back in 08 when I did the Master Cleanser (the lemonade diet) for the very first time. Since then I've done it on three other occasions. No more fad diets or quick fixes I've hired a trainer and through the old fashioned way of exercise and healthy eating I'm attempting to get in better shape.

If anyone else is working out- trying a new diet- or weight loss program use this thread to share ur experiences and as means if supporting one another.

Everyone was a real help to me back when I did my 20 day fast so maybe others can get encouraged.


Day 1

The rules: No food what so ever for 20 days. I'm allowing myself to drink liquids

I tried to stay busy so I wouldn't obsess about food. I've been doing that Lemon cleanser drink (Lemon juice, Cyan Pepper, grade B Maple Syrup) it's the cleanser Beyonce did for two weeks. I had that for breakfast and diner, for lunch I had green tea. Supposedly the lemonade drink has all the sustenance your body needs for up to 40 days with no food. I'm going to just stick with that for the first 10 days, then the last 10 days I'll start drinking juices and milk.

My cousin cooked lamb-chops for diner and the smell of them baking was driving me insane. Strangely enough, when I went in the kitchen to get some lemonade I actually found comfort being around the food and smelling it. Watching Top Chef tonight was torture though! I've never been disciplined or ever had a lot of self-control, I'm more of a chill laid back spontaneous guy, who goes with the flow. I can see now this is going to be a battle of wills and self-discipline, as well as a spiritual journey.

I've been praying and when I remind myself why I'm doing it that motivates me to keep going- well it has for two days

I still have a slight headache, but surprisingly I have lots of energy. Thanks again to everyone, not just for the encouraging words, but also for the safety information. To be honest I didn't look into the safety concerns too much, like I said I'm a spontaneous chap. But the little I read on the Lemonade Died (The Master Cleanser) is that it's totally safe for up to 40 days- you have to take it with a laxative so you flush your system out. Cleansing my system was more of an after thought, but it looks to be a safe way to go without food for so long.

I'll update this thread probably twice a day. Wish me luck everybody!

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